Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Colour

New from Benefit these hydra smooth lipsticks are shea and mango butter enriched lipsticks that have a balm like texture.
 They come in three textures of sheer, medium and full finish depending on the coverage you like. I know what you're thinking.."I want this colour but in that finish"...well you can't! Each colour is not available in each finish but you can always build a sheer coverage up by using a lip liner underneath or mix your full cover with a lip balm to soften it.

The outer packaging is a 1920's style cardboard tube which I quite like however I'm not a fan of the packaging of the actual lipstick. Reminds me of my Girls World lipstick I had when I was little however that's irrelevant as the actual product is really nice.

Lipstick bullet has a double slanted tip and is pushed up and retracted by twisting the base. The slanted tip is easy to use however if you want a sharp edge then you will need to use a lip liner as it's hard to get a precise edge.

Sheer finish as you may expect is the most natural cover. Natural lip colour can still be seen through these colours and a moisturised sheen finish is left on the lips.
Good for those who like a tint of colour with not too much colour.

Medium finish does gives a tad more colour than sheer but not massively different. The colours are slightly richer in colour depth which makes them appear stronger cover but they are still quite natural and have the same moisturised finish.

The full finish lipsticks have a vibrant finish and a more vivid pigment with a glossy finish. Because they have more cover these last longer on the lips also.

These lipsticks are available now and are priced at £15 each. Check them out here


  1. I vote for Juicy Details and Wing woman! ;) I loved the colours! xx

  2. I really liked these but the packaging was too much! Such as shame as I really like this style of packaging on the rest of the line.

  3. Aaaah, I love them all, but particularly Tutti Cutie. Not sure about the packaging though - almost too kitsch. Xx

  4. Dare me is such a nice colour! The pigment seems quote good swell for a hydrating lip 'Balm'! :) XX.

  5. I've just blogged about my favourite pamper product... the face mask! More importantly, the ones that REALLY work. Check it out by clicking here.


  6. They're nice and benifit usually do great products, but the packaging looks really cheap! It's a shame because I'm sure it's a great product :)


  7. The swatches are nice but I'm really put off by the packaging!

  8. Love the colours but I agree that the packaging does look kind of cheap! I guess it's the product that counts :-)

    Alice xxx

  9. Benefit always make their products look so darn cute! I love all the new core colour collection they really are great!

  10. they look nicr, as does everything Benefit does, but... don't they test on animals? :(


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