Monday, 24 June 2013

Body Scrubs

It's very British of me to bang on about the weather and if you are in the UK you will know it's not been great but generally we still have a little more flesh on show during these months so we need to get prepping.
 First things first we all know we need to scrub off the dead skin to give us a fresh canvas ready for when we are in the sun or applying fake tan.

So why exfoliate your body?
  • Removes dead skin cells giving a more renewed appearance to the skin
  • Removing dead skin cells will help eliminate the pores becoming blocked with dead skin helping to prevent breakouts on the chest and back.
  • Helps to prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • Increases circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the surface.
  • Skin feels softened
  • It feels really good!
 When not to use a bodyscrub
  • Not to be used more than 3 times a week otherwise your skin may become sore
  • If you have sensitive skin
  • On sunburnt skin
  • On broken skin
 Check out the following and see which one is right for you.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream-250ml-£20.00

 A very gentle but effective scrub. The exfoliating particles feel quite fine but still gritty. The exfoliating particles are suspended in a mousse/cream style product. The product is not overly creamy and is oil free so although there is enough play time to massage in it doesn't allow you enough slip to massage for long. Not sure if it's right or wrong but I like to massage in body scrubs on dry skin however this cream is not moisturising enough to do this with and Clinique do actually recommend you use this on wet skin so I guess that's why
 The scent is a fresh menthol and I can still smell the scent on my skin long after use. The menthol scent makes this a good unisex product.
Skin is very soft after use and is left with a radiant glow.
I really like that this scrub doesn't drop down in clumps on the floor as you massage in.
This pot style is not very travel friendly however Clinique also do this product in a 200ml squeezy tube for £17.00 if you prefer.

Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow-480g-£36.50

 More of a slushy textured scrub in a very posy looking metal latch lid pot. I like this style pot as it's easy to open with wet hands rather than twisting at a slippery lid.
This feels more abrasive than the Clinique scrub but also feels more oily. The oil helps tone down the scratchy feeling from this scrub.
This scrub would be good on a dry, flaky skin that can deal with a bit more of a vigorous dead skin removal.
 The scent is Tahitian Monoi oil and Frangipani and smells strongly floral (obviously).
I like the smell but it may be too strong for some people and definitely not one for men.
I also like the tiny flower extracts that are present in the tub.
Same super soft finish that most scrubs give and again a beautiful glow although my skin felt like it needed a lot of moisturiser afterwards. The scent lingers on the skin all day so be sure you like the smell before you slap it all over!

Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub-283g-$46.00 (around £30.00)

Weighty pot style scrub that comes in a beautiful bow wrapped box. Looks lovely on my bathroom shelf.
Crystal textured scrub that feels more liquid than oily.
Massages in easily and provides enough slip to massage all over without the use of water and doesn't feel greasy on the skin.
 Quite a messy scrub as it drops whilst you massage in so do this in the shower.
 Sara Happ say use this on wet skin but I use this on wet skin so it doesn't feel so abrasive.
 I love the soft vanilla scent and the texture.
 Contains lots of nut extracts includes Kukui nut, Macadamia and Sweet Almond oil so avoid if you have a nut allergy.
More abrasive than the Clinique scrub but less than the Elemis I would say.



  1. Great selection of scrubs. I think I'm going to check out the one from Clinique. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Never heard of any of these, so thank you! The Clinique one sounds like it would be my favourite - want to go check that out now! Thank you:)
    Saskia x
    Sassy's Space Blog

  3. I just posted about the Clinique Sparkle Skin this week - I am LOVING it. Especially on the Keritosis Pilaris on the backs of my arms, which I have struggled with all my life. Something to note though, the version of this that comes in the squeeze tube isn't the same, it is a gel based formula, not a cream, so it may not stick as well to the skin.

  4. These all sound amazing! I lovee exfoliating!

  5. Nice post .... I love trying different scrubs/ polishes

  6. I'm currently obsessed with Clinique. I often overlook this brand but I'm tempted to try this scrub!
    Thanks for this awesome post! X

  7. I'm all about scrubbing - if you ever travel to the US which I'm sure you do get your hands on Tree Hut body scrubs! They take everything off and then some :D

  8. I'm all about scrubbing - if you ever travel to the US which I'm sure you do get your hands on Tree Hut body scrubs! They take everything off and then some :D

  9. I love the Sparkle Scrub. I have been using it since I was in high school! Won't give it up!


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