Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors

Here at Pixiwoo we have always been a fan of these natural lip perfectors and now we have 3 new colours to choose from.

Basically a lip gloss but feels more creamy textured rather than sticky and gloopy.
 Extracts of Shea butter and Mango give softness and moisture to dry lips and also make the product smell amazing.
The lips are left with a soft shine (no glitter) and feel moisturised and creamy.

I love the squeezy tube and sponge tip applicator. The angle of the applictaor allows you to apply straight to the lips with precision without getting sticky fingers.

Along with the excisting colours there will be three new shades for May 2013
 Each slimline 12ml tube is £17.00
Available from www.clarins.co.uk



  1. Ooh I have these! Love then and I'm not a lip gloss lover but I like that they aren't sticky like normal lip glosses! The smell is the best thing though! Can't entirely figure out what the smell is - its like vanilla I think! I did a post on my blog about them too! Wohoo! helloiammariam.com

  2. I really want to try these lipglosses! They look so pretty

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  3. these look so natural and gorgeous!

  4. I love this gloss, I have a few of them and I love also how they smell!! thanks for sharing!

  5. Really like the look of these! x

  6. Seems like a nice product! Sometimes I find that non-sticky glosses where off quickly, I wonder how this one wears!

    -Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com

  7. Such pretty colors! I love your guys blog and especially your Youtube videos, whenever I see that you put up a new video it makes my day. I remember watching a youtube video where both of you were answering questions I think and Sam mentioned that she wasn't a big fan of people promoting their own videos and Nic said that she didn't mind it. I'm not here to promote videos, one; i could never film myself cuz i'd freeze up, and two; why would I ever want to take anything away from you? but I wouldn't because you girls are so amazing at what you do! I started writing a beauty blog because I love makeup and beauty products and you guys have inspired me to do so! If you wanted to, it'd be amazing if two of my favorite beauty youtubers would check out my blog. Honestly you don't have to :) http://beautyfrenzies.blogspot.com


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