Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Eye of Horus Mascara

Born out of a search by a sensitive eyes sufferer to find a mascara that uses natural waxes and oils the Eye of Horus brand was developed.
This Australian company researched ingredients used by ancient Egyptians and came up with this formula that uses non irritating, nourishing ingredients without any harsh chemicals added.

Black patent packaging embossed with gold writing and the Eye of Horus emblem on the lid.
Hourglass shaped plastic comb style brush. Brush teeth are evenly spaced and rigid with no movement from the teeth as you brush through the lashes.
Smooth textured mascara that feels moistursing and glossy on the lashes. This smooth texture is from the Egyptian Moringa oil ingredient.
My lashes were separated nicely and it was easy to build layers without clumping.
The brush is quite long making it easy to smudge onto the skin. If you have a hooded eye or are a little clumsy with your mascara application just be aware of the brush length.
Because of the long wand take care when putting the mascara back into the tube as it’s easy to accidentaly bend the wand…I am very clumsy though, normal people may not have this problem!
I had this mascara on all day and my lashes kept their curl and I had no flaky drop down. This isn’t waterproof so will come off easy when swimming or if your eyes are prone to watering.

A 6 month recommended shelf life but as with all mascara’s bin it after 6 months as the ingredients deteriorate.

Priced at £13.00 from http://www.cocktailcosmetics.co.uk/ 


  1. Wow, the packaging already has me sold, it look sos chic. I have recently been suffering from watery eyes and wasn't sure what was causing it, so maybe a change in mascara will do the trick!


  2. Absolute best mascara! I love it to bits x


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