Friday, 7 June 2013

Suki Skincare

As someone with an oily skin I still have dehydrated skin and even though I wouldn’t want to wear oil during the day at night I like to apply an oil as I feel it goes deeper into the layers of the skin and leaves my skin feeling plumped.
For the last few weeks I have been applying Suki 15ml  pure facial, moisture-balancing oil.

 First impressions are that it smells amazing. The ingredients I can smell are the lavender and Jojoba.
This brand only uses the purest ingredients along with high potency botanical concentrates.

Massaging into the skin this feels lightweight and actually doesn’t feel too greasy. A slight film is left on the skin but as it’s just used for night time it doesn’t bother me.
This oil is especially formulated for those with oily, acne prone or sensitive skin.
 Its key ingredients include Lavender and chamomile, which soothes irritated skin. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and Vitamin E helps with the healing of skin.

In the morning the oil had sunk in and my skin feels soft and looks radiant and plumped.
 I do get occasional breakouts and I found where sometimes the skin around blemishes would become dry and flaky but after sleeping in the oil blemishes were smoother and less angry looking.
I really recommend this to people with combination/ oily or acne prone skin.
A 15ml bottle is £29.95

 Another product I loved from this range is the exfoliating foaming cleanser.
This is a cross between a cleanser and abrasive exfoliator.
Sugar based with lemongrass extract this feels like a slushy, sugary solution.
 When mixed with a little water this massages in and foams up whilst the sugar grit exfoliates the dead skin away.
Make sure you use plenty of water as it can feel quite harsh and drag the skin if you don’t.

 Great for people who love an extreme exfoliation. Feels quite scratchy on the skin and wouldn’t be good for anyone who has sensitive or broken skin.
I used after I had a cold when I had been blowing my nose and the lemon stung the sore skin so much but obviously it's not meant to be used on broken.

Great results afterwards though as my skin felt silky smooth and circulation was increased.
 Skin is very red afterwards so do this scrub before bedtime, wash off and then apply lots of your normal moisturiser.
This exfoliating cleanser is £29.75 
You can purchase these and more from the range from



  1. Love, love, love Suki! Their products indeed smell ah-mazing. x

  2. Fantastic. I needed this review..

  3. The Suki line is so clean and chemical free that you could eat it (not sure if you'd want to). The whole line is really great.

  4. You should try Clarisonic. I have an oily skin too and the Clarisonic made my skin less oily but still healthy and on top of that. The Clarisonic will make whatever skin care product you use much more effective. It worked to my skin which I thought has no more hope.

  5. I was very happy that I found this website. I want to to thank you for this excellent information!! looks like a pretty good product skin care . thanks for the giveaway and review! :)


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