Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Estee Luder Pure Colour Cheek Rush

Blusher is my desert island must have and for the summer creams are my favourite but Estee Lauder have just launched Cheek Rush.
 This blush is a gel-based formula that although the colour looks vibrant on initial application it blends down to a transparent tint.
From Left X-Pose Rose, Pink Patent, Hot fuse, Techno Jam
The packaging is an 8g plastic pump style tube. The colour of the outer packaging reflects the colour inside and unless you read the fine print on the gold lid you wouldn't really know it was Estee Lauder.
 The pump does dispense a nice amount of product with half a pump but I worry you would never know when you are about to run out until it stops pumping.
 It's hard to tell if there is a false bottom or if the product fills the tube but either way only a tiny amount of product is needed so you would get a lot of use out of this.

The gel inside is a smooth gel that is best applied with your fingertips.
Top Hot Fuse, Bottom X-Pose Rose
 It blends in easily with no tacky feeling and dries instantly. The colour dries matte and gives a stain like finish.You need to work quite quickly and blend the edges well to make sure you don't get a line.
This picture shows how quickly the colour stains so work fast with your blending!
 Colour goes on with a translucent tint and is buildable however you will never be able to achieve a vibrant colour payoff with these, just a tint. The finish on the skin resembles a natural skin flush.
If you wear a lot of powder I would apply this under it as I found when used over powder it didn't seem to melt into the skin as easily.

This water like gel would work well under heat so would be a good choice to wear in hot climates, when on holiday or getting married in the sun.
 This would be fine on all skin types.

Comes in 4 shades and we had a play with X-Pose Rose and Hot Fuse.
Hot Fuse 
 I appplied Hot Fuse more to the apples of my cheeks to give a flushed tint. Colour is not as red as it looks in the tube and there is the most finest of a gold fleck which gives off a more radiant finish although as you can see it's pretty much invisible and does not look shimmery.

X-Pose Rose
Colours are quite similar once blended in but this has a slightly more vibrant rose tint. The gold fleck I noticed in Hot Fuse doesn't seem to be present in this colour.

Each colour is £24 each and available now from http://www.esteelauder.co.uk


Monday, 24 June 2013

Body Scrubs

It's very British of me to bang on about the weather and if you are in the UK you will know it's not been great but generally we still have a little more flesh on show during these months so we need to get prepping.
 First things first we all know we need to scrub off the dead skin to give us a fresh canvas ready for when we are in the sun or applying fake tan.

So why exfoliate your body?
  • Removes dead skin cells giving a more renewed appearance to the skin
  • Removing dead skin cells will help eliminate the pores becoming blocked with dead skin helping to prevent breakouts on the chest and back.
  • Helps to prevent ingrowing hairs.
  • Increases circulation bringing fresh nutrients to the surface.
  • Skin feels softened
  • It feels really good!
 When not to use a bodyscrub
  • Not to be used more than 3 times a week otherwise your skin may become sore
  • If you have sensitive skin
  • On sunburnt skin
  • On broken skin
 Check out the following and see which one is right for you.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream-250ml-£20.00

 A very gentle but effective scrub. The exfoliating particles feel quite fine but still gritty. The exfoliating particles are suspended in a mousse/cream style product. The product is not overly creamy and is oil free so although there is enough play time to massage in it doesn't allow you enough slip to massage for long. Not sure if it's right or wrong but I like to massage in body scrubs on dry skin however this cream is not moisturising enough to do this with and Clinique do actually recommend you use this on wet skin so I guess that's why
 The scent is a fresh menthol and I can still smell the scent on my skin long after use. The menthol scent makes this a good unisex product.
Skin is very soft after use and is left with a radiant glow.
I really like that this scrub doesn't drop down in clumps on the floor as you massage in.
This pot style is not very travel friendly however Clinique also do this product in a 200ml squeezy tube for £17.00 if you prefer.

Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow-480g-£36.50

 More of a slushy textured scrub in a very posy looking metal latch lid pot. I like this style pot as it's easy to open with wet hands rather than twisting at a slippery lid.
This feels more abrasive than the Clinique scrub but also feels more oily. The oil helps tone down the scratchy feeling from this scrub.
This scrub would be good on a dry, flaky skin that can deal with a bit more of a vigorous dead skin removal.
 The scent is Tahitian Monoi oil and Frangipani and smells strongly floral (obviously).
I like the smell but it may be too strong for some people and definitely not one for men.
I also like the tiny flower extracts that are present in the tub.
Same super soft finish that most scrubs give and again a beautiful glow although my skin felt like it needed a lot of moisturiser afterwards. The scent lingers on the skin all day so be sure you like the smell before you slap it all over!

Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub-283g-$46.00 (around £30.00)

Weighty pot style scrub that comes in a beautiful bow wrapped box. Looks lovely on my bathroom shelf.
Crystal textured scrub that feels more liquid than oily.
Massages in easily and provides enough slip to massage all over without the use of water and doesn't feel greasy on the skin.
 Quite a messy scrub as it drops whilst you massage in so do this in the shower.
 Sara Happ say use this on wet skin but I use this on wet skin so it doesn't feel so abrasive.
 I love the soft vanilla scent and the texture.
 Contains lots of nut extracts includes Kukui nut, Macadamia and Sweet Almond oil so avoid if you have a nut allergy.
More abrasive than the Clinique scrub but less than the Elemis I would say.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

No Inhibition 12 Wonders Leave in hair product

No Inhibition is an Italian brand that has created a leave in product for the hair.
 The name 12 wonders stems from the idea that it combines 12 hair products in one. I don’t know many people that would use or have time for 12 products however if you’re tired of using multiple products then this may be a good solution.

The 12 benefits are
·      Repairing
·      Frizz control
·      Heat protection
·      Cuticle smoothing
·      Allows heated irons to glide over hair
·      Colour protection
·      Detangler
·      Split end mender
·      Shine
·      Volume enhancer
·      UV Protection
·      Gives better grip for heated tools

 Comes in a spray style bottle of 140ml and liquid inside is a white milky substance.
 Downside of the spray nozzle is that it squirts the product out rather than a spritzing mist that I would prefer.
 To combat this make sure you hold well back from the hair to avoid squirting too much product in one small area.

All in all a good product that does exactly what it claims to.
 I applied on towel dry hair all over and the used a hairdryer to dry and a curling brush to style.
 Didn’t weigh my hair down or leave it crispy and once dried gave a nice shine.
 As with most styling lotions has quite a strong perfumed scent but it’s not un pleasant.

This is really a product that works best when using heat styling as if sprayed on hair that is left to dry naturally then a slight crisping occurs.

Great for heated appliance users and multi product users who want to down size the amount of bottles on their bathroom windowsill or for people who like to travel light.

£11.99 and available from www.z-oneconcept.com

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wedding Makeup Tips

In the UK May through to September is usually the busiest time for weddings as this is when the weather is usually at it's best. You lucky people that are from an already hot country or who are getting married abroad can also take note of our summer wedding tips.
 The biggest problem with makeup in the heat/ humidity is making it stay put. Even on a dry skin products can slide or give a curdled appearance....lovely!

This is a key product to make your foundation stay put. You may feel that you don't want loads of layers on your skin but by layering small amounts of different products you will sandwich in products and help them to sit longer on the skin.
Pop on your normal moisturiser and then buff over a thin layer of primer.

 Face Primer

Diego Dalla Palma Universal Makeup Base -Great on a dry, dehydrated skin. Also brightens a dull, ashy complexion.

M.A.C Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Primer- Different to their normal prep and prime, this primer is good for a normal skin type and great for people who have a darker skin tone due to it's warm golden tint.

 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- Photographs nicely and being oil free this is good for a normal combination skin or someone who just gets T-Zone shine.

 Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer- This primer is perfect for an oily skin. Easily absorbed and feels super matte on the skin.

Laura Mercier Primer- comes in different versions depending on your skin type but the basic primer is great for all skin types and because it has cooling ingredients it is also good for a sensitive, puffy skin.

Eye Primer
There are specific eye primers but we generally find a good quality cream eye shadow will work just as well. Some primers will make the eye shadow you put on top hard to blend. Sometimes you need a base product with a bit of slip so that you can still blend on top.
Here's some faves...

MAC Paint Pots- Cream eye shadows but they are creamy enough to blend over and act as a base to eyeshadow built up on top as well as enhancing the colour of the eye shadow.
 These come in a variety of colours depending on your needs but I would opt for a matte colour rather than a pearl finish. Shades in Painterly and Quite Natural are our faves.

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion- Only a small amount is needed for a crease proof eye shadow. Also enhances the colour of your eye shadows.

