Monday, 18 November 2013

Avon Pretty in Neutral Palette

Avon have some really nice pieces for Christmas this year. We really like their Pretty in Neutral palette for housing all you needs in one handy set.

The palette comes in a cardboard box printed with crystals and the palette itself is a clutch bag sized black plastic palette.

Open the mirrored lid and inside are 24 powder eye shadows in a mixture of neutral tones.
Colours are in a variety of textures from matte, metallic and frosted tones.
 Looking at the colours it seems Avon have catered for all skin tones as each colour shade comes in a warm and cool tone variation.

Colours feel really silky soft to the touch. The colour pay off is medium but we found it really easy to build the colour up. These shadows do drop slightly so use a Shadow Shield or do your base makeup second to avoid ruining your foundation.

There are two sponge applicators and a dual ended blending brush. We prefer using a regular makeup brush but these are good to keep in the palette for emergency touch ups.

My arm simply isn't long enough to swatch all the colours but I have picked out some of our favourites to show you.

 A selection of cool colours we loved. The first and third colour shown below were not too dissimilar to MAC Vex and Satin Taupe eye shadows.

These warm browns and black are great for a soft smokey eye.

They blend into each other nicely and this whole palette is actually not too big that you couldn't sneak it into your party handbag.

Now what I didn't realise initially was that there is a secret drawer underneath the eye shadows that slides out to reveal four blushers, two bronzers and four lip glosses!!
 The draw on our palette was a little tricky to slide open so I thought maybe there was nothing underneath.

The blushers are all pink toned and are all very sheer. So sheer in colour that the second and fourth colour shown on my hand below could be used more as a highlighter.

 Not very pigmented but would give a subtle flush to a paler skin.
The bronzers are both very orange based so would be more suited to an olive to dark skin tone. The first colour is very frosted also so I would just use this as a gold highlighter rather than a blusher.

 The four glosses are super sheer and will softly tint the lips. The third colour is the most pigmented in a peach tone. The rest are pretty much transparent.
Two lip gloss applicators and a toy blusher brush are also included.


  1. the colours look really nice. i'm just not sure Avon as a brand. i have supershock eye-liner that u recommended and i love it but still i don't know what to think about Avon

  2. Ohhh es preciosa. Y el tamaño no parece muy grande, así que perfecta para llevar de viaje :)

  3. I like the eyeshadow better than the blush palette

  4. The eyeshadow palette looks amazing! I may need to get this! Haha :)

  5. This looks like a great palette for the price. I think I'd defo look at buying this for a friend for Christmas :)

  6. Pretty palette!

    I'm a new follower! Would love to see you back :)

  7. I Am no better than a magpie! I want this for the glitzy packaging if anything else! What a great affordable pallette.

    Liz xx

    1. Please be aware the glitzy looking stones on the box are just a picture..not actual gems :(

  8. I just love how you refer to the blush brush as a toy brush.., haha! I'm in the US so I don't know if that's a comment term used in the UK but I just think it's adorable wording! I do like the looks of this palette but it seems like they could have just left out the entire bottom shelf of lip and cheek products... Doesn't sound like you guys love it! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to look into this! Xoxox

  9. The palette looks really pretty!

  10. This looks like a nice palette :) I'd be a bit wary though paying so much for something from Avon - I can see you get a lot in it, but I think I'd rather pay a little more, get less and have a higher quality.

  11. This palette looks amazing and the colours look so nice


  12. Spend £10 or more and this only £10!!

  13. In general I love neutral palettes and I really like the look of this one! I might have to put it on the Christmas list :)


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