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ESPA The Sensitive skin remedy

We are so blessed to live in the beautiful city of Norwich in the heart of the Norfolk.
 Discovered by the Romans, Norwich has the best of small city life whilst only being 40 minutes from the beach and 2 hours from London.

Elm Hill, Norwich
   One of the oldest areas of Norwich is called Tombland. Here you will find cobbled streets, a cathedral and many shops and houses that wouldn't be out of place in a Charles Dickens novel.

The picture above was taken on my stroll to possibly the quaintest, cosy beauty salon I have visited.
Nestled amongst the higgledy-piggledy streets this oasis of calm and tranquillity offers a huge array of treatments to cater for all your beautifying needs.
The Beauty Room is a first for Norwich being the only spa that uses and stocks ESPA products.
 ESPA takes its influence from Asia, European and Ayurvedic philosophies and not only do the ingredients benefit the skin but the scents and textures of these products make you feel like you could be on a retreat in Bali!
 All ingredients are 99% natural and only the finest, raw ingredients are used. You may even find the colour varying between products as ingredients are sourced from around the world at different times leading to natural colour variation.
No parabens are included, products are vegetarian and all formulas and ingredients are cruelty free.
 If you have an allergic/sensitive skin then you would need to check the ingredients listing to ensure your particular allergen is not present.
The spotless trolley at the end of the treatment is a sign of a great therapist!

The Beauty Room owner Danielle told me how she wanted only the best, experienced therapists for her salon and my therapist Louise was certainly that.
From my initial consultation through to her fluid techniques and application of product I could tell I was in good hands and even dozed off for a bit!

I experienced a back, face and scalp treatment which began with a back exfoliation and massage using scented oils that I had chosen through a sensory test. Sensory testing is applying different oils to your skin for you to choose your favourite. Nothing worse than laying in oil that you can't bear the smell of!
Now I like a firm massage with no tickles so I experienced firm pressure, elbows and lots of crunching shoulders. Just the way I like it but if you're a little more delicate than your desired pressure will be applied.
Next was the facial part. All of the products Louise was going to use on me had been decided and discussed before hand and the reasons behind them explained.
My skin is normal/combination but also hormonal which means I get hard lumps under the skin each month that eventually disappear.
For those of you who have had facials you will understand that the treatment process and the order of products used gets forgotten as you relax so after my treatment Louise gave me a debrief about my skin and recommended products (no hard sell, just advice).
She explained that my skin is actually pretty balanced and that it's just a little stressed out and sensitive with quite a bit of dehydration.
 I have slight pigmentation on my chin from old blemishes so she advised products that would help speed up the cell renewal of my skin so that it would heal quicker and feel rejuvenated.

Lots of products were used on me however these are my key products that would fit into my weekly routine...

Hydrating Cleansing Milk- £22.50, 200ml

 Great for all skin types but because my skin is a little stressed out this has Marshmallow and Chamomile to soothe and moisturise.
 To be honest I am more of a foaming cleanser kind of girl but this milk felt luxurious and creamy and lifted all of my makeup off without dragging or rubbing. Smelt amazing and left my skin clean with no residue.
 Louise used hot mitts to remove this but you could use a damp, warm flannel or cotton pads.

Regenerating Face Treatment Oil-£65.00, 28ml
Now this is a pricey oil however when it comes to looking after a more sensitive skin then sadly the more refined ingredients are always better and unfortunately these will cost you!
 I like to use an oil at night so that it has time to sink in and work, if I use an oil during the day then I will be a greasy mess by lunch but if your skin is dry you can use a tiny splash of this pressed into the skin under your moisturiser.
What I love about this product is when you read the ingredients listing every single ingredient is derived from a flower, plant or herb. No crazy sounding scientific names!
 This oil is nice to use once a week as a facial massage treat.
It hydrates intensely and my skin looks plumped.
The next day my skin is so soft and calm. Avocado and Jojoba are anti oxidants and help to repair damaged skin so great if you have acne scarring or sun damaged skin.

Repair and Restore Moisturiser-£38.00, 25ml
I never really though my skin was damaged but over the last few years as I have entered my 30's more moles are appearing and my skin doesn't seem to recover as quickly.
 As we age and our collagen starts to weaken we need skin boosting ingredients.
 This moisturiser is lightweight and sinks in easily so if you are oily it will absorb quickly.
 Again the line up of ingredients in this sound more culinary than medicinal. 
Evening Primrose reduces water loss to help hydration levels, Rosemary stimulates the circulation to help push nutrients to the skin and help it repair itself whilst Bitter Orange acts as an anti-inflammatory.

I would highly recommend this range if you are seeking skincare to help correct and benefit an inflamed, sensitive skin.
 I used these particular products as they were advised to me however ESPA have a massive line of products so there will be something to also target your specific needs.

My treatment at The Beauty Room was £59.00 for a Back, face and scalp treatment however there are many different facial and treatment option at varying prices.
 To check for what would work for you, you can view all of ESPA products on their website at http://www.espaonline.com
To book a treatment and get expert skincare advise from The Beauty Room visit their site on www.thebeautyroomnorwich.co.uk/


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