Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Cid I-Glow

  We have recently discovered New Cid and you may have noticed their range of I-Glow compact shimmer powders have been featuring in lots of our tutorials.
 Each powder compact has a domed marble design incorporating a blend of colours. This blend helps to make the colour appear more dimensional on the skin. Pick out areas of colour from the compact or sweep brush all over.
 The powder feels silky smooth and the finish is a light reflecting sheen.
 Available in 3 colours of Ice Pop, Coral Crush and Sirocco.
Ice Pop

Ice pop is the least light reflecting of the three. Colours marbled in this are pink, lilac, white and plum although the baby pink tone if the most prominent once on the skin.
 This colour doesn't so much shimmer but is subtly radiant with a very fine gold fleck catching the light. This has a high colour pay off and is buildable but be careful not to over do it as it builds up to a very blue toned pink if you apply too much.
 Would look great on a fair skin tone.

Coral Crush

 Coral Crush is a combination of antique gold, peach and pink. More of a warmer tone than Ice Pop with the peach being the prominent colour. This compact has a much higher light reflection of warm gold highlights. This would look good swept over the cheeks but a little too strong to be used all over the whole face.
 Nice on a medium to dark skin tone. Would make a beautiful highlighter on a dark to very dark skin.

Sirocco is our favourite. A pale gold infused with warmer peach/gold tones this is amazing as a highlighter on all skin tones.
 Creates a wet look shine to cheekbones, eyelids or body.
 Brings a flat, dull looking skin to life. Again I wouldn't use this all over the face unless you like the Tin man effect but just delicately place on the high planes of the face.

Each powder is £24.00 and available from http://www.pomltd.com
You can view us using the Sirocco powder in our recent tutorial below.



  1. My parents bought me New Cid a couple of years ago because they had a stand in Fenwick's over one Christmas, I loved the bronzer and highlighter duo and also tried out the foundation which I really loved as well :) xx

  2. I love Ice Blush, little bit pricey for me but I might have to buy it anyway :3


  3. Sirocco looks like the perfect highlight colour! Xo

  4. I have Sirocco, and i luckily got it for £18 at a Champneys event. I LOVE IT! Its a perfect highlight for the cheekbones, but also doubles up for a lovely eyeshadow. I'm intrigued to try out their i-Groom eyebrow pencil as it claims to be a one-colour-suits-all jobby! x

  5. Wow, Nic you look extra-amazing in this video! Both of you are always so beautiful and I am literally obsessed with Sam's eyebrows, always trying to get mine to look like hers, but I really LOVE Nic's eyebrows in this video! :) (Oh, and the hair!) Is there a tutorial available for those? :P


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