Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ex1 Cosmetics

Ex1 Cosmetics is a brand which is totally dedicated to Asian, Middle/Far eastern and Mediterranean skin tones.
All these have a more golden yellow to deep olive colour base which are perfect for those of you that have found that other brands are too pink for you.

The foundations are in a 30ml pump bottle in 5 colours. All colours are obviously yellow based although I find the very lightest shade slightly more pinky (fairer skins often are more pinky though).

These foundations have a creamy, liquid texture and a medium to full cover can be achieved. Give a nice velvet finish and have a slight radiance to them. Dry instantly with no greasy texture. Wears better on a slightly more oily skin as the velvet/matte finish can look a little flat on a dry skin.
 These are £10.50 each.

The Invisiwear compact powder comes in three colours P100, P200 and P300 pressed inside a mirrored compact. The powders feel silky to the touch and give a sheer natural, velvet finish to the skin.
These powders blend beautifully on a yellow based skin tone without making the skin seem even more yellow.

My skin is more yellow based so these powders blend well into my skin tone as seen below however I have swatched the colours on a white background to show the tones better.

Each powder is £8.99

The concealers in the range also come in the same three colour system. Designed for under eyes and blemishes. The yellow colour base of these mean that they will tone in nicely with an already yellow skin tone and the yellow base of this will mean they will brighten a dull and greying skin tone around the eyes.

These concealers are very creamy and particularly oily texture (even though they are oil free) so if your skin is naturally oily you may find these too greasy. They also contain titanium dioxide and flash back slightly. They do however blend in easily and give a very natural cover but perform better around the eyes than they do on blemishes and scarring as they tend to slip quickly.
Each concealer is £6.50

If you have a yellow based skin tone and normally struggle with getting a good colour match then this might be a good brand for you to check out.

Check out EX1 Cosmetics other products over on their site at http://www.ex1cosmetics.com



  1. These sound wonderful and they aren't too expensive. I'l definitely have a look at them :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  2. http://www.gurumakeupemporium.com in London... i love this place ,they sell everything for make up and more ...included ex1... make up forever etc . great!!!


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