Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ciate Velvet Manicure

Get your nails ready for the party season by treating your nails to a velvet manicure.

There is something about red velvet that screams Christmas. I know a few friends who hate the texture of velvet. They say it puts their teeth on edge! This however looks like velvet but feels more like felt...if that makes it any easier for you velvet haters out there.

The kit holds a full size 13.5ml nail colour in the shade Boudoir, a tube of fine red velvet fibres and a soft short handled brush.

How to do it.....

Paint all nails with one coat of the nail colour. This will be your base colour.

 Once first coat is dry add a second coat of colour to the first nail and then whilst this is still wet sprinkle the velvet fibres over the wet colour. It doesn't matter if it comes out in big clumps, just make sure the whole nail is heavily covered. Repeat this on all fingers.
Be warned this is quite messy so I held my nails over the plastic insert that came in the kit. That way you can pour fibre drop down back into the pot.

Your fingers will resemble a hand from a horror film but don't be alarmed it will all come together.

Once you have completed operation velvet fingers use the included brush to lightly sweep away the excess fibres..

It's hard to capture the velvet look on camera but the picture below gives you an idea.

 Kits where you add extras bits into the nail polish usually look great for a day then I find that I catch it on my clothes or loose bits but because the velvet is flat it stays put. The fibres don't flake off everywhere and they feel soft and plush.

Another bonus is that it can be removed simply. Two wipes of my nail varnish remover and it was off.

Kit is £14.00 and it is available from


  1. Love it - I've been trying to get hold of red velvet for the past few weeks, can't wait to give this a go :o). Xx


  2. Amazing Christmas nails!



  3. Nail Rock do a much more affordable version of this!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  4. That's pretty cool. This might be a good gift for my nail obsessed friend.



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