Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Illamasqua Sacred Hour Collection

In true Illamasqua style their latest collection is dark and mythical, inspired by the magic of dawn and dusk.It's always exciting receiving collections from Illamasqua as they are always packaged so beautifully.

I tested both of the nail colours from this collection. The colours in each nail polish has been thought through really well and fit perfectly into the dawn and dusk theme. Each colour is priced at £14.50.

 The colour Hemlock represents the dawn. It has a natural opalescent pearl finish that reflects a golden green. Gives off a two tone finish as in some lights it looks nude pink but in others it has a green hue.

The colour in Facet represents the dusk. A soft grey with tiny flecks of bronze. A really beautiful colour that is like the nights sky on a summer night as the sun starts to set.

The centre piece for the collection is the Perfection palette for the eyes. Priced at £34.00.
 A quad of water resistant cream shadows with a shimmering finish.
 These are all cream eye shadows but as you blend they almost transform to a powder texture. They blend easily although they do start to sheer down the more you blend, leaving a softer colour with visible shimmer. Layer them up for a more intense look. Colours come out more natural than they look in the palette

For the cheeks are two different blushers both cream. The blushes both feel quite a heavy texture with a velvety matte finish and dry off to a powdered texture. Each is £18.00

The colour Sleek is a an apricot peach and Peaked is a damson pink.
Both have a strong colour pay off so only a small amount is needed.

Sleek (L) Peaked (R)

Feather texture lashes complete the eye with these hand made false lashes. They will be very dramatic on the eye. Lashes are bulky and black at the roots and feathered out at the ends to look quite wispy.
 The lashes are long, heavy and not for the feint hearted. They are £14.50.

As the eyes in this collection are fairly light and metallic, why not pop on this bold lip in the colour Shard.  This is a creamy texture, opaque finish lipstick in a deep red, violet. This colour does stain slightly so it lasts well on the lip. This lipstick is £16.50.

This collection is available now from www.illamasqua.com


  1. love the hemlock nail polish! it reminds me of sea shells :) x


  2. I love the polishes and blush colours :)


  3. In love with this collection, everything is so pretty!


  4. Would love to see how those lashes look on! Lashes always look sooo intimidating & unnatural looking & then I put them on & I want bigger and longer & fuller! Haha!

    xoxo Shauna

  5. Ooh I want it all, I haven't wanted an entire collection in a long time, but all these are gorgeous.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. The nail polishes are stunning!x

  7. Everything looks so pretty!

  8. Loving a cream blush at the moment! All these products are so tempting!


  9. Want! Want! Want!


  10. These look beautiful - the eyelashes are so thick!


  11. Whoa! The colours look amazing - I love the look of the blushers the best!


  12. This collection is great, loving those thick eyelashes!

  13. Oh how I love the Illamasqua packaging, the crystals and the flowers are just fab.
    I love the nail polish Facet and I love the Perfection pallet! I think I may need to invest... oh no.


  14. Wow I love the colour of the lipstick and the cream blushers!

    Katrina xx

  15. The packaging is gorgeous alone! wow!


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