Friday, 23 August 2013

Ciate Feathered Manicure

Ciate always seem to be coming up with the next arty product to transform our nails with.
 We tried their feathered manicure today.

In the kit you get a nail colour which comes in a few colour options, a speed top coat, scissors, buffing file block and a pouch of different feathers.
 This kit is the 'Ruffle my feathers kit' and includes a lilac/blue nail colour. This is also the set featured in the main picture of the model above.

How to do it?
  • Get all the bits out first and lay out the feathers you want to use.
  • First paint your nails with the nail colour. Do two coats but make sure you leave to dry in between each coat and ensure it is fully dry before you move on.

  • Next get the speed top coat and apply a generous layer of it onto the nail, whilst the nail is wet grab the feather and gently lay it onto the nail. Gently push down the feather to make sure it lies flat. The tip of the feather should be near the base of the nail with just a slip of the nail colour peeping out the bottom.

Do one finger at a time to ensure the top coat doesn't dry before you apply the feather.

  • Once dry snip off the remaining overhanging feather leaving a small amount over the edge.
  • Apply another coat of the top coat on top of the nail. Paint down the nail in the direction of the feather hair.
  •  Once this has totally dried you can then buff away any overhanging feather  to give a smooth edge.
The results
My nails I think are too short for this type of manicure. Because they are short it doesn't show off much of the feather.
 A long talon would be covered with more feather and would look really effective. I felt with shorter nails it wasn't as obvious that they were feathers.

 Pick your feathers wisely. As you can see from the picture above, the darker feathers look good but the lighter ones didn't make as much of an impact.
Take time sealing the feather with the top coat and  buffing the free edge of the nail at the end. I did it really quickly and after an hour strands of feathers were sticking up.

Nice on a long nail, probably best for a special one off occasion rather than your everyday look but really fun to do and super easy.
These kits are £20.00 and available from September 2013
Check out the other colour options and other Ciate products here..



  1. looks so awesome! wow!

  2. I think this is probably one of their cool nail things. I quite like them on short nails, and how it's more subtle.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  3. Wow.. Amazing!!

  4. Thats such a cool technique, feathers the new thing! :)

  5. I like the idea of this kit!


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