Monday, 30 September 2013

Balance Me Beauty Box

Balance Me products are our secret weapon here at Pixiwoo, their products are always nestled into our skin care kit.
Not only do they use natural ingredients that have the most amazing scents but they actually work!
 When we heard Balance Me was teaming up with You magazine to produce a beauty box we were so excited. The beauty box gives you a chance to test out some key products from the range that is worth over £100 but for a mere £19.95.

 All seven products inside are award winners so it's a good time to invest and get the box to see if it works for you.
 Not only will you receive products inside but also a £10 voucher towards a full size product of your choice. Also one lucky box will have a Golden ticket enabling the winner to £500 worth of Balance Me beauty.

The box contains...
 Rose Otto Body Wash 100ml
 Sulphate, mineral oil, silicone and artificial fragrance free. Jam packed full of natural ingredients including aloe Vera, Rose Otto oils, Ylang ylang and Clary sage. Clary Sage is well known to uplift and ease anxiety so a beautiful scent to pop into your morning shower.

Super Moisturising Hand Cream 50ml
Again 98.8% natural this hand cream is super thick and luxurious. Butters and oils moisturise the skin whilst the scent of Lavender  and Rose hip provide the fragrance,
 Very rich but easily absorbed this will leave your skin super soft.

Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm 40ml
I actually use this face balm already so I am slightly biased. I love balm cleansers but this one is great because it is in a squeezy tube rather than a big heavy pot. 100% natural oil based this will sweep off all makeup and grime from the skin.
 You will need a cloth or flannel to get this off as a greasy film will be left with using water alone to remove.
 Suitable for all skin types even oily.

Moisture Rich Face Cream-20ml
  99% Natural face cream perfect for a dry skin. Contains fatty acid rich Kukui nut, rose hip and camellia oils.
 Quite a rosy scent to it but does leave a dry skin hydrated and plumped.

Radiance Face Oil-10ml
Again another of my all time faves. I use this almost every night as my nighttime treatment. If ever I feel a spot brewing beneath the surface I roll this oil over and it calms the swelling. It has even totally stopped a spot in its tracks when applied as soon as the blemish develops.
 100% natural and contains Buriti and Kukui oil as well as Benzoin and Yarrow.
 Perfect for all skins as a treatment or night oil.

Facial Expression Filler-15ml
This is for those pesky fine lines. A lightweight cream that you pat onto frown lines, smile lines or where ever you feel you need it1
 Containing hyaluronic acid, blackberry leaf and Arctic clouberry to plump and refine the skin.

Wonder Eye Cream-10ml
I love that this cream is lightweight and almost feels cooling on the eye area. Hyaluronic acid, spruce knot, cucumber and witch hazel. Fells slightly tightening on the eye area (this will be the witch hazel).
 A perfect soother for tired eyes.

These products are truly gorgeous, so simple, natural and affordable. This box is a great introduction for those new to the brand so don't miss out. There is also a Balance Me book inside showing info on all of the brands products.

 Available for a limited time from 29th September at


Friday, 27 September 2013

MAC Pro Concealer Palettes

Nobody has a totally even skin tone and often it's easy to get disheartened with your one trusty concealer when it works on some areas but not others. Through the seasons our skin tone changes, we get pigmentation, blemishes, some days our dark circles are worse than others. Because of all of the varying shades on our skin it means one colour concealer will not fit all areas.
 My makeup bag bulges with different colours that I am always scrapping about for at the bottom of my bag.

If this is you then check these beauties out. If you watch our tutorials you will know we are a fan of Studio Finish concealer. Its a medium to full cream concealer. It is perfect at covering blemishes but also buff in to the eye area to conceal dark circles. Lasts really well on the skin and photographs well with no flashback.

MAC now do four different concealer palettes which each hold 4 concealer colours and two colour correctors.
 If you are a working makeup artist these palettes are a godsend as you instantly have every colour you could ever need and they take up no space at all.
 If you would be purchasing just for yourself these are great as you would just pick the palette that includes the colour you would normally wear. You would then also have shades slightly lighter for the winter or a pale day and shades a little warmer for when your skin has had some sun.
 The two colour correctors in each will also compliment and brighten your particular skin tone and help to even out pigmentation.

