Friday, 31 May 2013

Sleek Candy Collection

Sweet as Candy

Sleeks new summer collection has an assortment of sweet inspired shades.
 Vibrant, juicy tones that fit in with this seasons pastel trends.

 I-Candy, I-Devine contains the usual 12 palette shadows and is £7.99.

Eye shadows are a mix of matte, shimmering and pearl colours.

The colours are mainly vibrant pastels with a few dark mattes thrown in to deepen the colour.

 Although I really like the mix of colours in this palette the colours are not as vibrant as they look in the palette.

If you like you colours strong I would advise using them over a cream base to give them a base colour to adhere to.

Bendability is good although once you start to blend the colours again will sheer down so layer them up for good colour strength.

A double-ended sponge applicator is included but a brush would be better to apply with in my opinion.


I love Sleeks Blush by 3 products. I never wear just one blusher as I think to get a natural blended cheek it takes a few colours to achieve.

For this collection the blusher palette (£9.99) holds a blue based vibrant pink with a pearl finish, a lilac/pink in a matte finish and gorgeous fuchsia cream blush.

The colours are very true give a vibrant pop to the cheek.

 I particularly like the cream as it gives a strong colour with a glossy cream finish. It sinks in rather than sitting on the cheek so would be suitable for a dry or oily skin.

The slim line packaging is great to carry around in your makeup bag and the large mirrored lid allows you to touch up on the go.

For the lips is THE most fabulous lip product Pout Paint (£4.99)
 Pout Paint is a syrupy liquid lip stain. The colour in this collection is Lol-Lip-Pop and it is a blue toned neon pink. It goes on literally like a thick paint with an opaque cover.
 Colour is solid and true to how it looks in the tube.
 Sleek do this product in other colours and they can all be mixed with each other to create an individual colour.

Apply straight to the lip from the squeezy tube or apply with a lip brush for a more precise application.

This collection is available for a limited time from 5th June only from Superdrug stores and Sleeks website

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream


My skin is combination/oily and although I get the odd breakout it is generally pretty clear. I do however have small areas of dark scarring on my chin, as this is generally where I get spots. It is easily covered but because of the purple undertones in these areas it can sometimes look a little ashy, even under my foundation.

I tried this new BB Cream from Clarins as it promised to correct dark, shadowy areas through it’s 3D radiance and light correcting pigments and was so happy with the results.

 A light to medium coverage is given and the pigments really did bounce the light off of my skin and helped to warm up the ashy looking areas around my chin and mouth.

It is oil free so good for a combination skin. I do think if your skin is particularly oily you may find it a little too much of a radiant finish.
 It also contains SPF25, which will help to protect any pigmentation from getting darker also.

Available in 3 colours of Light, Medium and Dark. I am usually around an NC25/30 and normally would go for a medium in colour but the colours came up a little darker so light was perfect for me.

Great for people who want natural skin but need a little help with scarring and pigmentation. For darker scarring you would probably need a little help from a concealer also.

Can be used under a foundation by people who like a full coverage.

Gorgeous product and something I will purchase again.

45ml is £28.00 and available from May 2013 from

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors

Here at Pixiwoo we have always been a fan of these natural lip perfectors and now we have 3 new colours to choose from.

Basically a lip gloss but feels more creamy textured rather than sticky and gloopy.
 Extracts of Shea butter and Mango give softness and moisture to dry lips and also make the product smell amazing.
The lips are left with a soft shine (no glitter) and feel moisturised and creamy.

I love the squeezy tube and sponge tip applicator. The angle of the applictaor allows you to apply straight to the lips with precision without getting sticky fingers.

Along with the excisting colours there will be three new shades for May 2013
 Each slimline 12ml tube is £17.00
Available from


Friday, 24 May 2013

Smilepod Dental Experience Part 1

Hi guys this is Stacey writing this piece (PixiwooHQ). I was never blessed with a perfect set of teeth. My brother and sister both have even, white healthy teeth and being the youngest they always teased me that they took all the good teeth genes!

