Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Smile Pod Dental Experience Part 3

So the day finally came where it would be my final trek to the dentist to have my new crown fitted.
 Having made this trip a few times now I'm not at all nervous but just excited.

I had already seen my new crown briefly on my last appointment as it sat on the side in a mould of my jaw.

You can clearly see the shape is better, the crown no longer sticks out like the old crown and the pink porcelain at the base allows the tooth to sit lower in line with the teeth either side.

Once in the chair my temporary crown was taken off and the whole area was thoroughly cleaned.
 My new crown was screwed into place to check that it fitted perfectly.
 I was shown in the mirror to check and was so happy with how it looked.
 Veronica then prepared the special tooth cement that is used to make sure the crown is completely secure and then the crown was tightly screwed on.

Because of all the precise measuring and moulds that had happened over the previous weeks the crown fitted perfectly.

The pink porcelain that I was concerned would look ' too pink' blended in nicely to my natural gum.
 If you look very closely you can see there is a slight difference but you would need to be pretty close and extremely observant to notice!

Below is the final split photograph of my old crown and new one.
 Sorry about the colour difference but you can clearly see a massive improvement.

Below is a close up of the crown showing the pink porcelain at the base.

 Hardly noticeable and the actual crown colour is exact to my natural teeth.

I am over the moon with my new tooth and no longer have to think about how I stand when having my photo taken to ensure my teeth looks ridiculous!

If you are contemplating work on your teeth I urge you not to be afraid and make an appointment for a consultation. I'm not sure about other dentists but Smilepod offer a price plan so you can pay in instalments so it's not too hard on the pocket.
 You can view Smilepod treatments on their website along with a guidance of prices.
 Check them out here‎

Sam has also been to Smilepod for Invisalign treatment which you can view here

If you have any questions or experiences we would love to hear from you.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Blotting Sheets

If you have oily skin you will know how annoying a shiny face is or how your makeup has slipped off by lunchtime.

Powder is the usual product we reach for to combat the shine and this works but after a few hours of touching up with powder skin can sometimes look a little caked. When skin is over powdered it also looks flat, dull and pores and fine lines are magnified.

Blot sheets are a nice alternative to powder or a nice addition to be used with powder.
If you haven't used these before they are basically thin tracing paper style sheets, which are usually coated with an oil absorbing powder.

By gently placing the sheets on the oily areas the oil transfers onto the sheet and leaves your skin with a matter finish whilst makeup underneath is mostly left un disturbed.

I sometimes use these sheets before I powder my skin. I feel it feels nicer to blot off the oil and then dust the powder onto the oil free skin. If you like to do this then go for one of the cheaper brands as you will get through a pack of sheets pretty quick!
 If you need to use a sheet once or twice a day then treat yourself to a more luxury brand.

Here's a run down of our favourites..

Shiseido £18 for a pack of 100 sheets
These are the king of blotting sheets. Yes they are very expensive for 100 pieces of paper however if you have a very oily skin that you struggle to control then these are great. The sheets are also a lot larger that others we have tried and 100 sheets is a lot compared to other brands.
 The sheets come in a cute plastic pouch as well.
 Slightly fragranced with a floral scent these blue sheets are coated with Kaolin which absorbs the oil.
Sheets instantly capture the oil with little pressure needed. Makeup underneath is only slightly transferred depending on the type of base you have on.

MAC Blot Sheets £11.00 for a pack of 30 sheets
 Smaller rectangular sheets. As you pull one out the next sheet sticks to the lid of the packet to make it easier to pull out.
These sheets absorb oil easily although they do become quickly saturated with the oil and as they are smaller you don't get as much  usage.
 Makeup is not transferred at all with these sheets and skin is left matte.

NYX Blotting sheets £4.59 for a pack of 100 sheets
 NYX blotting sheets come in a variety of style sheets including
  • Green Tea- Protect and rejuvinate
  • Tea Tree- Controls T- Zone whilst being anti bacterial
  • Fresh Faced-Infused with salicylic acid to help target blemishes
  • Matte Face-General blotting sheets
 I have only tried the matte face sheets which absorbed well but similar to the MAC ones the sheets became saturated and more than one sheet was needed for one blotting session!
The sheets are more of a tracing paper texture rather than a soft silky sheet like the others.

Bobbi Brown Blotting Paper £8.50 for a pack of 100 sheets

 These sheets are great value and have great absorption. Easily to pull out and if you are feeling flush you can even purchase a special case to put them in.