Light Palette- Holds NC15, W10( pink tone a little lighter than NW15), NC20, NW20, Pale Yellow and Pale Pink

Medium Palette- Holds NC30, NW25, NC35, NW35, Mid Yellow, Mid Peach

Medium Deep Palette- Holds NC40, NW40, NC42, NW43, Rich Yellow, Burnt Coral

Dark Palette- Holds NC45, NW45, NC50, NW55, Ochre, Pure Orange

Each palette holds 6g of product and are priced at £35.00 each. You can purchase these from MAC Pro stores and online from

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dry Hair Heroes

My hair is over coloured, heat styling ravaged and if the sun is shining I'm outside drying out any remaining moisture left in my wilting strands.
 I do however like to treat my hair regularly with intensive products to try and rectify the damage I have caused!
 Over the last few weeks I have been testing out different products so here is a run down of my faves.

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Conditioner-200ml-£14.95

Rich, thick conditioner. Not much is needed to to coat hair and make it feel de-tangled and smooth during washing.
Containing Macadamia nut oil and Safflower to deeply nourish and hydrate the hair shaft.
This particular conditioner helps to brighten a dulling blonde hair. After I had dried my hair my boyfriend actually asked if I had been and had my hair highlighted again, and he is a boy who generally would never notice something like this!!
 Hair feels more manageable and smoother and it really did freshen my blonde.
 Definitely a product I would purchase again.

Liz Earle Botanical Shine treatment-150ml-£14.50 

I loved this treatment conditioner. It smells divine during washing and the scent lingers on your hair all day. Jam packed full of botanical ingredients including Blue sea kale (basically a sea cabbage). It lives in nutrient poor conditions (just like my hair) and will help to maintain your hair colour without dulling it down.
 Sumac wax which is used by Japanese sumo wrestlers to maintain their sleek hair helps to control frizz and manageability.
Cotton extract to protect hair and give it it's silky texture, orange, apple and Yangu oil extract to flatten the hair cuticle and Red algae to help build a barrier against dryness.
This conditioner is particularly good for course, frizzy hair. My hair tends to be a coarse texture underneath where I seem to get curly ringlets of frizz! This conditioner definitely smoothed the hair at it's frizziest parts.
Performs better when left on as more of a treatment. After shampooing I applied this through mid and ends and the gently combed through with a wide toothed comb. Left for 10 minutes and then washed off. My hair was mega shiny and felt light and swooshy! My hair never feels swooshy!
I would keep this one in your cupboard as an emergency deep conditioner when your hair has gone wild and needs to be shown who is boss!

Tommy Guns Jasmine, wild nettle and sweet almond oil conditioner-250ml-£5.50

I love the smell of Jasmine anyway so knew this would be a winner on scent alone.
 I really like the small plastic bottles also, they look pretty on my bathroom shelf..and that's important!
 This range is really affordable too which is great.
 This conditioner moisturises and soothes the scalp if you suffer from any irritation.
Sweet almond oil provides deep conditioning , wild nettle conditions and Jasmine leaves your hair smelling amazing. My hair felt really soft and shiny after washing although I did find it did seem to get greasier quicker than normal. Maybe I was using too much product.

These are three favourites at the moment. Have you found any great conditioners that work for your dry hair?


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ex1 Cosmetics

Ex1 Cosmetics is a brand which is totally dedicated to Asian, Middle/Far eastern and Mediterranean skin tones.
All these have a more golden yellow to deep olive colour base which are perfect for those of you that have found that other brands are too pink for you.

The foundations are in a 30ml pump bottle in 5 colours. All colours are obviously yellow based although I find the very lightest shade slightly more pinky (fairer skins often are more pinky though).

These foundations have a creamy, liquid texture and a medium to full cover can be achieved. Give a nice velvet finish and have a slight radiance to them. Dry instantly with no greasy texture. Wears better on a slightly more oily skin as the velvet/matte finish can look a little flat on a dry skin.
 These are £10.50 each.

The Invisiwear compact powder comes in three colours P100, P200 and P300 pressed inside a mirrored compact. The powders feel silky to the touch and give a sheer natural, velvet finish to the skin.
These powders blend beautifully on a yellow based skin tone without making the skin seem even more yellow.

