Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sodastream Source

 We are so privaleged to receive lots of lovely makeup products however when something a bit different comes through the post we get so excited. Hence excitable posts you may have seen in the past about sweets and food hampers!
If you watch our tutorials you will know we are fans of all things a bit retro and we are also on a bit of a health kick at the moment so when we saw this Sodastream from Source Sam and I were particularly excited. We prefer to drink carbonated water over still water and now we have access to it all the time!
 I know we are probably in the minority when it comes to loving fizzy water but we just LOVE the fizz. We are secret Coca Cola lovers and as this is most definitely not on the menu at the moment we can pretend we are drinking it whilst sipping our bubbly water.
As a child the Sodastream was always something we had in our house and I remember sunny days queuing at the Sodastream to have a go.

They have come along way since the 80's bulky, plastc versions.
 Sodastream Source is available in four colours of white, blue, red and black. They are made with either a plastic or metallic finish are slimline, light to lift and look super chic.

I'm not very technical but this was really simple to put together. First things first you need to fix in the included Co2 canister. I felt really nervous fitting this as it reminded me of the gas canister they throw into the sharks mouth in Jaws. It was far less nerve wracking than blowing up a Great white shark and actually just simply clips in as seen below....

Pop the back on and you are ready to go..
Fill the included plastic bottles up with regular tap water, clip the bottle in and get ready for the fun bit...
You will see form the picture there are three symbols of bubbles. All you do is push down the block above the bottle and the bubble symbols will light up. One bubble symbol lit is for a light fizz, 2nd light a bit more fizzy and yep you guessed it 3rd symbol is for a full on bubbly beverage.

Once you have the desired fizz pull the bottle forward and remove.
If you just want water it's now ready to drink but if you want to add a naughty flavouring there are lots of varieties to choose from.
Add any flavourings at the end once its fizzed.


I love that the plastic bottles have a screw lid and can then be put into the fridge so you can drink at your leisure.

I have the spare bottle already filled with tap water in my fridge ready to use so it's already cold.

Check out Sodastream Source over at


  1. Brilliant idea, omg, you have just solved all our problems! We've been thinking about getting a really expensive water system fitted so that we don't have to lug bottles home ( nearly 500 steps from road level!) but I never thought of soda stream! This will save me a load of money and time, thanks so much!

  2. I've always wanted to try these, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I'm always scared it wont be as good. :P

  3. Awwww Soda Stream! I do remember these as a kid! We kept mixing up all the different flavourings to see what it would taste like.
    They definitely have come along way!

    oOo Becky oOo

    oOo BKY Bubble oOo Bubbles Of Babbles About Bits And Bobs

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