 The case is a black faux leather, mirrored refillable pouch that comes with one set of tissues inside. You can then refill it once you have finished. Priced at £17.00 if you want the case as well.

Which ones have you tried?


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Smile Pod Dental Experience Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 then here is the link
So the time came for my current implant crown to be removed so that Veronica could take a look at the abutment that was underneath.
 An abutment is the connecting piece that sits between the crown and dental implant fixture.
 She wanted to change the abutment from a metal one to a ceramic covered one so that the greyness of the original metal abutment wouldn't show through the gum.
 Different styles of abutments require different tools to remove them so Veronica needed to locate the specific tool she needed to fit my abutment.

So the removal of my 13 year old implant crown began. I wasn't sure exactly how it would be removed but it was basically cut away at the top of the tooth. I chose not to see what was going on but it sounded like a high pitch drill but as the crown is not a real tooth there was no pain at all.

Once off Veronica could then see what style of abutment I had in prep for my new crown.
 We then took impressions of the top and bottom teeth so that my new crown could be made.

Once all the impressions were taken I was made a temporary tooth so that I wasn't left toothless!
The temporary crown actually already looked better than my old crown. We wanted it to align with the rest of my teeth but because the gum line is higher here it meant the temporary tooth would look a little longer.

Below is a pic of how the temporary tooth looks. Remember this is only a stand in until my real crown is made so this tooth although nicer in colour than my old crown, it won't look too different to my old crown.

The next picture is a split pic of my original crown and the new temporary one.

Top Original, Bottom Temporary Crown

Once my new temp crown was in place I had to head over to a colour technician called Richard O'Brien at his studio called RichArt Dental Studio Ltd.
 Here Richard looked at my teeth thoroughly investigating the colour, texture and shape of my teeth so that he would be able to make me a tooth that would sit naturally along side my real teeth.

Teeth shade guide and fragments of porcelain gum to colour match

 Because a small area at the top of my crown would be pink porcelain he also matched my gum colour so that the pink would blend in to my natural gum.
 Richard was a real professional and was so thorough that I knew I would a have a perfect colour match. Richard works from his studio at Bow Lane Dental group and his website is

Richard will need around 2 weeks to make my new crown so part 3 will follow with my new implant crown in place.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Chanel Collection Superstition

Ok so don’t shout at me but it’s time to start writing about autumn collections. I know here in the UK summer has only just begun but in the world of all thing beauty time moves pretty quick.
But our first autumn collection post is about a very beautiful one so I hope you will forgive us!

Chanel Collection Superstition

I read the inspiration behind this collection and it seems Gabrielle Chanel was quite the superstitious type.
Filling her Paris home with lucky talisman and good luck charms.
 I’m not sure what colour superstition would be but at least the imagery for this collection represents the idea.

For this collection the eye shadow colours are quite dark and sultry and all have a soft metallic finish to subtly catch the light.
 The classic Chanel quad called Mystere is a mix of block colours of khaki and gold to highlight and contour the eye. 
Probably more of an evening look can be created with these colours and it would compliment all eye colours. This is one of the nicest eye quads I have seen for Chanel in a while. I love that it's not black but a more sludgy grey/green and the colour in the top left of the palette has a fine gold sparkle which looks stunning.

You can see Sam using this palette in one of her recent tutorials below.

Single eye shadows are also available and are more silvery taupe colours with the same soft metallic finish.

There is also a limited edition Khaki/Bronze Mascara in this collection. The brush is a plastic comb style and great for separating the lashes.

 This collection seems to center around the creme blush. In a collection that seems to be dark and mysterious it's nice to see a contrasting colour pop of blush on the cheeks.
 Colours are still reminiscent of summer in pinks, corals and soft brown and although they are cream they dry to a matte finish and don't feel tacky at all. Good colour pigment to them so use sparingly and pat onto the apples of the cheeks for a natural flush.

Image of Presage (L) Affinite (R)

Cream Blush

 Lips match the cheeks for this collection and are mix of textures of Rouge Coco and Rouge Coco Shine. The latter is the sheerer more shiney option. 

A Chanel collection wouldn't be complete without complimenting nails. There are two khaki colours in Alchimie and Mysterious.
 Mysterious is a deep black/green with a natural shine and Alchimie is a lighter moss green with a gold metallic finish.

To match the pink of the cheeks there is also a rose pink called Elixir although I didn't have one of this shade to sample.

Mysterious (L) Alchimie (R)

 Typical glamourous, chic collection that gives a depth of colour that offers an alternative to the smokey eye with a grey/green undertone with colours that would suit in any season.