Lip Primer
There are specific lip primers but we have found the best product to use is to base your whole lip with a lip liner and then cover with a lipstick or gloss.
 At least when the lipstick/gloss has rubbed off you will still be left with a tint to the lips form the liner.

These are some alternative options for weddings in the heat.
Lots of you have posted on Nic's video asking on the best foundations for a very pale skin tone.
 I would say check out Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in 01 or MAC Face and Body in White.
 Both can be mixed in with your current foundation to lighten it up.

MAC Face and Body Foundation- Water based, foundation that is natural but buildable. Although this gives a radiant, dewy finish it does'nt feel greasy on the skin and it also photographs really well. It is the staple foundation for a lot of makeup artists and is a regular on photo shoots and backstage.
 Also doubles for the body (obviously) so great for any unexpected leg bruises that might pop up on your big day.

Makeup Forever Face and Body Liquid Makeup- Waterproof, lightweight foundation that is quick drying and provides a light to medium coverage.
 Being water based this foundation lasts well under extremes of heat.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light-This is a lightweight version of the cult foundation Double Wear. Now I find the original double wear flashes back and to be honest I haven't tried this foundation myself but I have spoken with ladies from hot countries via twitter and they swear by this foundation for longevity whilst still remaining shine free.
 It contains SPF 10 which concerns me with regards to flash back but I think it is worth getting a sample of to test prior to your big day.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua- This relates back to our water based foundations are best in heat theory!
 This is a lightweight foundation that will provide a light to medium coverage. Gives a natural radiance to the skin and blends in with ease.
 Don't forget to give it a big shake before use.

Armani Maestro Foundation- Super lightweight foundation that is perfect for people who want a sheer matte finish. Glides over the skin and dries instantly. Finish is a natural matte almost powdered finish. i found this did settle into my pores slightly so use a primer underneath. This is best on a flawless skin.

The colours you choose are dependant on your colour scheme however there are some fabulous eye shadow palettes available that hold a vast array of shades to compliment your wedding style.
 In the sunshine anything with too much of a shimmer will flash back and may look too frosty so it is really important to trial colours and take a photograph so you can test the finish on camera

Zoeva Nude Palette - 28 shades with a mixture of matte and pearl finish. Colours include a range of cool and warm tone browns, lilac, plums, greys and some natural beige tones.
 Colour pay off is good and these last well on the skin.
 If you plan on having more vibrant colours on your eyes this will not be the palette for you but a great one for natural brides.

MAC- You can build your own eyeshadow palettes from MAC in a quad of palette of 15. Works out a little cheaper than buying individually and you can pick your own colours. MAC are probably the best for colour intensity, staying power and colour choice.


Lips are the area that will need to be touched up throughout the day. If you're someone who can't be bothered to worry about your lipstick then keep it fairly nude and natural.
 You will need some colour on the lips to avoid looking washed out however there are tons of lipsticks out there to give you a wash of colour.
 You will need to try them on before you buy to ensure they colour suits and doesn't change once on the lips.
 To help keep the colour on you can base the lips with a lip pencil all over the lips so that when the lipstick wears off you will be left with a soft colour still on the lips.
 Likewise when wearing a strong colour I would still recommend filling in the lips with a pencil rather than just lining the edge. That way you won't be left looking like a clown with a lined edge and no colour in the center.
Matte colours will last longer than glossy, moisturising shades.

 Gloss is best avoided as your hair will get stuck in it and also it will transfer onto everyone you kiss.
 If you do go for gloss the MAC Plushglass is a good one to go for as it wears well rather than leaving a white mark around the corners of your mouth.

Watch Nic's tutorial's here to get some ideas on other products more specific to your needs.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Becca Bronze Skin Perfector

Summers round the bend (hopefully) so we turn our attention to key products for this season.
 Being an Australian brand Becca always seems to have great products to flatter skin in the sun.
 Becca Bronzing Perfector was a product that I initially was a little confused about. What exactly was it, where did it go, where does it fit into the layers of other products I apply each day!
After playing around and wearing this product all became clear.
 This 40ml tube contains a crème bronzing lotion that has multiple uses.
 Texture is a lightweight mousse like texture that has a matte feel once blended.

 The colour is a warm toned soft beige with a subtle peachy glow. Not glittery but really fine light reflecting particles.
 The idea is that this crème will give your skin a natural sun-kissed glow whilst helping to smooth out un even skin tone and minimize pores and enriching your skin with vitamin E.
 The light reflecting pigments help to give the skin a warm radiance. Imagine how your regular bronzer warms up the skin giving you a slight colour, well this does that but with the benefit of it being a cream and sinking in to resemble a second skin.