My skin is more yellow based so these powders blend well into my skin tone as seen below however I have swatched the colours on a white background to show the tones better.

Each powder is £8.99

The concealers in the range also come in the same three colour system. Designed for under eyes and blemishes. The yellow colour base of these mean that they will tone in nicely with an already yellow skin tone and the yellow base of this will mean they will brighten a dull and greying skin tone around the eyes.

These concealers are very creamy and particularly oily texture (even though they are oil free) so if your skin is naturally oily you may find these too greasy. They also contain titanium dioxide and flash back slightly. They do however blend in easily and give a very natural cover but perform better around the eyes than they do on blemishes and scarring as they tend to slip quickly.
Each concealer is £6.50

If you have a yellow based skin tone and normally struggle with getting a good colour match then this might be a good brand for you to check out.

Check out EX1 Cosmetics other products over on their site at


Monday, 23 September 2013

Face Lace Halloween

Get in the spirit (do you like what I did there) this Halloween and get spooky with these fab Face Lace templates.
It's fun going all out and dressing up for Halloween parties but you may not always feel like donning your sexy cat outfit or pumpkin costume. These are the perfect accessory for adding a touch of ghoulish fun to your existing makeup.

Broomchicks Face Lace

 The Broomchicks Face lace tombstones and tree fit over the top of the eye. I have quite a large eyelid so this sits quite comfortable on me however if you have a small lid it may not fit as neatly onto the lid. You could of course trim the bottom line of the face lace with scissors to make it fit better.
 The witch looks fab on the under eye and there is also a little bat that you can position anywhere you please.

We also tried out the Webutante set.

Webutante Face Lace

A little bit more fiddly due to the thin strands but this set sits more comfortably on the eye than the Broomchicks set. This would work better on those with smaller eyes.

These are super sticky and will stay put all night. Have a bit of patience when applying as they are so sticky they stick to your fingers whilst trying to apply. 
 I would apply all of your eye makeup first and then stick these on top. Go for a light eyeshadow underneath such as a gold or silver to emphasis the black of the sticker.

Each Face Lace is £9.95 and they are all re usable.

Get hold of yours from 1st October from


Friday, 20 September 2013


As we are based in the UK a lot of what we speak about is sometimes only available in Europe so we thought we would treat you to a review on Bellabox which is available in Australia and Singapore.

Bellabox handpicks 5+ deluxe sized beauty products, pops them in a a cute box and ships them direct to your door for $15 a month, including free delivery.
Each month the box you receive is different and will contain a mixture of beauty, skincare, body, hair, makeup and even fragrance!
The sizes of the products you will receive vary from deluxe minis to full sized products.

Two boxes combined

Products are expensive these days and if you're lucky enough to live in this part of the world you probably find you pay more for your products than the rest of us due to shipping charges. Bellabox is therefore a great idea as it gives you the opportunity to try before you splash out on full size expensive products.
 If you particularly like a mini product you have received you can then jump online and purchase a full size version from their online store and
The boxes offer a mixture of international and aussie brands and rather than send you any old products they target your beauty needs by getting you to fill out a profile when you sign up.

The type of brands you can expect to receive are well known brands as well as up and coming newbies.
 We were sent two boxes for trial containing a mixture of Aussie and International brands. We were so impressed with the quality of products that came in these boxes.

Here are a few of what our box contained.

Wotnot facial wipes

Natural Organic face wipes containing Australian certified organic aloe vera, rosehip and almond oil. If you must use wipes then go organic we say!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar
Cult French brand. Effaclar is a purifying foaming cleanser perfect for an oily sensitive skin.

 BLiv by Cellnique Off with those heads

Serum gel which controls sebum production and helps aid blackhead removal with ease.

Face of Australia Face Primer

Colourless primer containing SPF15 and oil free. Gives protection, keeps your base on for longer and provides lightweight moisturisation.

Yu-Be Moisturising skin cream

Japan's number one skin brand. The perfect dry skin relief cream.

You can sign up to Bellabox by visiting and filling in your details. You will be sent your box within two weeks of joining up.
As I mentioned Bellabox is also available in Singapore at so check their site out as well.