Prices are as follows:
Cream Blush-£27.00
Eyeshadow Quad in Mystere-£38.00
Single Eyeshadows-£23.00
Rouge Coco Shine-£24.00
Rouge Coco-£24.00
Nail Colour-£18.00

This collection is available from August 2013


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jessica Nails Limited Edition Colours

I remember the first time I had a Jessica manicure. I was 19 and working as a beauty therapist and was being trained how to use the products.
 I remember thinking there are so many steps I will never remember them all and surely not all of that is required just for a manicure...I was wrong!
 Each step is a necessity to an amazing manicure where my nails looked fabulous, healthy and the colour remained for days and days.
Ever since then I have been a fan and loved their colour range and the finish of the nail varnish.

As with most brands Jessica launches new shades to keep up with the trends and their new launch is these neon beauties.

These new shades are available from 15th July 2013 whilst stocks last.
These are great shades in the summer or if you live in a hot country as they don't fade so your nails will be left shiny and bright in the sun.
 Make sure you use the Jessica base coat and top coat to ensure maximum lasting potential and to protect the nail underneath from discolouring.

I can't decide which colour I like the best, what do you think?

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Yellow Lightening – Sunglow yellow
Radioactive – Refreshing lime
Pink Shockwaves – Hot pink
Atomic Red – Sizzling red

Each colour is £9.75 and available from


Pixiwoo summer stye for

You may not realise but we have recently been filming some videos for fashion brand
Take a look at some of our recent videos for this where we take a look at current fashion trends combined with some quick makeup tips.

You can keep up to date with all of Very's tutorials over at


Monday, 15 July 2013

Mandara Spa Island Paradise Foot Butter

I would like to be sitting on the island that inspired this product (the Maldives) but unfortunately i'm not!
 On the plus side I am rubbing this luxurious cream into my feet breathing in the divine scent.
This foot butter is part of a larger range of products that takes its name from the Spa Chain, Mandara Spa.
I have never had the luxury of visiting any of the global spas but the word "amazeballs" definitely sums them up.

Anyway enough dreaming. I love my feet to be massaged and although it's not quite the same rubbing it in yourself this is a really nice treat for my tired toes.
Scented with grapefruit and lemon this zesty cream makes a nice change from the usual peppermint foot creams I normally smell.
 Shea Butter based this cream softens and nourishes the hard skin whilst leaving your feet smelling gorgeous.
It's nice to smother over your feet before popping them into some cotton socks overnight to soak in (glamorous!)
 A 100ml tube will cost you £4.00 which I think is very reasonable and if nothing else it looks very posh sitting on your bathroom shelf.

Get hold of this and others from the range at

Friday, 12 July 2013


  In our busy lives I think it's really important to take time out for the simple pleasures. When we are busy working, looking after children, studying and travelling away from home it is generally always the things we take for granted such as a long bath or sitting with a good old cup of tea that we crave after a long day. Rituals believe you should make the most of these simple events by treating them like the luxury they are and use their products for a relaxing sensory experience.
 We were really lucky to be sent a few bits from Rituals to try. To be honest I had never really used any products from their range, which is crazy because I love amazing smelling products to treat myself with.

When I opened our parcel it was an immediate sensory overload of amazing smells that instantly puts you in a relaxed state of mind and we were like a group of squabbling girls fighting over what we wanted to open and test.

Here are some of my faves...

Hammam Hot Scrub-Warming Ginger and Fresh Eucalyptus

It's no secret I love a body scrub. I have posted many times about various scrubs that I love and this is one I have definitely added to the list.
Beautiful duck egg and chocolate coloured packaging already had me interested but once I peeled back the foil inside the scent from this was out of this world.
 I have worked and visited health spas and this scrub reminded me of how a health spa smells.
 Eucalyptus clears out the sinuses but the ginger undertones give it subtle warmth.
  Made of sea salt suspended in a lime Green Glycerine based liquid the salt is very abrasive so may be a little too rough for a sensitive skin. Make sure you use on damp skin so it doesn't feel too scratchy.
 For those of you, who love a really gritty scrub to get rid of dry skin, increase circulation whilst clearing out the sinus then you may also love this.
 I also thought £14.00 for a huge 250g pot was a really reasonable price.

