Thursday, 14 November 2013

Designer Sky Box Collection

Boring Sky Box sat under the TV covered in dust?  Well no more, drum roll please......

Enter the new Limited edition Sky+ HD 2TB box collection with built in wifi.
 It's basically your sky box but with a unique cover that has been designed by four different fashion icons. We think these are so much fun and certainly spice up the living room!

Each designer has incorporated inspiration from their favourite types of TV and films to create their unique designs.

Fashion designer Giles Deacon has been inspired by his love of cartoons and animation and has designed a Mini mouse themed cover. This was the set we went for also.

Not only does the box come with a unique cover but also the remote control, how cool is that!

Other designers involved are...

Kit Neale who is known for his amazing print designs. He designed a cover that reflects his passion for nature and his box shows bold aqua coloured lobsters.

Roland Mouret opted for a more macabre cover to reflect his favourite crime and horror shows.

Sophie Dahl designed a box that is inspired by old fashion illustrations and textile designs. Kind or reminiscent of her grandfathers (Roald Dahl) book illustrations by Quentin Blake we think.

If this is something you need to liven up your living room then you can register you interest by clicking on the link

Which one is your favourite?



  1. I love the Sophie Dahl design! It's so lovely! :)

  2. I love the minnie mouse to as a disney addict! xx

  3. These are just awesome.... they make me wish we had Sky here in Dubai just so I could have one hee hee hee .....


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