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Smilepod Dental Experience Part 1

Hi guys this is Stacey writing this piece (PixiwooHQ). I was never blessed with a perfect set of teeth. My brother and sister both have even, white healthy teeth and being the youngest they always teased me that they took all the good teeth genes!

My teeth are generally fine however my canine tooth and the incisor next to it are still my baby milk teeth. They look fine and are strong however obviously they appear a little smaller compared to the matching teeth the other side. The same incisor on the opposite side was also a baby tooth with no second tooth present so when this tooth fell out I was left with a gap.
 After a trip to my local dentist years ago I was advised an implant would be the best option.
 I had an implant fitted however was never really happy with the positioning of it.
 It was lighter in colour, sat higher than the rest of my teeth and protruded. Because of this I have always been conscious of my smile and never liked to laugh or give a big smile in front of people.
 This is really unfortunate as in life I am a happy, smiley, friendly person and I always feel I am not being myself because of my teeth.

After Sam and Nic had their recent invisalign treatment I was curious to see if there was anything that could be done to make me happier about my teeth.
 I went along to Smilepod in Bank, London for a consultation with Veronica who is the implant specialist.

Going to that appointment was really nerve wracking. I'm not scared or nervous of the dentist generally however I was worried they would say there's nothing they can do or it would be so expensive I could never afford it.
 The receptionist Becky and dentist Veronica were both very welcoming and friendly so I was instantly put at ease.

Veronica had a thorough look over my teeth. Carefully checking teeth alignment, strength, my gums and even my jaw, (turns out I have a clicky jaw also!).
 We discussed my feelings about my teeth and then the options I could have. I was so pleased that there was even an option!

We came up with a treatment plan that included the following...
 My current implant crown would be removed and I could get a new crown that would sit lower to align with the teeth either side. Because my new crown would be lower it would mean that I needed extra gum at the top of the tooth.
 Now I think there are all sorts of gum transplant etc that you can have to build gum but this is obviously quite a bit of surgery and sounds very painful.
 Veronica explained that they could make me a new crown (tooth) that has pink porcelain at the top of it that would blend in with my natural gum. This would result in a normal sized tooth and a special secret piece of gum attached.

Not my teeth but an example of a crown with pink porcelain attached

They could then use a composite on my baby teeth the other side to build them up to look slightly bigger. Compound is almost like a tooth coloured putty, which they apply to the tooth and then set it with a UV light. The composite is then set hard and looks exactly the same as your normal tooth.

The treatment plan was all written down for me to have a think about along with the costing’s.
I could pay for the treatment in instalments, which was great to know.

I decided to go for it and my next appointment is on the 30th May.
In this treatment Veronica will remove my current implant crown, measure me up for my new crown and fit a temporary crown for me until my real one is made.
 My new crown will then be ready in around two weeks for me to go back and have it fitted.

How do I feel?
I feel nervous but really excited. I am excited that I’m being proactive about something I have always hated but I feel nervous that I have such a high expectation that whatever they do will never look as perfect as I would like.
 I try to be positive and think that whatever they do will be an improvement so it beats the alternative of leaving it and always being unhappy with my smile.
The two hour train journey to London next week will be the longest journey ever and I will most probably be feeling teary and sorry for myself but hopefully I will leave the appointment feeling super confidant and happy so if you see a crazy girl smiling at everyone in East London on Thursday, it's just me showing off my new tooth albeit a temporary one for now.

Part 2 to follow soon.............

I would love to hear your similar dental stories or if you have ever had a pink porcelain crown.



  1. I haven't had a crown but one of my teeth is a veneer, i didn't have a pleasant experience when i went to have it done because my teeth hurt so much after. Before they gave me my veneer they cleaned my teeth so i guess that's also why i was in so much pain. I hope it all goes well for you!!
    Elle x

  2. Was this at Smilepod elle? Did you like your results afterwards though?x

  3. Nice story, definitely looking forward to part 2 .

    "After Sam and Nic had their recent invisalign treatment I was curious to see if there was anything that could be done to make me happier about my teeth." But who is that I?
    I can't understand who wrote this post... maybe you should use your names under the posts, it would be easier to follow.

