Wednesday, 10 July 2013

July Glossy Box

Ooh I do love a patterned Glossy Box, maybe I am just easily pleased!
 July's glossy box is particularly fab in it's turquoise and coral print. I like to re use them and keep my nail polish in them.

Anyway it's what’s inside that counts so here is July's line up.
 This month in true summer holiday style there are a bunch of products to set you up for a summer trip away.

 Alterna Hair care Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist

Phew that's a mouthful. Alterna Hair care is co-owned by Katie Holmes who I must say is looking pretty fab at the moment. 
This 25ml size (Full size would be 125ml for £23) is a spritz to spray onto dry or wet hair to give a beachy texture.
 The main ingredient is Blue Yucca Root, which is high in starch. This starch is what gives hair the texture.
 Spritz over hair and then shape around your fingers whilst drying to give a tousled look.
I like that this is mini anyway because it fits into my travel bag better!

Nip and Fab Spot Fix or Shine Fix

Spot Fix is a clear gel containing Salicylic Acid to exfoliate pores and Tea Tree to calm down an angry spot.
This wasn't in my box to test so not sure of the results but maybe you could let me know what you thought of this after using.

Shine Fix is a lightweight gel to apply to the T-Zone to keep it shine free.
 Apply this after your moisturiser but before your base makeup. This felt quite fluid to start with so give it a minute or two to absorb in. Gave a natural matte finish with no chalky finish.
 I thought this worked well on my combination skin although I did need to still touch up with my powder in the late afternoon.
 This contains micro sponges to absorb oil an ingredient called Sebo Clear to purify and deep cleanse and Nettle extract to tone and balance.
You receive the full size 15ml in your box, which would normally be £9.95

Coola Organic Sun care Collection Rose Essence Tint

This is a tinted SPF 20 moisturiser. Provides sun protection 30 minutes after application and should last you 2 hours providing you haven't been in the water for a dip.
 I hate wearing foundation when the sun is out so this doubles up as sun protection whilst evening out your skin tone also. Because this is organic it is paraben free and packed with anti aging acai oil and Evening Primrose oil. It also contains Titanium Dioxide instead of Zinc for those who are sensitive to Zinc. It is slightly scented with Rose but to be honest I couldn't really smell it.which is not a bad thing!
The color I had can be shown below and as far as I am aware this only comes in the one colour, which would blend with a light to medium skin colour only.
The size in the box is a tiny 7ml and would give you probably two applications. The full size of 50ml is £29.99.

Anatomicals Spray Mist Spray Misty For Me

Play Misty for me is one of my all time favourite films so the name of this made me smile.
A refreshing mist that you spritz over your skin to cool, calm and rehydrate.
I may be bonkers but I feel like when I use these types of mist it makes my skin feel dryer afterwards. I feel like as it dries it draws any moisture I had away. I the spray more to compensate. That may just be me though!
 Now the scent I do actually like but it does remind me of my nan's clean laundry. A nice, clean comforting scent but I'm not sure I want it spritzed over my face. I guess that would be the Rose and Lavender.
You receive the full 100ml size in your box, which would normally be priced at £6.00.

Ciate Paint Pots

I can't get enough of painting my nails and my most favourite times to do this is when I am sitting in the garden in the sun. 
 The full size 13.5ml you receive in your box would normally be £9.00. The colour is called Mistress and is a bright cherry red with a natural shine.
 Apply two coats to get the full colour impact and pop on a topcoat to ensure it stays on for the duration of your holiday.

Nice Glossy Box this month and all of it I will be placing in my travel wash bag ready for the beach.
Happy Holidays.X


  1. nice products, I haven´t try so many of them and don´t know the brands but thanks for sharing!

  2. ohhhh This looks like a great box! I love the packaging.


  3. What an adorable box! Love a good Ciate Paint pot. That color is gorgeous!

  4. That facial spray sounds amazing, but not so great that it may have a reverse drying effect!

    -Maddy @

  5. I think the box is the prettiest yet! Would love to try the Alterna/Coola x

  6. Love that polish at the end!


  7. I've actually heard that those water sprays do dehydrate your skin and that it's really bad to spray them on in the heat, even though they feel nice at first.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  8. Is glossy box available in the U.S.?

  9. i cant wait for my glossybox :)

  10. I'm not blown away I must say! Hope I get a different nail polish colour, it'd be my 4th red from GB


  11. This looks like an amazing box!! Can't wait for this, I love Ciaté

  12. that's a good selection of products, I especially like the red nail polish, so cute!:)x

  13. I like the box more than the products ! haha


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