Thursday, 7 November 2013

The London Brush Company Natural Brush Shampoo

We have a lot of brushes here in the Pixiwoo studio and we tend to put off cleaning them. Usually Nic will cave in and do it, but she's so good at it!
 We generally use a liquid brush cleanser but every so often we give them a treat and use a cake style brush shampoo.

We have been using The London brush company natural brush shampoo.
 This looks like a hard resin and is made from goats milk, vegetable oils and tea tree. The goats milk and oils soften and condition the brush hairs whilst the tea tree acts as an anti bacterial agent to sanitise the hairs and ensure they are bacteria free.

Now being country girls we love that the soap maker keeps the goats on her farm which provide the milk for this shampoo. This shampoo also comes with added essential oils and the oils are gently heated on the agar at the farm before the shampoo is made.
 A totally natural product that even if you were to ingest it (please don't) it would be totally fine.

Even when the brushes look seemingly clean it's quite amazing how much dirt still comes out of them.
Simply dampen your brushes with water and swish gently over the cleansing cake ( don't eat this cake!).

Rub the brush in the palm of your hand for a few moments

Then rinse the brush in water, straighten the brush hairs and leave flat to dry.

The benefit of this style cleansing is that it does give a thorough cleanse and because of the lack of alcohol the delicate hairs are not left brittle or chemically dried out.
 I would recommend this style of cleansing when you can leave the brushes over night to dry. It is generally the added alcohol in brush cleanser that helps the hairs to dry quickly so you may find hairs take a little longer to dry off.

You can get hold of The London brush company brush shampoo from
They come in two sizes of 1oz for £20.00 or 2oz for £30.00.



  1. Hate cleaning my brushes, I always put it off too. Find it so hard to find a good and natural cleaner for them that keeps the brushes soft, thanks for recommending this. x

  2. I want to buy this but at the same time I'm like why bother? Confused girl is confused:S

  3. This product looks great! Might have to make a cheeky purchase!

  4. i need this!

  5. I usually just stick to shampoo and water


  6. I need to get this! Cleaning my brushes is such a chore but this looks simple!

  7. Hey Girls.. Siân here.. Founder of London Brush Company.. Delighted the Pixi's love my product.. totally organic, hand made and it not only cleans your brushes but highly restores and conditions them.. It took me a long time to develop this product and it really is a science. Cleaning your brushes has never been easier, but the condition Brush Shampoo leaves them in is unmatched by other cleaners. Take care and if you have any questions, you can get me via our facebook page.

    Check our brushes out too.. all hand made in the UK and USA and designed by me - I'm a movie makeup artist for 24 years :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this informative blog about Natural Shampoo. it s very nice blog.


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