Thursday, 25 July 2013

Smile Pod Dental Experience Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 then here is the link
So the time came for my current implant crown to be removed so that Veronica could take a look at the abutment that was underneath.
 An abutment is the connecting piece that sits between the crown and dental implant fixture.
 She wanted to change the abutment from a metal one to a ceramic covered one so that the greyness of the original metal abutment wouldn't show through the gum.
 Different styles of abutments require different tools to remove them so Veronica needed to locate the specific tool she needed to fit my abutment.

So the removal of my 13 year old implant crown began. I wasn't sure exactly how it would be removed but it was basically cut away at the top of the tooth. I chose not to see what was going on but it sounded like a high pitch drill but as the crown is not a real tooth there was no pain at all.

Once off Veronica could then see what style of abutment I had in prep for my new crown.
 We then took impressions of the top and bottom teeth so that my new crown could be made.

Once all the impressions were taken I was made a temporary tooth so that I wasn't left toothless!
The temporary crown actually already looked better than my old crown. We wanted it to align with the rest of my teeth but because the gum line is higher here it meant the temporary tooth would look a little longer.

Below is a pic of how the temporary tooth looks. Remember this is only a stand in until my real crown is made so this tooth although nicer in colour than my old crown, it won't look too different to my old crown.

The next picture is a split pic of my original crown and the new temporary one.

Top Original, Bottom Temporary Crown

Once my new temp crown was in place I had to head over to a colour technician called Richard O'Brien at his studio called RichArt Dental Studio Ltd.
 Here Richard looked at my teeth thoroughly investigating the colour, texture and shape of my teeth so that he would be able to make me a tooth that would sit naturally along side my real teeth.

Teeth shade guide and fragments of porcelain gum to colour match

 Because a small area at the top of my crown would be pink porcelain he also matched my gum colour so that the pink would blend in to my natural gum.
 Richard was a real professional and was so thorough that I knew I would a have a perfect colour match. Richard works from his studio at Bow Lane Dental group and his website is

Richard will need around 2 weeks to make my new crown so part 3 will follow with my new implant crown in place.



  1. Good luck for the next step! :)

  2. Best of luck with this. I know it can be so hard to match the color of your teeth.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  3. Wow all the best with the next step it must cost arms and legs though

  4. Being a dentist myself I love following ur dental updates can't wait to see the final results

  5. Being a dentist myself I love following ur dental updates can't wait to see the final results

  6. Good for you! And good luck😊

  7. Good for you! And good luck😊

  8. Is this Stacy? I cannot tell by her teeth photo. I think it is.


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