Yogi Flow Indian Rose and sweet Almond Oil Shower Gel

Pressurised 200ml can containing a foaming gel that only requires two pumps to cover the whole body. On application is instantly foams up and expands so don't use loads.
It doesn't smell particularly rosy but more like a musky bubble gum!
 Again my bathroom is filled with this scent and throughout the day I can still smell it on my skin.
 At £7.00 a bottle its not one you will want to leave in the shower for the kids to foam up everywhere so pop it in the bathroom cabinet at the back so no one steals it!

Rose Wisdom Ginger and Rose Tea

 I mentioned that cup of tea that which some of us like at the end of the day well here it is!
 First and foremost being a girly girl, I love the tin! Big, chunky metal tin covered in fuchsia and red roses. To be honest I am not a huge fan of herbal tea but it is very good for you and the mixture of ginger and rose and the fact that this contains no caffeine will help you unwind at the end of the day.
 Even the tea bags are lovely to look at in their silky gold bags containing the leaves and tiny pink pieces of rose.

 It will take me years to get through that tea but when I do I will definitely be putting my normal tea bags in this posh tin.
Normally £13.00 for 50 bags but at the moment it's in the sale for £7.80 on the Rituals website.

You can get Rituals products from


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners

  You know you are onto a luxury product when a product is sold within Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Libertys and prestigious spas.
 Aromatherapy Associates have a large range of skincare, bath and body, men’s products and gifts for the home so something for everyone.

I sampled the Perfect Partners, which is a duo set of bath, and shower oils both in a 7.5ml glass bottle.
Revive Morning and Relax Deep.

Revive Morning is a lemon yellow coloured liquid, which, as you may expect has a citrus zing to it. The Smell reminds me of Lemon flavoured Lockets which are menthol sweets we have in the UK to help clear your blocked nose when you have cold.  Not unpleasant and certainly would wake you up and clear out the sinus.
 Key ingredients are Coconut, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Eucalyptus and Pine oil.
 I would probably still manage to fall asleep in the bath if I used this in the morning so best used in a morning shower I think!

Relax Deep I love. This amber coloured liquid is very musky, relaxing but not too overpowering and not an ounce of Lavender in sight (or sniff), which makes a change.
Coconut, vetivert, patchouli, sandalwood and chamomile make up the relaxing scents.
Shower or bath you choose but it was heaven laying in this oil until my fingers pruned up.

Tip two cap fulls into running water for the bath or massage onto skin before showering.

This is £17.00 for the pair and would make a lovely gift or a little piece of luxury for yourself.
Get this and other products from Aromatherapy Associates at

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

July Glossy Box

Ooh I do love a patterned Glossy Box, maybe I am just easily pleased!
 July's glossy box is particularly fab in it's turquoise and coral print. I like to re use them and keep my nail polish in them.

Anyway it's what’s inside that counts so here is July's line up.
 This month in true summer holiday style there are a bunch of products to set you up for a summer trip away.

 Alterna Hair care Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist

Phew that's a mouthful. Alterna Hair care is co-owned by Katie Holmes who I must say is looking pretty fab at the moment. 
This 25ml size (Full size would be 125ml for £23) is a spritz to spray onto dry or wet hair to give a beachy texture.
 The main ingredient is Blue Yucca Root, which is high in starch. This starch is what gives hair the texture.
 Spritz over hair and then shape around your fingers whilst drying to give a tousled look.
I like that this is mini anyway because it fits into my travel bag better!

Nip and Fab Spot Fix or Shine Fix

Spot Fix is a clear gel containing Salicylic Acid to exfoliate pores and Tea Tree to calm down an angry spot.
This wasn't in my box to test so not sure of the results but maybe you could let me know what you thought of this after using.

Shine Fix is a lightweight gel to apply to the T-Zone to keep it shine free.
 Apply this after your moisturiser but before your base makeup. This felt quite fluid to start with so give it a minute or two to absorb in. Gave a natural matte finish with no chalky finish.
 I thought this worked well on my combination skin although I did need to still touch up with my powder in the late afternoon.
 This contains micro sponges to absorb oil an ingredient called Sebo Clear to purify and deep cleanse and Nettle extract to tone and balance.
You receive the full size 15ml in your box, which would normally be £9.95

Coola Organic Sun care Collection Rose Essence Tint

This is a tinted SPF 20 moisturiser. Provides sun protection 30 minutes after application and should last you 2 hours providing you haven't been in the water for a dip.
 I hate wearing foundation when the sun is out so this doubles up as sun protection whilst evening out your skin tone also. Because this is organic it is paraben free and packed with anti aging acai oil and Evening Primrose oil. It also contains Titanium Dioxide instead of Zinc for those who are sensitive to Zinc. It is slightly scented with Rose but to be honest I couldn't really smell it.which is not a bad thing!
The color I had can be shown below and as far as I am aware this only comes in the one colour, which would blend with a light to medium skin colour only.
The size in the box is a tiny 7ml and would give you probably two applications. The full size of 50ml is £29.99.

