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  In our busy lives I think it's really important to take time out for the simple pleasures. When we are busy working, looking after children, studying and travelling away from home it is generally always the things we take for granted such as a long bath or sitting with a good old cup of tea that we crave after a long day. Rituals believe you should make the most of these simple events by treating them like the luxury they are and use their products for a relaxing sensory experience.
 We were really lucky to be sent a few bits from Rituals to try. To be honest I had never really used any products from their range, which is crazy because I love amazing smelling products to treat myself with.

When I opened our parcel it was an immediate sensory overload of amazing smells that instantly puts you in a relaxed state of mind and we were like a group of squabbling girls fighting over what we wanted to open and test.

Here are some of my faves...

Hammam Hot Scrub-Warming Ginger and Fresh Eucalyptus

It's no secret I love a body scrub. I have posted many times about various scrubs that I love and this is one I have definitely added to the list.
Beautiful duck egg and chocolate coloured packaging already had me interested but once I peeled back the foil inside the scent from this was out of this world.
 I have worked and visited health spas and this scrub reminded me of how a health spa smells.
 Eucalyptus clears out the sinuses but the ginger undertones give it subtle warmth.
  Made of sea salt suspended in a lime Green Glycerine based liquid the salt is very abrasive so may be a little too rough for a sensitive skin. Make sure you use on damp skin so it doesn't feel too scratchy.
 For those of you, who love a really gritty scrub to get rid of dry skin, increase circulation whilst clearing out the sinus then you may also love this.
 I also thought £14.00 for a huge 250g pot was a really reasonable price.

Yogi Flow Indian Rose and sweet Almond Oil Shower Gel

Pressurised 200ml can containing a foaming gel that only requires two pumps to cover the whole body. On application is instantly foams up and expands so don't use loads.
It doesn't smell particularly rosy but more like a musky bubble gum!
 Again my bathroom is filled with this scent and throughout the day I can still smell it on my skin.
 At £7.00 a bottle its not one you will want to leave in the shower for the kids to foam up everywhere so pop it in the bathroom cabinet at the back so no one steals it!

Rose Wisdom Ginger and Rose Tea

 I mentioned that cup of tea that which some of us like at the end of the day well here it is!
 First and foremost being a girly girl, I love the tin! Big, chunky metal tin covered in fuchsia and red roses. To be honest I am not a huge fan of herbal tea but it is very good for you and the mixture of ginger and rose and the fact that this contains no caffeine will help you unwind at the end of the day.
 Even the tea bags are lovely to look at in their silky gold bags containing the leaves and tiny pink pieces of rose.

 It will take me years to get through that tea but when I do I will definitely be putting my normal tea bags in this posh tin.
Normally £13.00 for 50 bags but at the moment it's in the sale for £7.80 on the Rituals website.

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  1. This looks lovely, especially the tea, I'm a sucker for tins.

    That salt scrub is also on my to get my mitts on list now too.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  2. The tea sounds really interesting and the packagin is just adorable :)

  3. The hand scrub sounds amazing and so relaxing! It makes me want to get a pedicure and get pampered!

    -Maddy @

  4. Hmm how does the herbal tea taste?

  5. I love the shower foams and also the body butters! thanks for watching!

  6. Scrub sounds amazing and interesting to me

    Skin Care

  7. I love Rituals foaming shower gels!
    Laura DemandBeauty <3

  8. It is true that there is always something that keeps us consistently busy. Samples are always great. Your description of the body scrub was really interesting, it does sound like the price is reasonable. It seems like the Yogi Flow Indian Rose and sweet Almond Oil Shower Gel has a fragrance which needs to be tested.

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