Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chanel No 5 Christmas

I haven't seen the Chanel Christmas advert on TV yet but I know it's coming!!
 Ask most people what comes to mind when they think of Chanel and they will say No5. It was Gabrielle Chanel's first fragrance and Marylin Monroe's choice to wear in bed!

From many years of working in makeup I also know the Chanel counter is swamped on Christmas Eve by lost looking husbands and boyfriends so get in there quick boys.

We have been testing out two limited products from Chanel exclusive for this festive season.

Never has an underarm fragrance been so posh. Le Deodorant is a 100ml natural deodorant spray priced at £34.00 ( DO NOT let your partner borrow this).

 Classic Chanel white metal canister with gold spray nozzle. The classic soapy scents of Chanel No5 linger all day whilst also acting as an anti-perspirant.

The hair mist or Le Parfum Cheveux as I like to call it is a 40ml No5 scented spritz to scent the hair. Lightly spritz once over your hair to give it a delicate fragrance.

If you have quite dry hair don't go crazy with this as it has alcohol in it however spraying a mist in the air and walking through it won't do any harm. This costs £38.00 and is perfect handbag size for when you need a freshen up.

Both of these products and more are available from 1 November 2013 so get in there quick before it sells out and be sure to get it wrapped so you feel extra special!



  1. This sounds right up my street!

  2. I love the sound of both of these and if money was no object id be right out there to buy them... not sure I cant justify the money for essentially deodorant and hair mist. That said Christmas is not about sensible buys is it... well not for me anyway :-):-) xx

  3. I have a feeling there may be some Chanel products on my Christmas wish list :o). Xx

  4. Sounds lovely!

  5. These sound absolutely lovely, but I feel like even if it's Chanel I'd be a bit insulted if my husband bought me deodorant for Christmas. Though I have a feeling the chanel wrapping would make me get over that really quickly.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. I never thought id want to put a deodorant on my christmas list haha! x

  7. I've always wanted to try a chanel scent, it may have to go on my Christmas list!!

    Emma from

  8. Oh my gosh, imagine a channel perfume for your hair and your pits!

  9. My mum's got Chanel No 5. She's allergic to most perfumes (she gets rashes) and it's one of the few she can wear. She keeps it in the fridge which I find funnyXD


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