Anatomicals Spray Mist Spray Misty For Me

Play Misty for me is one of my all time favourite films so the name of this made me smile.
A refreshing mist that you spritz over your skin to cool, calm and rehydrate.
I may be bonkers but I feel like when I use these types of mist it makes my skin feel dryer afterwards. I feel like as it dries it draws any moisture I had away. I the spray more to compensate. That may just be me though!
 Now the scent I do actually like but it does remind me of my nan's clean laundry. A nice, clean comforting scent but I'm not sure I want it spritzed over my face. I guess that would be the Rose and Lavender.
You receive the full 100ml size in your box, which would normally be priced at £6.00.

Ciate Paint Pots

I can't get enough of painting my nails and my most favourite times to do this is when I am sitting in the garden in the sun. 
 The full size 13.5ml you receive in your box would normally be £9.00. The colour is called Mistress and is a bright cherry red with a natural shine.
 Apply two coats to get the full colour impact and pop on a topcoat to ensure it stays on for the duration of your holiday.

Nice Glossy Box this month and all of it I will be placing in my travel wash bag ready for the beach.
Happy Holidays.X

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser

Since we were lucky enough to interview Caroline Hirons for Daily Mix
we have all been obsessed with Balm Cleansers.
 They had always seemed like a luxury cleanser that seemed lovely but a bit of a faff! Usually in massive chunky pots and requiring a special cloth to remove we had usually stuck with our wash off cleansers for ease.
 I have been trying a few different balm cleansers recently and have actually liked all of them.
 For the last month I have been using the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy.

The Organic Pharmacy was started by a pharmacist specialising in homeopathic pharmacy. Through the study of homeopathic remedies Margo Marrone became aware of the lack of natural ingredients there were in various products. This was where the idea for organic ingredients to be used in skincare products was born.

So my Carrot Butter challenge began....

The cleanser comes in a slim line pot holding 75ml of the balm cleanser. I like this size as it fits into my wash bag.
 The pale yellow cleanser is relatively hard to the touch unlike some of its oilier competitors. It comes with a small spatula which helps hygienically scrape a penny sized amount from the pot.
As the cleanser is slightly firmer its better to massage your fingers together just to soften the product.
 It massages in easily, lifts all makeup off and is gentle enough to run over eyelids to remove eye shadow. I even massage my lashes with it to remove my mascara but i'm not sure if this is advisable on sensitive eyes.

I loved to hold my cupped hands with the product inside over my nose and inhale because the ingredients smell so amazing and strangely calming (I guess that will be the Lavender).

The box lists everything that is inside. The key ingredients are Rosemary, Shea Butter, St Johns Wort, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba, Marigold and of course Carrot.
 What I loved when I read the ingredients is that I knew exactly what each ingredient was. No crazy sounding ingredients or preservatives. All natural and identifiable.

For removal you need a cloth or flannel as if you use just neat warm water it just leaves a greasy film on your face. This does actually come with a muslin cloth so dampen the cloth that comes with it or use a separate flannel and wipe over to remove.
 The muslin cloth that comes with it can be washed in the washing machine also.

The results...
 Makeup is removed quickly and no need to double cleanse.
My skin feels nourished and soft because of the Shea Butter and really clean. I find with balm cleansers you never really get that tingly fresh clean feeling but because of the massaging action skin feels plumped and softened.
 This is suitable for all skins even an oily skin and is especially great on a sensitive skin or for people who are conscious of the ingredients they use.

Quite pricey at £34.96 but after a month of using I have loads left..see below.

Get hold of this cleanser and much more organic products from


Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer Dupes

Dupe blogs always go down well with you guys and I also get very excited when I find something that is so similar to a more expensive brand.

Check our summer alternatives out....

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays V's Chanel Imitable Waterproof Mascara

Bourjois always bring out some fab products and their new mascara's in Electric Blue and Green Lagoon are amazing dupes for Chanel Summer collection mascaras in Blue note and Aqua Blue.
Chanel Mascara is £24.00 and Bourjois is £5.99.

