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Kate Moss for St Tropez

All the hundreds of blogs we have and we have never really spoken much about St Tropez.
It is one of those cult brands that speaks for itself but over the years it has developed a massive product line up that we thought we would take a look at.

Kate Moss is fronting St Tropez’s campaign this summer. We were lucky enough to be sent a press release book that contains a video showing the shoot St Tropez did with Kate featuring Val Garland.
Kate decided she wanted to front this campaign simply because "it's a cool brand".
 She goes on to say how having some colour to her skin makes her feel more confidant and loves the natural tan St Tropez gives rather than something orange.
 You can watch the behind the scenes shoot below.

Self-tan can be a disaster and over the years I have been victim off this, however I have nailed it now and pride myself on my tanning abilities!
 Self-tanning is something that requires planning, careful application and maintenance, not slapping a bit on while you wait for your taxi.
Being a typical girl, if I have a special occasion coming up I like to apply my tan two days before. I always feel like the next day it’s almost too strong but by day two its perfect.
I have used St Tropez numerous times and although I don’t particularly favour the scent, it is one of the best I have used.
If you can see past the bog monster green it makes you on initial application then you will emerge from the shower like Ursula Andress in Dr No (that’s what I think I look like anyway).

So to get the perfect tan you must put in the groundwork. This means scrubbing your body from top to toe focusing in on the elbows, ankles and any other dry patches the eternal winter has punished us with.

 St Tropez Tan Enhancing Polish-£10.00 for 200ml
Huge tube of creamy exfoliant that contains tiny spherical man made beads rather than super scratchy grit.
I like to stand in the shower and use this before I turn the water on. This way I can scrub and all the exfoliant will just fall into the shower basin. I feel when I use it on my dry skin it scrubs dead skin away better. If you have sensitive skin maybe dampen your skin first so it doesn’t feel so abrasive.
 This polish can also be used during the week whilst you have your tan on to help freshen up any areas of tan than may have clung or gone patchy.

The Tan
This is the important bit. Depending on the texture of product you prefer there are a few options.
 I always advise using the St Tropez mit to avoid the tell tale orange hand.

Bronzing Mousse-£20.43 for 120ml or £9.99 for 50ml
My favourite as it’s foamy, lightweight and I find easier to control. Also is easier to scrape up off your beige carpet (never tan on a carpet!).

Bronzing Lotion-£30.64 for 240ml or £20.43 for 120ml
A little more of a richer texture, may feel nicer on a dryer skin. Does also come up slightly darker than the mousse so may be better for an advanced tanner.

Bronzing Spray-£20.43 for 200ml
Spraying is really easy however I find it is quite difficult to control and also if you are doing it yourself it’s easier to miss bits that you can’t quite reach. This is also the messy option, as you can’t control the spray in the air so you may find you have a bronze silhouette on your bedroom wall.
 The can however sprays at any angle which helps.

All three of these products come in the classic range, which gives you a medium golden tan.

If you like it stronger or have naturally darker skin then all three are available in a dark range.They come in a black bottle.

I use this as I naturally tan very well so I can handle my tan looking a little darker. The colour is much deeper and slightly more of a red undertone.

If your skin is sensitive then they have recently launched their sensitive range. Does all the jobs of the classic range but is made from naturally derived tanning ingredients that are better for a delicate skin.
 I found the colour to be just as effective although it is priced a little higher. Mousse is £28.00 and Lotion £28.00.

I normally use the regular tan on my face however they make a lotion for the face (£22.00), which is not quite as drying and feels much lighter.
The classic places where tanning goes wrong is around the wrists, hands and ankles. I like to mix a little body lotion with the tanning product to help sheer it out a little so it isn’t as intense.
I have heard of many people applying tan and then heading straight out. This is a fatal tanning error. St Tropez is meant to be applied, left for ideally 8 hours, and then showered off. Don't leave it on for any longer than 8 hours as it won't get any darker after this stage.
 Please wash your tan off, don't be that bronzed god/goddess at the bar smelling like biscuits (that's what I think it smells like) because you still have your tan on!

Post tanning you need to keep your body moisturised to ensure the tan doesn’t go patchy or dry out.

 Tan Enhancing Moisturiser-£10.00 for 200ml
Lightweight and smells like holidays! Sinks in quickly and helps revive the tan after it has been on a couple of days.
 Use morning and evening, especially after showering.

Tan Booster-£15.00 for 200ml
This is a great little secret weapon for when colour is fading and you don’t have time to re apply more of your normal tan. It moisturises and adds a tint of colour to a fading tan.

After seeing all the latest press launches about St Tropez I have fallen back in love with St Tropez and although I’ll never look like Kate Moss I can rival her in the bronzing stakes.

 You can get your hands on all St Tropez has to offer from



  1. I love St tropez but I actually think having Kate Moss for the campaign is kind of off putting!

  2. Great Post,
    I am eager to try these self tan bronzers.
    Kate Moss is standing as always.
    Thank you.

  3. Have never tried St Tropez as I have sensitive skin! Do you think it will be ok for it?

    Just did a review of an organic self tan on my blog. :-)

    1. I have dry sensitive skin and I'm also quite fair and I love the St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. I Just did a review on my blog for it.

  4. Ah she looks amazing as always, can't resist a bit of St Tropez, best tan by far in my opinion!

  5. Geez, can we have some warning before a picture of a totally naked lady pops up on a normally-safe-for-viewing-around-coworkers-and-family-members blog?

  6. I think I am in the minority because I have never used St Tropez or any other self-tanning product. Always worried I will turn out being a patchy looking carrot person. I think I am keen to take the leap this summer and shall refer to your review when shopping.


    Teresa x

  7. St Tropez truly is the leading authority in self Tanning. I have dry sensitive skin and I am also fair skinned and I love the self tanning mousse.
    I just did a review on it in my blog


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