  4. Oops sorry Maris, it's Stacey. I have added my name in the post now :)

  5. I never knew there was such a thing as a pink porcelain crown but what a good idea! The only thing I've ever had done to my teeth is having compound added to the front one, I chipped my front tooth on a glass bottle when I was fifteen and the dentist fixed it, you can't tell at all that it's been done and it's still going strong ten years later! Good luck with your procedure x

  6. That is so awesome that they had affordable options for you Stacey, I know it's going to look great! Good luck!

  7. That is so awesome that they had affordable options for you Stacey! I know it's going to look great, good luck can't wait to see picture updates :)

  8. It's amazing that they can do all of that for you. My mum went through hell, she lost her front teeth as a kid and had always used a sort of retainer thing with teeth attached. They surgery to have teeth screwed in was botched and she was in so much pain and could barely eat. She ended up going private and pay an arm and a leg to get it fixed, but it looks wonderful now and she's not had any issues at all. xo

  9. I am so happy that you are doing something for yourself and your confidence haha:) fingers crossed everything will go as smooth as possible! :) I've been wearing retainers and undergoing various things to get my teeth straight all my childhood and teenage years and it was so worth it!! smile is the best accessory :)

  10. Hi Stacey, I make crowns for a living, and have plenty of experience using pink porcelain. it's way more common than most people think. just make sure you get a good shade match for your tooth and gum tissue! Good luck:)

  11. I've always loved the shape of your teeth. Naturally beautiful!

  12. I'm pleased that they're sorting this out for you but I'm actually amazed that they left you with two baby teeth for this long. At 14 I still had a canine baby tooth and it was investigated, eventually resulting in that tooth being removed and a brace to pull the adult tooth to where it should be (it got lost). I'm hoping that you have had x-rays to find where the adult teeth for the canine and incisor are, if not then insist on them as if they have gone walkies (your canines start growing below your cheekbones and are prone to getting a bit lost) then they could erode the roots of other healthy adult teeth leading to eventual tooth loss. Definitely check with your current dentist and also speak to your previous dentist as to why this wasn't sorted out when you were younger.

    1. Hi, thanks for the tip, I will have a chat with my dentist. The second teeth are laying on their side. I'm 32 now so hopefully they won't move too much now but i'll definitely check it out.

  13. Hi, I'm 30 (almost) and I have 2 baby teeth. They look fine (white and healthy but small). I hope they'll last for some time, lol. I don't like dentists :D. My mom had this problem too, but she lost hers in her twenties.

  14. Hi Stacey, I can relate so much to your post. I feel im not myself because I don't like my smile. The dentist has described my smile line as high up, which means I don't show much of my teeth when I smile. I've been to two dentists that have advised braces won't help- I'm having 4 veneers at the front (costing less than I was originally quoted for Invisalign) and also getting my teeth whitened.
    I hope everything goes well with your treatment! Best of luck, Katherine XXX

  15. Hi Stacey!
    I'm so excited to hear about your journey! I have a baby tooth as well (my sister has one too, as does her daughter I believe, must be a family trait!), and I think it's time to get it taken care of. My baby tooth got a filling as a child, and now as a 27 year old, I have a lot of pain from that tooth. I wonder if the filling is loose? No idea. But I"m really curious about your experience with SmilePod in London. If you have a great experience I'll seriously consider having a consultation with them! Looking forward to Part 2!!!

  16. Hi Stacey i hope the procedure went well! Im not happy with my teeth at all as i had an implant put it in which like yours is much smaller and makes my teeth look different sizes. It would be really useful to see how you got on and I am looking forward to part 2! Leonnie xx


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