 How to use....
  • You can mix a small amount with your daily moisturiser to give you an all over subtle bronze radiance and then apply foundation on top.

  • Use a small amount onto a buffing brush and blend on top of your foundation on the high plains of the face where the sun would naturally catch.
  • Wear alone all over the face on top off your moisturiser for days when you don't want much coverage but just need a little help with colour and skin texture.
  •  Use on the apples of your cheeks for a soft golden blush.

If you wear powder then use the powder over the top. I found if I applied it on top of a powder it clung to the powdered areas and went a little patchy.
 I really enjoyed wearing this. It blended easily and dried off quickly. It didn't leave my skin oily.
 Colour is very natural but I found it easy to build up if you already have a base tan.
 This would work best on a pale to mid toned skin and could be used as a soft golden highlight on a darker skin tone.

This is £28.00 and you can purchase from http://www.beccacosmetics.com/uk/store/


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Best Blot Powder


Even though my skin is combination I still like it to look radiant and dewy rather than matte and flat. There is a fine line though between looking like a glowing goddess or a greasy monster and I’m often the latter!

What happens with oily skin is we apply powder throughout the day to keep it shine free. By 5pm we have a chalky, patchy build up of product that looks darker than the rest of the face.
 When picking foundation and powder shades for a combination or oily skin it’s better to opt for a slightly lighter shade rather than a darker shade as when the product mixes with the oil it will oxidise and darken.

Brands have also figured this problem out and have made us slicked skinned beauties lives a little easier by producing the fabulous blot powder.

What is a blot powder?
It is a colourless (or sometimes slightly tinted) powder in either pressed or loose form.
 It will matte your skin down without giving you coverage or colour therefore when it mixes with the oil in your skin it will not darken.
To be honest they are pretty much all similar. The differences are just the odd ingredient and the packaging.

I have researched a few and have found they almost all have these key ingredients….

Talc- Oil absorbing, acts as a filler to fill pores and give a smooth finish to skin.

Calcium Carbonate-Basically chalk and used as an absorbent.

Starch- Gives thickness and stability of product under various skin PH levels.

Zinc Stearate- Think of this as a fatty soap like substance. This repels liquids so in a powder would help block the oil.

Some powders are infused with botanical extracts to aid the slip and silkiness of the products
 Ingredients to be aware of are powders containing Mica or Titanium Dioxide as these can cause the powder to flash back under camera light and make the skin appear paler and chalky.
 Avoid blotting powders that contain this if you are looking for a powder for your wedding or when having your picture taken.

 Here are some I have been trying.......

Soap and Glory - One Heck of a Blot-£12.00 (9g)

Colourless but has a slight yellow undertone that makes it a bit warmer rather than a stark white.
Feels very silky and soft and has a soft focus, matte finish.
My skin's matte finish lasted really well with this powder and it didn't settle into my pores.
Found it gave a lovely smooth finish to my skin and photographed fine with no flash back.
 Nice large mirror in the lid also.

Urban Decay-De Slick Powder-£20.00(11g)

You get a little bit more product v's the Soap and Glory powder but it's also a bit more money and I actually didn't like it quite as much.
It took away the shine with ease but was more of a pure white powder.Because of the porcelain colour this would show up a little ashy on a medium to darker skin tone and after applying a few times I noticed it in the fine hairs on my face.
Would be perfect for a very fair skin tone.

MAC Prep and Prime Transparent finishing powder-£19.50(6.3g)

One of the more heavier blotting powders I have used so would be good for people who are very oily.
Pure white in colour and because this is slightly heavier you need to ensure you have blended it over the skin evenly as it can be left visible on the skin if you don't buff it in well.
 I could re use this lots throughout the day with no obvious build up.

Daniel Sandler Blotting powder-£19.50(10.5g)

Contains a good amount of product to last a  few months with regular use.
Powder is very finely ground to ensure it is extra fine and smooth.
Good oil absorbing powder that gave me an instant matte finish with only a small amount of product.
 A pure white powder but blended in well even after I had fake tan so adapts well to darker skin tones.

