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Smashbox Colour Correcting

I always think colour correctors are a bit 80's and a product that has been replaced by the good old basic concealer or primer.
 They are actually a product that can be quite difficult to find these days and having worked in cosmetic retail for many years if someone asked if we sold one I would snort and think "wow, old skool!"
 For people who have an un-even skin tone though they can make a difference.

Colour correcting can be a little confusing if it's new to you. It basically works using the colour wheel theory. If you look at the colours on the wheel below a colour corrector works by cancelling out the colour it sits opposite.

Don't go crazy with the colour correcter or you will end up looking odd. Apply after your moisturiser but before your foundation. These products sit in the primer family umbrella so no need to use a separate primer.

All three of these primers are a liquid texture which feels quite mousse like when you blend into the skin. A velvet texture is left on the skin and it absorbs quickly. I really like the feel of this on my skin and there is no scent either.

Lavender Balance
A lavender colour will help to tone down a sallow/yellowing skin tone.
 I tested this on top of a yellow, cream eyeshadow and thought this performed really well. It toned down the sallow colour instantly.

I patted this colour into the skin to avoid rubbing away the yellow base but you can off course use a brush to lightly buff over the skin.

Peach Blend
You will often see under eye concealers have a more peachy undertone. This is because peach will balance out a grey/dull colour which is often present around the under eye.

I tested this around the under eye of my right eye (left eye as you look at the screen).

This is without any concealer just purely the peach colour corrector and I think you you will agree it definitely tones down the dark circles and brightens.
If you have a dull skin tone you can use this all over. Great for evening out a darker skin tone that has dark patches on the skin.

Green Adjust

Good on a red, sensitive skin that has a red undertone. The green will not totally eliminate the red but will tone it down. You can then go in with your concealer and foundation to give coverage.

I dabbed a red lipstick onto my hand and then patted this green colour correcter over the top.

Definitely softened the redness (most people won't have as red skin as a red lipstick) and would make the red more manageable.

Each of these primers are £25.00 and available from  



  1. The peach one looks really good! I'm always struggling to hide my dark circles!

  2. I love products like this! I suffer from redness and blotchy skin so always looking for products to correct! Thanks for sharing! :) I love your blog and youTube channel!

  3. I'd like to try the green to cancel out redness!

  4. I've always had bright red cheeks and I remember the woes of only being able to get the abysmal No 7 one that just left you looking like you had motion sickness.

  5. This was a really really great post. I now want to try all of them because they look so good! Definitely going to get the green one :) x

  6. Looks lovely, I really want to try the blemish control primer!

  7. I'm so stoked about these! I have redness especially on my cheeks so I'm considering in spending my pennies on a primer. xo

    Hann |

  8. They may be old school, but I love my colour correcting primers! As a flusher I really can't live without my green!

  9. It seems like a good idea, but I'm a bit worried. I use a green concealer sometimes around my nostrils and on my chin, but you have to be super careful with it or you end up looking like a zombie - even under your foundation and powder!

  10. These looks great! I always see them whenever I got to Shopper's Drug Mart but never really thought much of them but after seeing the results, I might just go for them.

    Ada | thespianxx

  11. I purchased the green one and have noticed hardly and difference, its texture is soft though which is nice. If you are looking for something a bit more effective I really like the L'oreal studio secrets - its texture is a bit oily but good coverage x

  12. I need the green one, I have typical teen red skin, hope they're worth the money xx Emmi

  13. God, I am so old! I was immediately taken back to the 60's and my color blended foundation from Aida Gray. Loved it. May have to give these a go - hopefully they won't have that silicone slickness to them.

  14. Great post, I'm definitely going to try the green one out! Thank you.

    <3 xx

  15. I don't normally use colour correcting things like this but on my trawl through various websites I see that Clinique also do a range - maybe worth testing these to see how they compare to smashbox?

  16. Smashbox is such a great brand! their heatwave eyeshadows are sooo good aswell



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