Thursday, 23 May 2013

The New Black Nail Kits

I have had a fun day of playing with nail varnish today. The New Black Nail products are fab if you like to experiment with colours and textures.

The Typography set is something I haven’t seen before.
 Paint the nails with 2 coats of the provided white nail polish. Some whites I find go patchy but this white colour is really thick and opaque.

 Once dry get hold of one of the mini newspaper print sheets.
 There are a couple of styles of print covered in words such as live, love, peace passion, cherish etc etc…all very sweet.
Cut the newspaper to fit over each nail. Once trimmed apply the transfer solution over the painted nail, lay the print on top (print side down) and apply more of the transfer solution on top.

The instructions then advise to press and hold an alcohol soaked cotton pad on top of the nail for 30 seconds. I didn’t have any alcohol to hand so used an alcohol based hand sanitizer gel which worked fine!

Gently peel off the newspaper and you will be left with nails covered in type. So easy and looks great.

The final stage is to apply the topcoat to seal. I would advise applying the topcoat sparingly as if you apply too much it leaves a pink tint to the nail.

The Typography nail kit lasted for 2 days on my nail and then it started to look a little worn and grubby (white is a hard colour to keep looking fresh).
Good fun for a night out or special occasion.
 The New Black Nail also do tons of other sets if type nails are not your thing.
Their Ombre kits are also really cool.Five shades of the same colour but graduated from light to dark. You can paint each nail a different colour for the true ombre look or paint them all the same.

Ombre Horizon

The New Black Typography set is £21.95 and the Ombre sets are £26.50.
 Both these and more colour options are available from



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