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The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser

Since we were lucky enough to interview Caroline Hirons for Daily Mix http://youtu.be/e3tRjufnWr8
we have all been obsessed with Balm Cleansers.
 They had always seemed like a luxury cleanser that seemed lovely but a bit of a faff! Usually in massive chunky pots and requiring a special cloth to remove we had usually stuck with our wash off cleansers for ease.
 I have been trying a few different balm cleansers recently and have actually liked all of them.
 For the last month I have been using the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy.

The Organic Pharmacy was started by a pharmacist specialising in homeopathic pharmacy. Through the study of homeopathic remedies Margo Marrone became aware of the lack of natural ingredients there were in various products. This was where the idea for organic ingredients to be used in skincare products was born.

So my Carrot Butter challenge began....

The cleanser comes in a slim line pot holding 75ml of the balm cleanser. I like this size as it fits into my wash bag.
 The pale yellow cleanser is relatively hard to the touch unlike some of its oilier competitors. It comes with a small spatula which helps hygienically scrape a penny sized amount from the pot.
As the cleanser is slightly firmer its better to massage your fingers together just to soften the product.
 It massages in easily, lifts all makeup off and is gentle enough to run over eyelids to remove eye shadow. I even massage my lashes with it to remove my mascara but i'm not sure if this is advisable on sensitive eyes.

I loved to hold my cupped hands with the product inside over my nose and inhale because the ingredients smell so amazing and strangely calming (I guess that will be the Lavender).

The box lists everything that is inside. The key ingredients are Rosemary, Shea Butter, St Johns Wort, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba, Marigold and of course Carrot.
 What I loved when I read the ingredients is that I knew exactly what each ingredient was. No crazy sounding ingredients or preservatives. All natural and identifiable.

For removal you need a cloth or flannel as if you use just neat warm water it just leaves a greasy film on your face. This does actually come with a muslin cloth so dampen the cloth that comes with it or use a separate flannel and wipe over to remove.
 The muslin cloth that comes with it can be washed in the washing machine also.

The results...
 Makeup is removed quickly and no need to double cleanse.
My skin feels nourished and soft because of the Shea Butter and really clean. I find with balm cleansers you never really get that tingly fresh clean feeling but because of the massaging action skin feels plumped and softened.
 This is suitable for all skins even an oily skin and is especially great on a sensitive skin or for people who are conscious of the ingredients they use.

Quite pricey at £34.96 but after a month of using I have loads left..see below.

Get hold of this cleanser and much more organic products from



  1. I love cleansing balms - They're brill!
    Is the carrot meant to help skin in some way?

    Looks good! :)


  2. I have always shyed away from cleansers like this because of my oily skin, but I never feel like my skin is clean enough, or it gets that really tight sensation after i've used something for oily skin. Maybe something like this is what I am looking for!


  3. This looks so lovely, thanks for sharing! How much longer do you think the pot will last you? My fave balm cleanser so far has been Spiezia's organic cleanser (it's beeautiful), but I'll definitely keep an eye out for this :) x

  4. I felt the same about this as you do. I did a blog post about it a while ago:http://amyknowsbestuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/a-nice-clean-face-organic-pharmacy.html. Dare I say it, but I might prefer it to the Emma Hardie cleanser. I much prefer the smell of this.

  5. I have severe acne that got much better using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, dunno if that's a balm cleasner, but I'm thinking I might make the jump to a proper one after watching the video you linked. This particular one looks amazing because of the easily readable ingredients.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  6. Seems really cool. I'd love to try it! Loved this!;)x

  7. Not to harp but Caroline Hirons who was featured by the Woo's says to always double cleans. Also, a lot of people use coconut oil - mega cheaper, organic, slap it on, cloth it off w/warm water and then second cleanse. Doesn't clog pores. Works exactly like a balm.

    1. Ooo, I'm gonna try that as I have some lovely coconut oil in my cupboard that is sitting there doing nothing! thanks for the tip :)

    2. Ooo, I'm gonna try that as I have some lovely coconut oil in my cupboard that is sitting there doing nothing! thanks for the tip :)

    3. Ooo, I'm gonna try that as I have some lovely coconut oil in my cupboard that is sitting there doing nothing! thanks for the tip :)

  8. I'm so entirely delighted to see you review something natural!!!!! There are sooooooooooo many amazing clean, natural effective products available now for both skin care love and for makeup pleasure........ I'm always surprised when so little is mentioned about these true beauty allies by well versed beauty experts such as the two of you!

  9. Oh I love cleansing balms, especially in those days where my skin is very sensitive and more dry..Right now I use the Elemental Herbology balm and is lovely

  10. I love products which are made from natural ingredients.



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