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The Best Blot Powder


Even though my skin is combination I still like it to look radiant and dewy rather than matte and flat. There is a fine line though between looking like a glowing goddess or a greasy monster and I’m often the latter!

What happens with oily skin is we apply powder throughout the day to keep it shine free. By 5pm we have a chalky, patchy build up of product that looks darker than the rest of the face.
 When picking foundation and powder shades for a combination or oily skin it’s better to opt for a slightly lighter shade rather than a darker shade as when the product mixes with the oil it will oxidise and darken.

Brands have also figured this problem out and have made us slicked skinned beauties lives a little easier by producing the fabulous blot powder.

What is a blot powder?
It is a colourless (or sometimes slightly tinted) powder in either pressed or loose form.
 It will matte your skin down without giving you coverage or colour therefore when it mixes with the oil in your skin it will not darken.
To be honest they are pretty much all similar. The differences are just the odd ingredient and the packaging.

I have researched a few and have found they almost all have these key ingredients….

Talc- Oil absorbing, acts as a filler to fill pores and give a smooth finish to skin.

Calcium Carbonate-Basically chalk and used as an absorbent.

Starch- Gives thickness and stability of product under various skin PH levels.

Zinc Stearate- Think of this as a fatty soap like substance. This repels liquids so in a powder would help block the oil.

Some powders are infused with botanical extracts to aid the slip and silkiness of the products
 Ingredients to be aware of are powders containing Mica or Titanium Dioxide as these can cause the powder to flash back under camera light and make the skin appear paler and chalky.
 Avoid blotting powders that contain this if you are looking for a powder for your wedding or when having your picture taken.

 Here are some I have been trying.......

Soap and Glory - One Heck of a Blot-£12.00 (9g)

Colourless but has a slight yellow undertone that makes it a bit warmer rather than a stark white.
Feels very silky and soft and has a soft focus, matte finish.
My skin's matte finish lasted really well with this powder and it didn't settle into my pores.
Found it gave a lovely smooth finish to my skin and photographed fine with no flash back.
 Nice large mirror in the lid also.

Urban Decay-De Slick Powder-£20.00(11g)

You get a little bit more product v's the Soap and Glory powder but it's also a bit more money and I actually didn't like it quite as much.
It took away the shine with ease but was more of a pure white powder.Because of the porcelain colour this would show up a little ashy on a medium to darker skin tone and after applying a few times I noticed it in the fine hairs on my face.
Would be perfect for a very fair skin tone.

MAC Prep and Prime Transparent finishing powder-£19.50(6.3g)

One of the more heavier blotting powders I have used so would be good for people who are very oily.
Pure white in colour and because this is slightly heavier you need to ensure you have blended it over the skin evenly as it can be left visible on the skin if you don't buff it in well.
 I could re use this lots throughout the day with no obvious build up.

Daniel Sandler Blotting powder-£19.50(10.5g)

Contains a good amount of product to last a  few months with regular use.
Powder is very finely ground to ensure it is extra fine and smooth.
Good oil absorbing powder that gave me an instant matte finish with only a small amount of product.
 A pure white powder but blended in well even after I had fake tan so adapts well to darker skin tones.

With all of these powders I would store your powder puff up the other way so the puff part that touches your skin is not sat on top of the powder. Over time the oil on the puff from your skin will transfer into the powder and cause it to develop a hard seal.
 If you find a seal has formed over your powder, you can actually scratch a layer off to reveal fresh powder. 
I would also replace your powder puff each month to eliminate the spread of bacteria.


  1. i love the soap and glory powder <3

  2. Great post! I'd love to try the Soap&Glory one, however I have never seen the brand in stores here. Hopefully I can find it in London! :)

  3. Need to try One Heck of a Blot like, right now!!! For that price, I mean come on. And in love with the packaging, as always.

  4. This is so helpful! I think I might give the soap and glory one a go next time I'm browsing in boots!

    Anya xx

  5. I use Rimmel Stay Matte which is such a cult product! I like the sound of the S&G powder though. Might have to pick that up!

    Emma | World of dilEMMA

  6. Great post! thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for the round up! I have SUPER oily skin and I hate having cakey looking skin! I don't know if we can get one heck of a blot in the US because the soap and glory product we get are limited but I will try to seek it out online!

  8. I love the Daniel Sandler Blot Powder its a total staple for me!

  9. Here is another great Translucent Powder by Mary Kay:

  10. I felt like someone finally understand me when you talked about the "chalky, patchy build up of products"

    Love your blog

  11. I like the Light Reflecting Setting Powder by Nars, either loose or pressed. They work wonders on my combination to oily skin and they never look cakey.


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