Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Elemis Beauty Treasures

Any Elemis fans will love this limited edition kit. Five full size Elemis products are nestled into a blue velvet lined vanity case. Individually this kit would be £211 but this set is priced at £135 so a really good saving for an expensive set.

The silver vanity case has a mirrored lid and the velvet insert can be removed so you may re use the case.
 What's inside.....

Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser-150ml

 Rich, creamy cleanser that should be massaged into dry skin. It emulsifies all your makeup off with ease and it was gentle enough to use over my lids.
 Suitable for all skin types and feels especially comforting on a very dry skin.
 Contains Moringa Seed peptides to protect and Burdock helps to balance.
 Fragranced naturally with Lavender, Ylang ylang and Patchouli.
 I really enjoyed using this cleanser in the evening. There is something luxurious about massaging this cleanser into my face before bedtime. The Lavender scent also leaves a nice relaxing scent on the skin.
 I noticed after using this cleanser I could almost roll pieces of grime off of my face. It really did loosen off any dead skin and makeup. I felt I needed to double cleanse with this to then remove any grime that had been loosened.
 Skin is left with a glow, softened and has a radiance. Not a cleanser for those who like a tingly deep cleanse but a good one for heavy makeup wearers or who like a cream cleanse at the end of the day.

Pro Collagen Marine Cream-50ml

 Super rich moisturiser that is targeted towards a mature skin.
 It contains an ingredient called Padina Pavonica which is a brown algae and it helps to increase skin density therefore helping to reduce the depth of skin wrinkles.
 Being water based it does sink in nicely and provides deep hydration.
 My skin is probably a bit too young for an accurate review but it left my skin soft and plumped.
 The scent is very floral but not unpleasant.

Papaya Enzyme Peel-50ml

A non granular exfoliator that goes on like a film, dries and can then be washed off. Good for those who dislike gritty exfoliators or for a sensitive skin.
 A very gentle exfoliator that won't leave your skin flushed. Lifts off dead skin through the fruit enzymes in papaya and pineapple.

Frangipani Monoi-100ml 

Oh my gosh this is just gorgeous. Firstly I love the bottle. Cherry red glass bottle with a silver fluted lid.
 Inside is a a body oil however in colder temperatures this oil solidifies into a balm therefore to get it out you need to warm the bottle.
 Some people may think this is a bit of a faff when you just want to slap your body oil on but I think by having to do this it makes it feel like a much more luxurious treat.
 It doesn't take much to warm it up but I like to pop it in the sink in some warm water whilst I have a shower so it's ready for when I get out. Alternatively let it bob about in the bath with you and use it when you get out.
 Frangipani has a distinctive scent. I liken it to that exotic sun cream kind of scent.
 It has multiple use so you can use it on your hair as a nourishment treatment before shampooing, massage into soles of feet or cuticles or just cover your whole body in it.
 Doesn't feel greasy, moisturising and smells heavenly.

Skin Nourishing Milk Bath-400ml

 Grown up bubble bath basically (except it doesn't bubble). Milky lotion bath milk packed with plant collagen, Japanese camellia oil and oat extract and smells like baby powder.

I think this kit would be best suited to a more mature, dryer skin type due to the richness of the ingredients. I think most of us though would be happy to receive this under our Christmas tree this year.




  1. Brilliant gift set and a super way of getting to know a brand too! Xx


  2. Ah I want this!


  3. wow this looks good, is it weird that I'm glad there's a mirrored lid haha x


  4. I just think their packaging is terrible

  5. Great review! I've heard of the Frangipani Monoi before but, never used it! Will have to try! :) XX.

  6. Elemis kits are always such great value and you can guarantee that you are getting good quality products with Elemis... :)



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