My teeth are generally fine however my canine tooth and the incisor next to it are still my baby milk teeth. They look fine and are strong however obviously they appear a little smaller compared to the matching teeth the other side. The same incisor on the opposite side was also a baby tooth with no second tooth present so when this tooth fell out I was left with a gap.
 After a trip to my local dentist years ago I was advised an implant would be the best option.
 I had an implant fitted however was never really happy with the positioning of it.
 It was lighter in colour, sat higher than the rest of my teeth and protruded. Because of this I have always been conscious of my smile and never liked to laugh or give a big smile in front of people.
 This is really unfortunate as in life I am a happy, smiley, friendly person and I always feel I am not being myself because of my teeth.

After Sam and Nic had their recent invisalign treatment I was curious to see if there was anything that could be done to make me happier about my teeth.
 I went along to Smilepod in Bank, London for a consultation with Veronica who is the implant specialist.

Going to that appointment was really nerve wracking. I'm not scared or nervous of the dentist generally however I was worried they would say there's nothing they can do or it would be so expensive I could never afford it.
 The receptionist Becky and dentist Veronica were both very welcoming and friendly so I was instantly put at ease.

Veronica had a thorough look over my teeth. Carefully checking teeth alignment, strength, my gums and even my jaw, (turns out I have a clicky jaw also!).
 We discussed my feelings about my teeth and then the options I could have. I was so pleased that there was even an option!

We came up with a treatment plan that included the following...
 My current implant crown would be removed and I could get a new crown that would sit lower to align with the teeth either side. Because my new crown would be lower it would mean that I needed extra gum at the top of the tooth.
 Now I think there are all sorts of gum transplant etc that you can have to build gum but this is obviously quite a bit of surgery and sounds very painful.
 Veronica explained that they could make me a new crown (tooth) that has pink porcelain at the top of it that would blend in with my natural gum. This would result in a normal sized tooth and a special secret piece of gum attached.

Not my teeth but an example of a crown with pink porcelain attached

They could then use a composite on my baby teeth the other side to build them up to look slightly bigger. Compound is almost like a tooth coloured putty, which they apply to the tooth and then set it with a UV light. The composite is then set hard and looks exactly the same as your normal tooth.

The treatment plan was all written down for me to have a think about along with the costing’s.
I could pay for the treatment in instalments, which was great to know.

I decided to go for it and my next appointment is on the 30th May.
In this treatment Veronica will remove my current implant crown, measure me up for my new crown and fit a temporary crown for me until my real one is made.
 My new crown will then be ready in around two weeks for me to go back and have it fitted.

How do I feel?
I feel nervous but really excited. I am excited that I’m being proactive about something I have always hated but I feel nervous that I have such a high expectation that whatever they do will never look as perfect as I would like.
 I try to be positive and think that whatever they do will be an improvement so it beats the alternative of leaving it and always being unhappy with my smile.
The two hour train journey to London next week will be the longest journey ever and I will most probably be feeling teary and sorry for myself but hopefully I will leave the appointment feeling super confidant and happy so if you see a crazy girl smiling at everyone in East London on Thursday, it's just me showing off my new tooth albeit a temporary one for now.

Part 2 to follow soon.............

I would love to hear your similar dental stories or if you have ever had a pink porcelain crown.


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

I adore cleansing balms. I love their rich texture, their scent, how they feel on my skin and more importantly the results I see.
 The only downside to a cleansing balm is often they come in huge, heavy glass pots. These pots look beautiful on my bathroom shelf but my travel wash bag hates them!
 Hurrah for Merumaya Melting cleansing Balm. A 100ml tube that squeezes the balm out rather than faffing around with a dainty spatula.

Key ingredients in this are Sweet Almond Oil, Echium Seed Oil and is packed full of omega 3, 6 and 9.
 Smells like a blend of aromatherapy oils without the overpowering scents that some balms have.

