Monday, 4 November 2013

Bourjois Colour Edition 24H

If you watch our tutorials you will know we are fans of layering our eye shadows on top of a cream base.
 We do this to help with eye shadow longevity, prevent creasing and to increase the colour pay off.
 For winter Bourjois have released some cream to powder eye shadows that give a sheer wash of colour with a metallic glittery finish.

I liked the silicone texture and found them easy to blend although I advise not to buff at them to much as the colour does tend to blend away easily. The texture reminded me of the Illusion D'ombre from Chanel although not quite as rich in colour.
 I preferred the lighter colours amongst those I tested. I found that the darker colours seemed to go on patchy if buffed on with a fluffy brush. The best way to apply the darker colours are to pack on with a firmer flat brush to avoid this.
 I liked how they performed as a base under powder eye shadows though and the light silver and gold were beautiful as a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye or under the brow bone depending on your skin tone.

 Bourjois print the name of the colour on the bar code sticker which you have to rip off to open the lid so I have lots of stickers and am unsure which pot they belong to! By process of elimination I think I have listed the correct colour with the correct name but forgive me if I have it mixed up!

With one swipe you can see the colour is very rich and it instantly goes to a powder texture. 
 The metallic finish is created by a very fine glitter pigment running through it.
 If you layered these colours on you may get a good days wear but worn alone I'm not sure they would last 24 hours. Let us know if you have tried these and how they worked for you.

These are £6.99 for a 5g pot and available now from Boots and Superdrug



  1. cream shadows like this have been sooooo popular. i do like the maybelline ones I have all the colours and they do last me all day! xxx

  2. These are such a great product, i am a huge fan of cream eyeshadow products and these are a great edition to my collection!


  3. These cream-style eye shadow bases seem to be creeping into all of the drugstore makeup brands! I really like them as i'm a younger buyer so they're really cute & easy for me to wear. I do like the maybeline colour tattoos too, but I don't like the colour range. I MUCH prefer this colour range so i'll deffinatley be giving these a try! Thank you bonjouris :)


  4. i bought the navy blue and silver colours last week, very impressed with them! x

  5. I swatched these in the shop and the pigmentation was pretty rubbish in person!

  6. I really love Oh Desir and Kaki Cheri! Did you use also a primer with these bases?

  7. I need to get my mitts on the prune nocturne shade! So lovely. xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  8. The Kaki Cherri shade looks gorgeous! I need to get my hands on these!

  9. I love that burgundy shade, will look out for these :)


  10. Tested these out today and you're right about the darker colours. Bit annoying, am after a good navy cream shadow. Texture's lovely though, picked up the Merveille d'argent.

    Unrealted, I'm a big fan of the Pixiwoo tutorials and you and Nic have mentioned you're looking for ideas so thought I'd chip in.

    I'd love a bright Pixiwoo looks inspired by autumn colours; yellows, oranges, burgundies, reds, pinks, golds, bronzes... (Yes, I have green eyes!) Maybe not all in the same look?! Whenever I try something dramatic in those hues it sort of turns into a brown mush :/ I like a brown smoke as much as anyone but they're all over the place at the moment, would be cool to see something a bit brighter.

    I know Halloween's over but I love what's going on in this Alex Box creation.
    Obviously that's a lot of makeup! But quite like using leaf skeletons/spindly branches as inspiration for the shapes.

    Also winter pastels? I've always found pastels tricky to combine or blend without looking like a wedding cake. I feel like they're always done in Jan/Feb and might be cool to see them before Christmas.

    Anyway, keep the wonderful stuff coming, I've learned so much from you guys and your videos always brighten my day!


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