Laura Mercier Eye Canvas V's Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte

Although Laura Mercier Eye Canvas is a fabulous product to keep your eyeshadow on all day however Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix is a fantastic dupe resulting in the same finish and longevity.
Laura Mercier is £22.50 and Zoeva Shadow fix is £4.99

Clinique Chubby Sticks V's Bourjois Colour Boost

Bourjois again showing us an alternative to our expensive faves with their Colour Boost Crayon. I think there a few brands that have now done these but these are a gorgeous product with the same glossy finish as the Clinique Chubby Sticks 
Clinique Chubby Stick is £17.00 and Bourjois Colour Boost is £7.99

Sleek Glo in Bronze Baby V's Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick

Sleek are always our go to brand here at Pixiwoo to keep up to date with the latest colour trends but at an affordable price. Sleek's Shimmer Brick has the same shimmer finish as the Bobbi Brown version and a really similar selection of colours.
Sleek is priced at £6.49 and Bobbi Brown is £32.00

Have you come across any good dupes recently?
We would love to hear from you.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Vita Liberata Tanning

To be honest I hadn't heard of Vita Liberata before and I like to think i'm a bit of a tanning pro so I am always keen to try out tanning products. this tan is also organic which I am really into at the moment.
 This tan has a huge celeb following and more recently the gorgeous Kelly Brook has become the face of the brand and has also launched a Brook Look Kit.
 Vita Liberata said they can't promise I will look like Kelly Brook after wearing it but at least i'll be one step closer!
I tried their moment by moment tinted self tan (£24.50). It's called this because it allows you to control the depth of the tan depending on how long you leave it on for.
It starts developing after 30 minutes and for a light, sun kissed natural tan wash off after an hour. For a slightly deeper golden tan wash off after 2 hours and for a much darker tan wash off after 3 hours.
 After 3 hours it has pretty much gone as dark as its going to go so you won't need to leave on overnight or all day like some other brands recommend.

The bottle is a 100ml pump action, mousse style and the mousse is tinted so you can see where you are applying it.
 Another plus is that even though it is pretty much odourless I quite like the scent of it, Hurrah!!
I think this mousse smells like cola bottle sweets that I used to eat as a child (and as an adult secretly).
The results....

My skin tans well anyway and have a slight base tan so I left this on for the full 3 hours. It washed off to leave a beautiful natural tan that wasn't orange and looked like I had been on holiday for a week somewhere glorious.
 My tips for application are use a mitt or wash hands immediately after. Apply in small circular movements and when applying over dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles mix with a little moisturiser to help blend it in a little easier.
 All in all a great tan that is versatile to work with your skin colour. If you are slightly scared of self tan this is a good one to start with as you have more control of the finished colour.

If tanning is not your thing or if you want to enhance your fair skin or already tanned skin then you might like to try Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish lotion.
They come in 5 different shades and are an illuminating cream that you can apply all over the body to give the skin a radiant shimmer.
 Depending on the shade you go for it will reflect light in that tone.
 The benefit of these lotions are that they smooth the natural skin colour of the body, slightly help to cover bruising, veins or pigmentation and they obviously give your skin a radiant glow.

Colours available are as follows..
Gold-A light gold highlight that may be too light for a dark skin unless you like a mega bright highlight. Would look beautiful on a fair to medium skin.

Latte Light-this would be great for medium skin tones and will tint the skin slightly to give a sunkissed finish. Has a warm beige undertone.

Latte- Darker again and better on a medium to dark skin tone and has the similar beige undertones as the Latte colour but slightly ore of a golden darker tint. Would look great on an already well tanned skin.

They also do two other shades in Rose and Buttermilk. I haven't tested these but I would say they would be great on a real porcelain skin tone looking at the shades I have seen online.

These are purely cosmetic skin highlighting creams and do not replace your SPF even though they do have SPF 25 in them. Feel free to slather on after applying your sun cream though so you can pretend your skin always looks this shiny on the beach!

I love to use these types of product on my legs and arms when bearing a bit more flesh in the summer or at a special occasion. As always with body makeup there may be some transfer onto clothes if you use on an area that is in contact with clothes or if you plan on hugging someone in a white suit (call the fashion police if someone is wearing a white suit).
A gorgeous product that is a wash bag must in case of impromptu nudity or when you need a little help to smooth the appearance of your skin.

These are each priced at £29.95 for a pump style 30ml bottle. Also beware that there is a recommended shelf life of 6 months for this products however I often use products like these after this time with no problems.

There is a huge range to be had from Vita Liberata so check their products out on

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