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Vita Liberata Tanning

To be honest I hadn't heard of Vita Liberata before and I like to think i'm a bit of a tanning pro so I am always keen to try out tanning products. this tan is also organic which I am really into at the moment.
 This tan has a huge celeb following and more recently the gorgeous Kelly Brook has become the face of the brand and has also launched a Brook Look Kit.
 Vita Liberata said they can't promise I will look like Kelly Brook after wearing it but at least i'll be one step closer!
I tried their moment by moment tinted self tan (£24.50). It's called this because it allows you to control the depth of the tan depending on how long you leave it on for.
It starts developing after 30 minutes and for a light, sun kissed natural tan wash off after an hour. For a slightly deeper golden tan wash off after 2 hours and for a much darker tan wash off after 3 hours.
 After 3 hours it has pretty much gone as dark as its going to go so you won't need to leave on overnight or all day like some other brands recommend.

The bottle is a 100ml pump action, mousse style and the mousse is tinted so you can see where you are applying it.
 Another plus is that even though it is pretty much odourless I quite like the scent of it, Hurrah!!
I think this mousse smells like cola bottle sweets that I used to eat as a child (and as an adult secretly).
The results....

My skin tans well anyway and have a slight base tan so I left this on for the full 3 hours. It washed off to leave a beautiful natural tan that wasn't orange and looked like I had been on holiday for a week somewhere glorious.
 My tips for application are use a mitt or wash hands immediately after. Apply in small circular movements and when applying over dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles mix with a little moisturiser to help blend it in a little easier.
 All in all a great tan that is versatile to work with your skin colour. If you are slightly scared of self tan this is a good one to start with as you have more control of the finished colour.

If tanning is not your thing or if you want to enhance your fair skin or already tanned skin then you might like to try Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish lotion.
They come in 5 different shades and are an illuminating cream that you can apply all over the body to give the skin a radiant shimmer.
 Depending on the shade you go for it will reflect light in that tone.
 The benefit of these lotions are that they smooth the natural skin colour of the body, slightly help to cover bruising, veins or pigmentation and they obviously give your skin a radiant glow.

Colours available are as follows..
Gold-A light gold highlight that may be too light for a dark skin unless you like a mega bright highlight. Would look beautiful on a fair to medium skin.

Latte Light-this would be great for medium skin tones and will tint the skin slightly to give a sunkissed finish. Has a warm beige undertone.

Latte- Darker again and better on a medium to dark skin tone and has the similar beige undertones as the Latte colour but slightly ore of a golden darker tint. Would look great on an already well tanned skin.

They also do two other shades in Rose and Buttermilk. I haven't tested these but I would say they would be great on a real porcelain skin tone looking at the shades I have seen online.

These are purely cosmetic skin highlighting creams and do not replace your SPF even though they do have SPF 25 in them. Feel free to slather on after applying your sun cream though so you can pretend your skin always looks this shiny on the beach!

I love to use these types of product on my legs and arms when bearing a bit more flesh in the summer or at a special occasion. As always with body makeup there may be some transfer onto clothes if you use on an area that is in contact with clothes or if you plan on hugging someone in a white suit (call the fashion police if someone is wearing a white suit).
A gorgeous product that is a wash bag must in case of impromptu nudity or when you need a little help to smooth the appearance of your skin.

These are each priced at £29.95 for a pump style 30ml bottle. Also beware that there is a recommended shelf life of 6 months for this products however I often use products like these after this time with no problems.

There is a huge range to be had from Vita Liberata so check their products out on



  1. I will definitely try!

  2. I'm as white as a sheet and I love love love Vita Liberata tans, especially the phenomenal one. Lasts for a good two weeks, enough to not reapply on holiday! x Sherry Darling's Things

  3. wow! the gold looks white at first but sparkles when blend! so pretty!

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  4. I love this fake tan! No smell at all, but I'm not sure if I like St tropez or Vita more

    Seaside Beauty

  5. Great in-depth review ladies! Definitely want to try getting my glow on with this!

  6. I flip between this and St.Tropez - Both amazing! :)

  7. TOP REVIEW! I am really, really excited to try some of these products! (:

  8. I will definitely have to try this out! Thank you!


  9. I need some of these! I love anything that makes the skin glow


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