Every month has a new theme so be sure to check out their current theme 'Spring Party Essentials' and get signed up today.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Elemis Think Pink

 This October is Breast Cancer awareness month and skincare brand Elemis have launched their Think Pink Beauty heroes collection to support this important campaign.
 Elemis pledges to donate £10'000 to the Breast Cancer Care charity through sales of this limited edition collection. This will in turn help to raise money needed to give information and support to all affected by breast cancer.

We think this is a fab cause and why not do your bit by purchasing this cute bag and products for £36.50.

In this collection you will receive a neon pink PVC cosmetic bag with 4 miniature best sellers.

  • New Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 20g is a super luxurious balm cleanser that will remove all of your daily makeup and grime easily. We love cleansing balms here at Pixiwoo as you will probably know so this is the perfect mini to take away on holiday with us.
  • Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 15ml which is an anti-ageing rich moisturising cream packed with deeply moisturising ingredients.
  • New Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 15ml  can be used as a light moisturiser or under makeup as a radiance booster on a dull skin tone.
  •  Limited edition Pro-Collagen Lifting treatment neck and bust in 'pink boob tube' helps to reduce neck crepiness and improve skin firmness.

All of these minis are great travel essentials or pop them in your overnight bag for when you next get treated to an overnight stay somewhere.
 If you know someone going through treatment why not buy this little gift for them to make their hospital visits as comfortable as possible.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

James Read Sleep Mask Tan

Having tried many tans over the years with varying success rates I have often felt I didn't always want to cover me face in self tan in fear of a breakout.
 Usually my skin is fine in the morning after tanning, sometimes a little dry but usually the tan has settled into my open pores creating what looks like black heads all over my face (they disappear after washing off).
 I was therefore keen to try James read Sleep mask tan.

 Sleep Mask tan is a 50ml pump style tanning lotion especially for the face.
 What makes this product different? It's kind of more like a great skin treatment infused with skin benefiting ingredients that will also give you a little bit of a tan. What more could you want!

The ingredients inside are Aloe Vera and cucumber to soothe, repair and calm the skin.
 Hyaluronic acid and Red Algae to aid skin moisture along with the natural, golden tanning ingredients.

The tan is dispensed as a clear gel like liquid and doesn't have a hideous biscuit smell. Only a small amount is needed.
After cleansing your skin as normal massage all over the face and neck and don't forget your ears!

Sinks in instantly and doesn't feel greasy or uncomfortable.

This tan only contains a small amount of tan so when you wake up you won't be too scared to look in the mirror at your khaki skin tone. You will be gently sunkissed with a natural tan.

This tan is great for people who want a subtle tint who find normal fake tan irritates, dries or breaks out their skin.

This tan is fast becoming quite a cult product and along with James Read vast array of other tanning products it's a must have in your tanning regime.

James read also has a salon at Harvey Nichols in London if you would feel more confidant in having your tan applied for you.

This tan is £25 and you can view all of James Read products and all services offered at his studio over at


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shimmer Twins Lashes

Lashes are always a fab accessory to a look and with such a huge array on the market we are spoilt for choice.
 If you are not afraid to go for a full on lash look then check these beauties out!...

These lashes are all by Shimmer Twins and are pretty amazing. Not your everyday look however if you want to stand out from the crowd at a party then you may enjoy these lashes.
 We love the Summer here at Pixiwoo but at least we are now entering the time of year when we have parties!! Halloween, Christmas, New Year and even the lashes pictured above can be whipped out on Valentines day.

Jekyl Lashes are great for this seasons metallic look. The squares reflect the light at different angles making them shine in different unique colours. Keep the rest of your eyes natural with a bold lip for a futuristic look.

Maybe not first date material but why not have a bit of fun around valentines and don these Red Heart lashes for the day. You never know they may even become a talking point and lure in a potential date!!

If the Red Hearts are a bit heavy then go for the Purple Hearts. A line of hearts spaced between feathery lashes.

We really like these retro 60's lashes. The sequins don't feel too heavy and with a cut crease style eyeshadow and a nude pink lip you'll look like twiggy instantly!

 Hyde lashes are the dark version of Jekyl (obviously). The black squares reflect blues and greens and are the perfect lash for a dark sultry eye.