I think this cleanser would be perfect on all skins even an oily skin. Will nourish a dry dehydrated skin and will effectively cleanse all dirt and bacteria away from an oily/congested skin.
 I have an oily/combination skin and after using this for a few weeks I haven't noticed my skin has got any oilier like I thought it may.
 My skin does feel softer and I can definitely notice its really well cleansed. My skin often looks puffy and dull in the mornings and I think because this cleanser requires a little more effort of massaging in, this has helped kick start my circulation making my skin plumper and awake.

Once you have spent a few moments massaging in, Merumaya recommend removing this with one of their cleansing clothes or flannel.
 Dampen the flannel with warm water and the balm will remove easily.
 After my first use my skin felt clean and ridiculously soft with no residue left on my skin.

This cleanser is £14.50 for 100ml which is a really reasonable price considering the quality. A little goes a really long way so you will get a good few months’ use out of this.

Check it out

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The New Black Nail Kits

I have had a fun day of playing with nail varnish today. The New Black Nail products are fab if you like to experiment with colours and textures.

The Typography set is something I haven’t seen before.
 Paint the nails with 2 coats of the provided white nail polish. Some whites I find go patchy but this white colour is really thick and opaque.

 Once dry get hold of one of the mini newspaper print sheets.
 There are a couple of styles of print covered in words such as live, love, peace passion, cherish etc etc…all very sweet.
Cut the newspaper to fit over each nail. Once trimmed apply the transfer solution over the painted nail, lay the print on top (print side down) and apply more of the transfer solution on top.

The instructions then advise to press and hold an alcohol soaked cotton pad on top of the nail for 30 seconds. I didn’t have any alcohol to hand so used an alcohol based hand sanitizer gel which worked fine!

Gently peel off the newspaper and you will be left with nails covered in type. So easy and looks great.

The final stage is to apply the topcoat to seal. I would advise applying the topcoat sparingly as if you apply too much it leaves a pink tint to the nail.

The Typography nail kit lasted for 2 days on my nail and then it started to look a little worn and grubby (white is a hard colour to keep looking fresh).
Good fun for a night out or special occasion.
 The New Black Nail also do tons of other sets if type nails are not your thing.
Their Ombre kits are also really cool.Five shades of the same colour but graduated from light to dark. You can paint each nail a different colour for the true ombre look or paint them all the same.

Ombre Horizon

The New Black Typography set is £21.95 and the Ombre sets are £26.50.
 Both these and more colour options are available from


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eden Allure Pure Argan Oil

I hear a lot of buzz around Argan oil. This wondrous, magical ointment from exotic Morocco!
 The promise of a natural oil, with no harsh chemicals and packed full of essential fatty acids sucked me in.
 I went out to my local health store and purchased a huge bottle that looked more culinary than beautifying.
 Although I was happy with the results I couldn’t help but be put off with the smell of this product.
 I used it mainly at night and felt like I was sleeping in a bag of peanuts.
 We were then kindly sent a 65ml bottle of Eden Allure Argan Oil, which although it has the same benefits as many of the other Argan oil’s it has been refined and deodorised removing the nutty scent.
A fabulous moisturiser on dry skin, after shaving legs and amazing as a night oil treatment for the face.
 Not overly greasy (it is an oil obviously so expect a certain amount of slip) it was easy absorbed and felt luxurious to massage into my legs after shaving.
 Can also be used on split or dry ends of the hair to smooth and nourish.

Argan Oil is effective at deeply moisturising, helping with skin inflammation, healing of scars, improving elasticity.
Packed with Vitamin F, E AND C I think this is a really worthwhile product for everyone to store in his or her bathroom cupboards.
  Safe for sensitive skins although people with a nut allergy please avoid!

Eden Allure also does products for the body and nails along with soaps infused with Lavender or Grapefruit.

