Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Butter London Nail Foundation and Matte top coat

Butter London have a fab selection of nail colours but I recently discovered their base and top coat which deserve a blog all of their own!

 The base coat is called nail foundation and it is exactly that. Rather than a normal base coat that just gives us a clear base this base coat provides a natural flesh base with a totally matte finish.
 It smooths out ridges and discolouration in the nail.
 I would even wear this on it's own for a natural matte nail. This would be perfect for men also who want a natural manicure.
 This base coat will also help the longevity of your polish you are wearing on top.

This dried super fast as well and I was able to apply my nail polish after a minute of drying time.

I applied two coats of Butter London nail colour in the shade Poole on top of the nail foundation. Colour goes on smoothly and is also quick drying. This shade has a natural shine to it but I wanted to then test the Matte Finish top coat over the top to see how it affected the shine.

Nails without top coat

I applied one coat of the Matte finish top coat onto my left hand nails to see if the shine was reduced at all..hey presto the shine was instantly taken away and I was left with totally matte nails.
You can see the results below.

The matte top coat works instantly on top of any nail colour. I found applying this top coat did slightly lighten the shade of the nail colour underneath.
 I did find that the next day the matte top coat made the colour underneath brittle and caused it to chip easily.

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  1. the colour is nice


  3. I really want to try some things by Butter Lonon, i like the look of the Matte top coat!x

  4. This is so cool, it will be like having two types of finishes of the same shade. May have to get that matte top coat.

    Sophie xx

  5. Love the matte top coat!

  6. This this product looks cool but I love a super shiny nail!


  7. They look super cute matte but it also looks really good without the topcoat, the butter London nail polishes are so good but not really with-in my price range :( ;) x

  8. very nice! Love the matt top coat:)

  9. I've been wanting to try the Nail Foundation for a while, but I always seem to pick up a random basecoat because I never buy one til I'm out. I wonder if this lasted any longer on your nails then it usually would have.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  10. I really love this brand, I am not so into matte finish but from time to time I like to give a different touch to my manicure so I use it! thanks for sharing!

  11. wow that matte top coat looks amazing! I've never tried matte nails before maybe I should start getting into the trend!



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