All these lashes are £12.00 and available from


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sodastream Source

 We are so privaleged to receive lots of lovely makeup products however when something a bit different comes through the post we get so excited. Hence excitable posts you may have seen in the past about sweets and food hampers!
If you watch our tutorials you will know we are fans of all things a bit retro and we are also on a bit of a health kick at the moment so when we saw this Sodastream from Source Sam and I were particularly excited. We prefer to drink carbonated water over still water and now we have access to it all the time!
 I know we are probably in the minority when it comes to loving fizzy water but we just LOVE the fizz. We are secret Coca Cola lovers and as this is most definitely not on the menu at the moment we can pretend we are drinking it whilst sipping our bubbly water.
As a child the Sodastream was always something we had in our house and I remember sunny days queuing at the Sodastream to have a go.

They have come along way since the 80's bulky, plastc versions.
 Sodastream Source is available in four colours of white, blue, red and black. They are made with either a plastic or metallic finish are slimline, light to lift and look super chic.

I'm not very technical but this was really simple to put together. First things first you need to fix in the included Co2 canister. I felt really nervous fitting this as it reminded me of the gas canister they throw into the sharks mouth in Jaws. It was far less nerve wracking than blowing up a Great white shark and actually just simply clips in as seen below....

Pop the back on and you are ready to go..
Fill the included plastic bottles up with regular tap water, clip the bottle in and get ready for the fun bit...
You will see form the picture there are three symbols of bubbles. All you do is push down the block above the bottle and the bubble symbols will light up. One bubble symbol lit is for a light fizz, 2nd light a bit more fizzy and yep you guessed it 3rd symbol is for a full on bubbly beverage.

Once you have the desired fizz pull the bottle forward and remove.
If you just want water it's now ready to drink but if you want to add a naughty flavouring there are lots of varieties to choose from.
Add any flavourings at the end once its fizzed.


I love that the plastic bottles have a screw lid and can then be put into the fridge so you can drink at your leisure.

I have the spare bottle already filled with tap water in my fridge ready to use so it's already cold.

Check out Sodastream Source over at

Monday, 9 September 2013

Smashbox Colour Correcting

I always think colour correctors are a bit 80's and a product that has been replaced by the good old basic concealer or primer.
 They are actually a product that can be quite difficult to find these days and having worked in cosmetic retail for many years if someone asked if we sold one I would snort and think "wow, old skool!"
 For people who have an un-even skin tone though they can make a difference.

Colour correcting can be a little confusing if it's new to you. It basically works using the colour wheel theory. If you look at the colours on the wheel below a colour corrector works by cancelling out the colour it sits opposite.

Don't go crazy with the colour correcter or you will end up looking odd. Apply after your moisturiser but before your foundation. These products sit in the primer family umbrella so no need to use a separate primer.

All three of these primers are a liquid texture which feels quite mousse like when you blend into the skin. A velvet texture is left on the skin and it absorbs quickly. I really like the feel of this on my skin and there is no scent either.

Lavender Balance
A lavender colour will help to tone down a sallow/yellowing skin tone.
 I tested this on top of a yellow, cream eyeshadow and thought this performed really well. It toned down the sallow colour instantly.

I patted this colour into the skin to avoid rubbing away the yellow base but you can off course use a brush to lightly buff over the skin.

Peach Blend
You will often see under eye concealers have a more peachy undertone. This is because peach will balance out a grey/dull colour which is often present around the under eye.

I tested this around the under eye of my right eye (left eye as you look at the screen).

This is without any concealer just purely the peach colour corrector and I think you you will agree it definitely tones down the dark circles and brightens.
If you have a dull skin tone you can use this all over. Great for evening out a darker skin tone that has dark patches on the skin.

Green Adjust

Good on a red, sensitive skin that has a red undertone. The green will not totally eliminate the red but will tone it down. You can then go in with your concealer and foundation to give coverage.

I dabbed a red lipstick onto my hand and then patted this green colour correcter over the top.

Definitely softened the redness (most people won't have as red skin as a red lipstick) and would make the red more manageable.

Each of these primers are £25.00 and available from  


Friday, 6 September 2013

Mission to stay Matte

How to control an oily skin is probably the most frequent email I get. It's all very well having a radiant sheen but when your makeup is literally sliding off of your face by lunch and your skin feels permanently slimy it's very annoying.

