Monday, 23 September 2013

Face Lace Halloween

Get in the spirit (do you like what I did there) this Halloween and get spooky with these fab Face Lace templates.
It's fun going all out and dressing up for Halloween parties but you may not always feel like donning your sexy cat outfit or pumpkin costume. These are the perfect accessory for adding a touch of ghoulish fun to your existing makeup.

Broomchicks Face Lace

 The Broomchicks Face lace tombstones and tree fit over the top of the eye. I have quite a large eyelid so this sits quite comfortable on me however if you have a small lid it may not fit as neatly onto the lid. You could of course trim the bottom line of the face lace with scissors to make it fit better.
 The witch looks fab on the under eye and there is also a little bat that you can position anywhere you please.

We also tried out the Webutante set.

Webutante Face Lace

A little bit more fiddly due to the thin strands but this set sits more comfortably on the eye than the Broomchicks set. This would work better on those with smaller eyes.

These are super sticky and will stay put all night. Have a bit of patience when applying as they are so sticky they stick to your fingers whilst trying to apply. 
 I would apply all of your eye makeup first and then stick these on top. Go for a light eyeshadow underneath such as a gold or silver to emphasis the black of the sticker.

Each Face Lace is £9.95 and they are all re usable.

Get hold of yours from 1st October from



  1. These look absolutely fab!!!! Definitely getting the witch one for Halloween!! x

  2. My best friend would love this she always draws cobwebs etc around her eyes with eyeliner at halloween :p xx Emmi

  3. They look nice, but not sure if they feel comfortable for a whole night :)

  4. wow these look really good for Halloween, last year I had a nightmare finding something to wear so going to start looking earlier and think these might be added to my costume

    Katie xx | Katies World

  5. wowww looks amazing!

    Check out my giveaway and do enter :-)

  6. This looks so amazing! :)

  7. I would love the graveyard but around my eye, not on the lid. Still, whole concept is awesome idea!

  8. Looks so fun! But is it comfortable to wear? And does'nt the glue irritate the skin around the eyes? It's so sensitive! That's my consern...


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