With all of these powders I would store your powder puff up the other way so the puff part that touches your skin is not sat on top of the powder. Over time the oil on the puff from your skin will transfer into the powder and cause it to develop a hard seal.
 If you find a seal has formed over your powder, you can actually scratch a layer off to reveal fresh powder. 
I would also replace your powder puff each month to eliminate the spread of bacteria.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Suki Skincare

As someone with an oily skin I still have dehydrated skin and even though I wouldn’t want to wear oil during the day at night I like to apply an oil as I feel it goes deeper into the layers of the skin and leaves my skin feeling plumped.
For the last few weeks I have been applying Suki 15ml  pure facial, moisture-balancing oil.

 First impressions are that it smells amazing. The ingredients I can smell are the lavender and Jojoba.
This brand only uses the purest ingredients along with high potency botanical concentrates.

Massaging into the skin this feels lightweight and actually doesn’t feel too greasy. A slight film is left on the skin but as it’s just used for night time it doesn’t bother me.
This oil is especially formulated for those with oily, acne prone or sensitive skin.
 Its key ingredients include Lavender and chamomile, which soothes irritated skin. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and Vitamin E helps with the healing of skin.

In the morning the oil had sunk in and my skin feels soft and looks radiant and plumped.
 I do get occasional breakouts and I found where sometimes the skin around blemishes would become dry and flaky but after sleeping in the oil blemishes were smoother and less angry looking.
I really recommend this to people with combination/ oily or acne prone skin.
A 15ml bottle is £29.95

 Another product I loved from this range is the exfoliating foaming cleanser.
This is a cross between a cleanser and abrasive exfoliator.
Sugar based with lemongrass extract this feels like a slushy, sugary solution.
 When mixed with a little water this massages in and foams up whilst the sugar grit exfoliates the dead skin away.
Make sure you use plenty of water as it can feel quite harsh and drag the skin if you don’t.

 Great for people who love an extreme exfoliation. Feels quite scratchy on the skin and wouldn’t be good for anyone who has sensitive or broken skin.
I used after I had a cold when I had been blowing my nose and the lemon stung the sore skin so much but obviously it's not meant to be used on broken.

Great results afterwards though as my skin felt silky smooth and circulation was increased.
 Skin is very red afterwards so do this scrub before bedtime, wash off and then apply lots of your normal moisturiser.
This exfoliating cleanser is £29.75 
You can purchase these and more from the range from


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Institut Esthederm Eye Contour Lift Patches

Having had bad eye site for most of my life I tend to squint my eyes up to help focus. Over the years this has contributed to fine lines on the inner corner of my eyes. I am now starting to notice the odd crows feet at the outer edges also. I like to think of them as character lines and that they are there because I have laughed a lot over the years!

Jokes aside though the skin around my eyes can often look a little tired and I get blue/purple dark circles so I need all the help I can get.

I have been testing these eye patches from French brand Institut Esthederm. A box gives you 10 sachets of 2 patches.
 Beware these are not cheap at £47.00 however I would probably spend £4.70 on a sachet of these if I could get them individually so remember this when you reluctantly hand over the cash!

Each sachet is a soft fabric style patch that is infused with a moisturising balmy lotion.
 They are extra large so that you can position them close to the inner edge and they will stretch right up past the outer edge covering a good inch all the way round.
 Once on and smoothed down they stay put. You can walk around the house and forget they are there for 5 minutes.
 After 5 minutes peel them off and massage in any remaining product.

The brand claims the skin around the eye will be regenerated, lifted and firmed and that the aging process will be slowed down.

I would agree that the skin around my eyes is definitely firmed and feels super tight. The moisturising balm has helped plum the skin and I have a glow around the skin of my eyes.
 My dark circles are still there however the radiance left by the pads has made them appear softer and lighter.

If this is one of your problem areas then I would invest and use them at times when you feel like you need a little pick me up or for an important event.

You can get hold of these fromhttp://www.feelunique.com


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pebble Grey Compact Mirror

With the festival season upon us living in a tent for a few days will play havoc with our beauty regime!
 We pack all the essentials but are always fighting over who has a mirror we can borrow.
 This handy little compact mirror from Pebble Grey is perfect for checking ourselves out whilst on the move.
 What makes this mirror fabulous are the 6 LED bright white lights set into one side of the mirror with a x2 magnification. They enable you to see clearly in the lit mirror or provide a spotlight onto the opposite mirror.
 Not only do I do my makeup in this mirror but it's a great gadget to have in your bag when searching for your keys!
The compact is 60mm wide and 15mm deep so won't take up too much space.
This compact is £9.99 and available from 

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