The thing is if you have oily skin like me (this is Stacey) then to be honest you just have to work with it. I don't believe there is a miracle product that will totally change your skin type to a more balanced, dryer finish nor is there a product that you can apply at 7am and never have to touch up. There are however products you can use to help maintain a matte finish, make touch ups less frequent and make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

I thought I would share my must haves for an oily skin but the best advice I can give you is take your time when applying your base. Use little amounts of a variety of products, spend time really pushing them into the skin an allow them time to settle before moving on to your next product. I know this is not always possible on a busy morning but put in the time and you will reap the rewards.
Also I know most of these products are expensive but unfortunately most (not all) of the time the products that perform the best have higher quality ingredients that perform better on the skin, don't shout at me, it's not my fault.

First thing first sort out your skin care routine. I'm going to keep this post all about the makeup but make sure you are using the best cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum and moisturiser for your skin type.
 When applying your moisturiser, really massage it into the skin and then leave your face for 5 minutes for the moisturiser to sink in. Go make a cup of tea!

Primer is the next stage. Primers create a barrier between the oils in your skin and the foundation.
 Ones I have tried and tested and found to work are...

  •  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer light-£25.00
  •  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free-£28.00
  •  Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer-£52.00 
Once you have let your moisturiser sink in lightly buff your primer into the skin using a buffing brush such as a MAC 188 Brush.You don't need loads of product, just a small amount and you don't need to use it all over if you don't want you. Blend it into the areas you find your makeup moves.

Again leave to dry off and get ready for foundation...

Foundations are tricky to recommend because there are so many factors to take into account but here are my four faves with a natural cover, medium and full cover finish.

  • Light coverage-Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation-£38.00
  • Medium Coverage-Becca Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation-£32.00
  • Full Coverage-MAC Matchmaster-£27.00 or Illamasqua Skin Base-£27.00 (I couldn't decide)
I would say always apply your foundation with a brush if you have oily skin and make sure you clean your brush regularly. Using your fingers will only transfer more oil from your fingers onto your face.
 Use small amounts and start from the centre of the face buffing in circular movements outwards.
 Don't saturate your brush with product, just small amounts and build it up. You are now ready for concealer if you feel you need it.

Concealers are designed to give you that extra bit of cover that your foundation didn't give you. If you are lucky enough not to have to wear foundation you can just dot concealer where you need it on bare skin.

  • Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll On-£7.49
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer-£15.00
  • Clarins Instant Concealer-£20.00
Concealers usually have a creamy texture as they are designed to blend into the foundation but some perform better than others.
The Garnier and Clarins ones I mentioned are really great for around the eyes and on pigmentation whilst the MAC Studio Finish is good for blemishes and scarring.
 Use a fluffy brush to blend concealer in and if you need extra coverage use a small firm brush to then push the product into the skin precisely.

 Once you have all of your base in place leave the skin alone. Don't apply any powder yet.
 Move on to the eyes and lips. Once you have everything else on and you have left your skin for at least 10 minutes you can then finish off the skin.
 This enables the products to sink in and bled with the skins natural oils.
 If you have blotting sheets, press one over the face to remove excess oils. Go back in with your foundation brush (dry with no added product) and buff over the skin again. Touch up any concealer and now you are ready for your powder.

Use loose or pressed depending on your preference.  Loose is usually lighter in texture and pressed will give you a full cover.
Here are my faves..

  • Jurlique Citrus Silk Finishing Powder- £24.50
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder-£21.50
  • Clinique Blended Face Powder-£21.00
Once foundation has been left to rest dust over a powder of your choice or press into the skin using a clean powder puff for a heavier coverage or over blemishes.

Now your skin is still going to produce oil throughout the day. All of these products we have used will contain a certain amount of oil absorbing ingredients and powders that will try and fight the oil but you will however still need to touch up.
  Here are some of my essential touch up products...

  • Shiseido Oil Control Blotting Paper-£15.00
  • Smashbox Photo Matte Anti Shine-£17.00
  • MAC Prep and Prime Pressed Powder-£ 20.00

These are all products I have used over the years with great results but we would love to hear your must have products for an oily skin.
Hope these help and remember at least we won't get wrinkles!!

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