Thursday, 31 October 2013

All that Jazz

We have been taking a look at All that Jazz hand and nail products this week.
 We are fans of entrepreneurs in the industry so we were keen to take a look at this range which is created by 17 year old Jazz Smedley. Jazz grew up already immersed in the industry as her parents distribute the Gelish nail brand.
 She wanted to create a range of long lasting nail polishes that would appeal to 16-25 year olds.
 She travelled to the polish manufacturers HQ in LA and worked on mixing pigments until she came up with her desired 36 shades.
 She named all of the shades after her family and friends which we think is such a lovely idea.
 Along with 36 fun shades there is also a range of hand and foot care products which feature Jazz herself on the tin.
The nail polishes come in a 15ml bottle are £9.98 and are in a mixture of metallic and glitter finishes.
 There are loads of colours to choose from but our favourites are the following....
Louise's from riches to rubies

Deep ruby red infused with fine red glitter. The colour looks more cherry red in the picture but it's actually a much deeper red in real life. The colour swatch below gives you a better idea.

Our other faves are Catherine's canary fairy which is a beautiful vibrant yellow with a fine lime green glitter running through it. Would look amazing on brown toes in the summer.
Catherine's canary fairy

 Jazz's toast to the good life is a gorgeous pewter gold colour with a two tone finish. Amazing colour this party season.
Jazz's toast to the good life.

  There are loads more colours so be sure to check them out.

 I usually forget about my poor hands. They suffer in the winter and are always subjected to chemicals when cleaning or even when testing out new products.
 I generally always have my nails painted so it's nice to give my fingers the full treatment and test out some new hand care products.
We tested out the hand and foot scrub and hand and foot cream.
 These products come in a variety of fragrances but we tested out the range in the chocolate orange scent.

Chocolate orange as you may imagine evokes memories of Christmas. Years of scoffing down a Terry's chocolate orange makes me want to actually eat these products ( don't eat them!). They smell so good.

The hand and foot scrub is made from sea salt, almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut butter and sweet orange oil.
 Feels nice and abrasive on dry skin but because of all the oils it doesn't drag the skin. The scent left behind is amazing and my skin feels silky soft.

 Once you have rinsed off the scrub slather on the hand and foot cream.100ml tin containing a whipped cream texture hand and foot cream.

 Coconut oil, rose hip seed oil nourish and the same scent of sweet orange oil provides the natural fragrance.

  This range is available now from so check it out and let us know which colours are your favourites.



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