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Dior Mystic Metallics

Being lucky enough to get to see new launches, we have noticed a lot of similarities in collection themes. Fate, Superstition and luck all seem to be the backbone inspiration for this fall season.
 Being slightly into all things mysterious and dark I am quite enjoying seeing how colour is translated into products around this theme.

Dior’s latest collection called Mystic Metallics takes its inspiration form Monsieur Dior himself.
 The story goes that one night in 1946 he was walking through a Parisian street contemplating his future as a fashion illustrator when he tripped over a metallic star. The next day he used this star as inspiration to create his own house. The collection was a success and he kept his lucky star with him in his pocket.

Not sure how much of this story is exaggerated however I think it’s a lovely story so I’m going with it!

5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics-£41.00

Two colour options are available in this palette.
 Constellation (I didn’t have this to test) is a mixture of plumps, taupe, purple and gold with a highlight of baby pink.
 This palette would look amazing on all eyes but would especially enhance a green eye.

Second palette is called Constellation and is a mix of aqua, blue, silver, olive and a bronze in the 

 This would look beautiful on blue and brown eyes.

The colour pay off is good and a solid block of colour can be achieved. Powder texture is so silky they almost feel like a cream and they blend with ease.
 As the name would suggest the colours have a water like metallic shine. The eyelid glistens with vibrant colour.

3 Couleurs Glow-£35.00

Again two colour choices of Sapphire blue or Silver and black. This set is for those who like a little colour with a liner.
 We looked at the silver/black combo. 

The colour on the left is a lilac based silver with a natural metallic cover.
 The colour on the right is a fine glitter that has a transparent finish. The glitter is very fine and made of silver, lilac, pink and gold glitter. It can be used on its own for a wet look lid or on top of the silver to give it a shimmer.

 There is also a thin black powder, which is used as a liner. The liner will allow you to create a smudgy, smoky look around the eye.

Dior Blush
 Dior has re launched the packaging of their blush into a thinner case, which contains an angled brush for application.
 Powder is embossed with the Dior logo and set in a mirrored case.
We tested two colours called Brown Milly and Mimi Bronze.
Brown Milly
Mimi Bronze

Brown Milly is a purple pink, which has a slight gold highlight, and Mimi Bronze is a peachy gold.
 Not sure of the inspiration behind the names but neither names give a good indication to the colour inside.

Also in the collection are the Diorshow Fusion Mono priced at £23.50. Coming in eight shades these gel-mousse texture pots are basically like a cream eyeshadow.
 Sweep them over the lids with a synthetic brush or use as a base to your eyeshadow to intensify the shadow colour.

This collection is available nationwide from 16th August 2013.
Check out the whole collection on‎


  1. Wow the colour are beautiful I live the 5 shade one and the gel pots are nice too xxx

  2. I'm rather excited about this collection. I think I would use a number of items- mimi bronze looks amazing!

  3. Brown milly is a lovely shade! Didnt expect it to look quite like that on the skin but i love it x

  4. The palette looks amazing, can't wait to try that and to see the other one too!

  5. The Mimi Bronze is such a gorgeous shade!

    Jade xx

  6. Love your videos Samantha and Nicola! So much so, that i have now been inspired to create my own beauty blog and talk about all things makeup related <3

    love, xx

  7. The blushers look amazing, can't wait to get my hands on them!

  8. The first palette is SO gorgeous!! The colours are fantastic and I love how rich and dark they are. I also love the blushes, beautiful shades.

    my beauty blog

  9. This collection looks gorgeous, I want all of it haha x

  10. I really like the look of this collection! I love the 5 colour shadow palette! This mystical theme reminds me of something I was bought a long time ago from Estee Lauder, which is a luck cube which was limited edition.


  11. Hey guys, I think you mean the second palette is called 'Bonne Etoile' as you have put Constellation twice xx

  12. the blushes re really pretty colors, same with the eyshadows!:)

  13. Great metallic colors I should say. I'd loved the mixtures of colors in brings elegance.
    Indian Hair

  14. The warm shades are beautiful, I love the collection names there so me!x

  15. Great colours! Http://

  16. I love the mimi and mystic <3 although I do want and need it all :P


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