Thursday, 2 May 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

So we have had BB creams, now we have CC creams!
 Sounds like it’s all getting a bit confusing doesn’t it but don’t panic, the CC stands for the old familiar colour corrector.
 I wasn’t sure if this product was classed as skin care or as colour cosmetics but I guess it sits somewhere in the middle.
 In a nutshell it’s a hydrating colour corrector that will even your skin tone whilst providing a sheer, natural coverage.
 If you think your skin is sallow (yellowish), red undertones, ashy, sun damaged or just uneven then this may be a good buy.
 The word hydrating in the title may scare of the oily skinned ones amongst us but to be honest I found it to soak in quick and felt more matte once blended in.
 With an SPF of 30 this is particularly good for sun damage or those who just like a bit of extra protection (do not use as a sun cream replacement).

The cream uses dual layered colour correcting optics to scatter light over the skin to help even tones and brighten.

Feels nice and light even though it is a cream and doesn’t feel greasy even though it is hydrating. Skin has a soft sheen and looks glowy.
 I did feel like this may flash back slightly under camera flash due to the high SPF so be aware of this and test it first if you’re thinking of it for your wedding day.
 I applied this after my moisturiser but before my foundation.
 My skin is slightly red in places and I did feel like it toned it down naturally. This is a sheer product so this alone will not mask and conceal but softly tone down and smooth un-even colour. You can then apply your foundation over the top to cover or you can obviously just wear this on it’s own if you don’t wear foundation.

This comes in 6 shades from very light through to deep. Pick the shade, which is closest to your natural skin tone.

I tested this over a scar on my arm that has purple/red undertones and even though the sample I was testing was slightly too light for me I thought it worked well at toning down and brightening the skin.

Before applying CC cream

After applying CC cream

This is available exclusively from Friday 5th April from John Lewis and is £28.00



  1. Thanks for this review! I have oily skin and it's really difficult finding a decent mattefying CC cream, on top of that I am a huge fan of Clinique so ill definetly be checking this out :) thank you


  2. I really like the look of this. I asked the Clinique lady about it and she said its not as heavy as BB so nice for summer : ) thank you for the review pixiwoo!

  3. I'd really like to give this a go. The lady in Clinique said its not as heavy as BB so nice for summer : ) thank you for the review pixiwoo! Xx

  4. I would love to try this too, such a shame that I live in the middle of nowhere without a John Lewis for milesss!

  5. As a face care I really recomend visiting place where you can have some rest. Once I was in SPA in Edinburgh ( ), it was really great!


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