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Mission to stay Matte

How to control an oily skin is probably the most frequent email I get. It's all very well having a radiant sheen but when your makeup is literally sliding off of your face by lunch and your skin feels permanently slimy it's very annoying.

The thing is if you have oily skin like me (this is Stacey) then to be honest you just have to work with it. I don't believe there is a miracle product that will totally change your skin type to a more balanced, dryer finish nor is there a product that you can apply at 7am and never have to touch up. There are however products you can use to help maintain a matte finish, make touch ups less frequent and make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

I thought I would share my must haves for an oily skin but the best advice I can give you is take your time when applying your base. Use little amounts of a variety of products, spend time really pushing them into the skin an allow them time to settle before moving on to your next product. I know this is not always possible on a busy morning but put in the time and you will reap the rewards.
Also I know most of these products are expensive but unfortunately most (not all) of the time the products that perform the best have higher quality ingredients that perform better on the skin, don't shout at me, it's not my fault.

First thing first sort out your skin care routine. I'm going to keep this post all about the makeup but make sure you are using the best cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum and moisturiser for your skin type.
 When applying your moisturiser, really massage it into the skin and then leave your face for 5 minutes for the moisturiser to sink in. Go make a cup of tea!

Primer is the next stage. Primers create a barrier between the oils in your skin and the foundation.
 Ones I have tried and tested and found to work are...

  •  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer light-£25.00
  •  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free-£28.00
  •  Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer-£52.00 
Once you have let your moisturiser sink in lightly buff your primer into the skin using a buffing brush such as a MAC 188 Brush.You don't need loads of product, just a small amount and you don't need to use it all over if you don't want you. Blend it into the areas you find your makeup moves.

Again leave to dry off and get ready for foundation...

Foundations are tricky to recommend because there are so many factors to take into account but here are my four faves with a natural cover, medium and full cover finish.

  • Light coverage-Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation-£38.00
  • Medium Coverage-Becca Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation-£32.00
  • Full Coverage-MAC Matchmaster-£27.00 or Illamasqua Skin Base-£27.00 (I couldn't decide)
I would say always apply your foundation with a brush if you have oily skin and make sure you clean your brush regularly. Using your fingers will only transfer more oil from your fingers onto your face.
 Use small amounts and start from the centre of the face buffing in circular movements outwards.
 Don't saturate your brush with product, just small amounts and build it up. You are now ready for concealer if you feel you need it.

Concealers are designed to give you that extra bit of cover that your foundation didn't give you. If you are lucky enough not to have to wear foundation you can just dot concealer where you need it on bare skin.

  • Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll On-£7.49
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer-£15.00
  • Clarins Instant Concealer-£20.00
Concealers usually have a creamy texture as they are designed to blend into the foundation but some perform better than others.
The Garnier and Clarins ones I mentioned are really great for around the eyes and on pigmentation whilst the MAC Studio Finish is good for blemishes and scarring.
 Use a fluffy brush to blend concealer in and if you need extra coverage use a small firm brush to then push the product into the skin precisely.

 Once you have all of your base in place leave the skin alone. Don't apply any powder yet.
 Move on to the eyes and lips. Once you have everything else on and you have left your skin for at least 10 minutes you can then finish off the skin.
 This enables the products to sink in and bled with the skins natural oils.
 If you have blotting sheets, press one over the face to remove excess oils. Go back in with your foundation brush (dry with no added product) and buff over the skin again. Touch up any concealer and now you are ready for your powder.

Use loose or pressed depending on your preference.  Loose is usually lighter in texture and pressed will give you a full cover.
Here are my faves..

  • Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder- £24.50
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder-£21.50
  • Clinique Blended Face Powder-£21.00
Once foundation has been left to rest dust over a powder of your choice or press into the skin using a clean powder puff for a heavier coverage or over blemishes.

Now your skin is still going to produce oil throughout the day. All of these products we have used will contain a certain amount of oil absorbing ingredients and powders that will try and fight the oil but you will however still need to touch up.
  Here are some of my essential touch up products...

  • Shiseido Oil Control Blotting Paper-£15.00
  • Smashbox Photo Matte Anti Shine-£17.00
  • MAC Prep and Prime Pressed Powder-£ 20.00

These are all products I have used over the years with great results but we would love to hear your must have products for an oily skin.
Hope these help and remember at least we won't get wrinkles!!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks For the Tips Stacey - im a fellow oily facer! ha ha

  2. Thanks for the advice. I majorly need oil control. Will all this makeup look packed onto my face thickly though?

  3. Not if you use small amount and blend well. Layering is the key

  4. I've always found Studio Fix a better foundation for my oily skin than Matchmaster. These are fab recommendations I've been meaning to try a smashbox primer but wasn't too sure if it would be good for my skin type! So glad that it works for Oily skin!

    Feel free to enter my MAC Lipstick giveaway!

  5. Excellent piece! I'm 36 & suffer with very oily skin. I'm loving dermalogica's new skin perfect primer at the moment. It seems to keep my oiliness at bay and my makeup in place really well!

  6. I've oily skin and begin to get wrinkles with 32...

  7. Could you please do a post about oily eyelids, and which would be the best primer to use??

    1. i would personally recommend the elf eyelid primer or the urban decay primer potion. Just my opinion.

    2. Thanks i've been thinking about maybe getting the urban decay primer potion, but i'm just not sure, because there are allot of different opinions on it.

    3. I have oily lids (my eyeliner, without primer, always transfers, and I only ever use tubing mascaras, others are a disaster as the day goes on). I use the UD primer potion, it's good, though I find the tinted ones do not work as well as the original. But I also really like both the GOSH eye primers - Eye Shadow Primer (it's a stick, and makes everything doubly waterproof) and Velvet Touch Eye Primer. GOSH doesn't get all that much attention, but I think worth trying out, and not as expensive as many others. I would avoid the Rimmel one, I was really disappointed to find it's next to hopeless.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I like to use cream shadows under my powder shadows. I got the trick from piwiwoo :D. And even with my eyelids it works wonders. It intensifies the colours, which is a bonus. I love the smokey finish I get, when I use a matte powder shadow over a cream shadow.

  8. This is so useful seeing as I have oily skin

  9. Hallò beauty,I love your blog,Iam italian from Milano but Ive lived in London in the last most of the products You talk about I know them,as a make up beauty products addict !!! I use Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer it works quite well in summer time ,its great in winter ...usually in summer I use a little foundation on...Sisley or Dior or a drop of Capture totale Soin tentè sublimateur d'eclat,in winter I mix this one with my primer,its like to have a CC with sunscreen too.

    if You wonna use something very natural,organic,mix few lemon drops with Evian spray or others and just pat it on the Tzone with cotton.

    after my make up is finished ,i spray Evian water ,or La Roche Posay,Vichy...far 15 cm from my face,to fix it.It works very well!!!

  10. I'm so relieved to hear that many others have this issue, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who has to powder my face every few hours to stop looking shiny! Great post idea thanks for the advice!


  11. This has been a godsend. Recently I've managed to get bits and bobs under control with the introduction of 2/3 new products, which I realise are on your list. Thank you :)

  12. The smashbox Photo Finish Primer in light doesn't seem to work for me, even though I do I have combo skin type. It seems to make my foundation even more greasy. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free looks interesting, I've not tried any of her products before.


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