Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Becca Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation

Guys, I'm excited! I have an oily skin (this is Stacey) and although everyone bangs on to me that I won't get wrinkles blah blah blah, I dream of a matte, perfect skin where my base is still in place at lunchtime!

I have tried a lot of foundations over the years and have lots that perform well for me, which I have spoken about before but I have a new love.... Becca Matte Skin Foundation.

I'm a funny creature because although I want a matte skin I hate looking cakey and powdered. I still like my natural skin to show through and I also like a glow but only in the places I want it...I want it all hey!

I actually haven't found a product from Becca that I don't like and this foundation did not disappoint.

A 40ml squeezy tube foundation priced at £32 that comes in a massive 18 shades from porcelain skin tones to very dark skin tones. This is fabulous news, something for everyone.
 The Becca website is great at breaking down the colours to make it easy to choose your shade.

The foundation is a light creamy texture that blends in easily with no drag that some matte foundations have.
 I used a buffing brush to blend this in and I knew I loved it instantly. It gave a light to medium cover but I only used a tiny amount. Layer up if you like a better coverage.

It just looks like a second skin when it's on and the best bit is there was no greasy residue and even after 4 hours wear my skin still felt matte.

Another massive bonus is there is no SPF in this foundation, not great for sun care but awesome for photographing, as there is no flash back.

A lovely foundation that I will be adding to both my personal makeup bag and my kit for bridal makeup.

Becca is currently re launching it's online website here in the UK and the rest of Europe so you will need to go to SpaceNK to purchase but if you live in the states you can get it direct from their site



  1. Looks like a good foundation!

    P.S: I'm having an international giveaway on blog, would be happy if you could check it out and enter it. Thanks!

  2. this looks amazing! I've wanted a mattifying foundation for ages so this was really helpful!

  3. lol...i'm the same way!! i have oily skin, but hate the caked on powdered look, and love the dewy 'glow'...i will have to test this baby out!

  4. I need this foundation in my life! I am constantly on the hunt for a matte foundation that doesn't look cakey so maybe this is the answer xox

  5. I love when you post foundation/ skin reviews! I have a similar complexion and skin type so I find it so helpful! I just got the Jouer Matte Moisture tint, do you find the two similar/ comparable ?

  6. Wow this sounds like such a winner!!

    -Maddy @

  7. This post made me smile because we have twin foundation needs!! I have oily skin, hate being a shiny sue and hate looking caked in make up too! Definitely going to give this a whirl!

  8. wow this looks lovely, I'll have to have a lil look for it soon :) I find that the Sleek 'be beautiiful blemish balm' works wonders too, and yet it looks very natural and was only £8.99! xxx Thank you for the lovely review!


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