Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shimmer Twins Lashes

Lashes are always a fab accessory to a look and with such a huge array on the market we are spoilt for choice.
 If you are not afraid to go for a full on lash look then check these beauties out!...

These lashes are all by Shimmer Twins and are pretty amazing. Not your everyday look however if you want to stand out from the crowd at a party then you may enjoy these lashes.
 We love the Summer here at Pixiwoo but at least we are now entering the time of year when we have parties!! Halloween, Christmas, New Year and even the lashes pictured above can be whipped out on Valentines day.

Jekyl Lashes are great for this seasons metallic look. The squares reflect the light at different angles making them shine in different unique colours. Keep the rest of your eyes natural with a bold lip for a futuristic look.

Maybe not first date material but why not have a bit of fun around valentines and don these Red Heart lashes for the day. You never know they may even become a talking point and lure in a potential date!!

If the Red Hearts are a bit heavy then go for the Purple Hearts. A line of hearts spaced between feathery lashes.

We really like these retro 60's lashes. The sequins don't feel too heavy and with a cut crease style eyeshadow and a nude pink lip you'll look like twiggy instantly!

 Hyde lashes are the dark version of Jekyl (obviously). The black squares reflect blues and greens and are the perfect lash for a dark sultry eye.

All these lashes are £12.00 and available from



  1. These are pretty bad ass!!!!!

  2. They are amazing! I don't know how comfortable they'd be to wear, but they look amazing!

  3. These look awesome! I'd probably make my own versions for some of them, but I'm loving the Jekyl lashes!

  4. These look stunning! Not sure i would actually wear them but theyd definitely stand out. x

  5. Love the heart lashes! Since I can't even wear normal lashes I highly doubt I will ever buy these!

  6. They look like a drag dream.. which means of course I love them! I feel like this is a DIY project I could accomplish.

  7. They are INSANE! So beautiful and original!

    Nicola Kate Makeup


  8. I am allergic to mascara so I love a false lash. These are definitely eye catching not sure where I would wear them maybe Christmas


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