Monday, 25 November 2013

No7 Match Made Concealer

To sit in line with the No7 match made foundation service they have launched a new match made concealer.

The idea of the match made service is to measure skin tone and match it to one of the available 17 shades.
The No7 consultant will place their skin tone measuring device (It probably has a more technical name) onto the jaw line and will take two readings. Using ultra violet light the device assesses the colours in the facial skin and matches it to a concealer shade.

 In theory this sounds great but the problem I believe is that peoples skin does not have one colour. The skin around the jaw and mouth can be much darker than the thin purple/blue toned skin around the eyes.
 We vary rarely just use one tone of concealer because the face needs different shades to enhance different areas and make it appear more real than flat and mono toned.
 We think therefore you may need to purchase a couple of colours to suit the different shades in your skin tone.
 The No7 consultants will of course advise you on the different colour areas so I'm sure they would advise more than one colour anyway.
 These do however come in 17 shades which is a huge array of colours considering a lot of brands don't cater for this variety of skin tones.

The concealer is a twist up cream style concealer. Cut at an angle which helps with a more precise application.

The texture is creamy but not so creamy that it feels like it will slip off. Blending it into the skin is easy and the finish is a velvet texture.
The coverage is really great. Colours in Mocha (top) and Deeply Beige.
How does it perform?...
 Does it cover?
 Yes it covers really well. You can of course sheer it down by mixing with your foundation or moisturiser if you don't wear foundation.
 The velvet finish actually makes it appear quite a flawless, full cover.
 On blemishes this would definitely take the redness out of the blemish, on scars that are not raised it would also conceal it well. On pigmentation and un-even skin tone it would be perfect.

We think though if you have any form of natural texture to your skin i.e open pores, raised blemish, dry patches, fine lines/wrinkles then this would maybe not be the best option.
I found it settled into areas and almost highlighted areas of texture.
 To be honest though most cream concealers used heavily will also draw attention to texture. Combat this by buffing the concealer in with a fluffy brush and use sparingly.

Colours are a mixture of yellow and pink bases and cater for a very porcelain skin through to a deep skin tone.
 We have 10 shades to show you...

 Don't forget there are 7 other shades also but we don't have them to swatch.

No7 Match Made concealers are available in now from Boots stores and online › and are £7.50 each.



  1. Im in desperate need of a new concealer


  2. I bought this concealer yesterday and I love it! Very good for teenage skin x

  3. I've not looked at No7 products for a while maybe I now need to revisit the range :)


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