The 65ml bottle we used is $18 and you can purchase from

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Cid I-Glow

  We have recently discovered New Cid and you may have noticed their range of I-Glow compact shimmer powders have been featuring in lots of our tutorials.
 Each powder compact has a domed marble design incorporating a blend of colours. This blend helps to make the colour appear more dimensional on the skin. Pick out areas of colour from the compact or sweep brush all over.
 The powder feels silky smooth and the finish is a light reflecting sheen.
 Available in 3 colours of Ice Pop, Coral Crush and Sirocco.
Ice Pop

Ice pop is the least light reflecting of the three. Colours marbled in this are pink, lilac, white and plum although the baby pink tone if the most prominent once on the skin.
 This colour doesn't so much shimmer but is subtly radiant with a very fine gold fleck catching the light. This has a high colour pay off and is buildable but be careful not to over do it as it builds up to a very blue toned pink if you apply too much.
 Would look great on a fair skin tone.

Coral Crush

 Coral Crush is a combination of antique gold, peach and pink. More of a warmer tone than Ice Pop with the peach being the prominent colour. This compact has a much higher light reflection of warm gold highlights. This would look good swept over the cheeks but a little too strong to be used all over the whole face.
 Nice on a medium to dark skin tone. Would make a beautiful highlighter on a dark to very dark skin.

Sirocco is our favourite. A pale gold infused with warmer peach/gold tones this is amazing as a highlighter on all skin tones.
 Creates a wet look shine to cheekbones, eyelids or body.
 Brings a flat, dull looking skin to life. Again I wouldn't use this all over the face unless you like the Tin man effect but just delicately place on the high planes of the face.

Each powder is £24.00 and available from
You can view us using the Sirocco powder in our recent tutorial below.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Dior Bird of Paradise Collection

Dior's new summer look is called Bird of Paradise. It's a mix of tropical colour blocks that are inspired by Latin America.
Every tone of blue seems to have been incorporated into this collection from aqua through to peacock blue whilst the lips are more natural hues of juicy pinks and coral.

DiorSkin Nude Tan BB Cream SPF15
Summer collections always see the launch of a product to give our skin a sun kissed glow. For this collection Dior has adapted its current Dior Skin Nude BB Cream and given it a tanned twist.
 Does the normal work we would expect from a BB Cream of smoothing out an un-even skin tone and giving a sheer veil of cover however this is infused with a bronze pigment to warm up the skin.
 The colour is sheer but has a very peachy/orange tone so if you are lighter than around a medium skin tone or NC35/NW30 (in MAC terms) then I would blend a tiny amount in with your regular moisturiser to give you a tint of colour. If your skin is darker than this then you will be able to smooth it over the skin on its own.
Texture is creamy but dries to a matte finish. Would be suitable for a normal/combination skin. Maybe a little to matte and drying for a dry skin type.
 Has an SPF15 however ensure you are still using a normal sunblock underneath when lying out in the sun.
This comes in just the one colour and is £30.00

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo
Combination of blusher and bronzer in one mirrored compact make this a good product to pop in your makeup bag for your vacation this summer.
 We sampled the colour in Pink glow but there is also another colour option of coral glow.
On the left half is a combination of soft peach and beige bronzer. Powder gives a radiant finish but with no glitter thank goodness. I am not a fan of a glittery face in the sun.
 The bronzer side is has a natural colour payoff so would be suitable for a fair skin tone and could also be used to contour. These colours also look great swept through the eye socket also for definition.
 The right half are two shades of a vibrant peachy pink. This however does have a fine gold glitter running through it.
 Colour comes out much stronger so only a small amount on the apples of the cheeks would be needed.
Comes with a Kabuki brush for application.

Nail Lacquer Duo
 I really like the idea of having two mini nail lacquers in one set. The idea is one goes on your toes and one on your fingers. Kind of like a mix and match bikini.
 This duo is an indigo blue and fuchsia pink set called Bahia but there is also a turquoise and mint set called Samba .
Each set is £22.00 and the size is slightly smaller at 7ml.

  Jelly Lip Pen

Ilhabela Jelly Lip Pen
 Chunky, twist up pencil style lip balm in 4 shades. Slightly less pigmented than other similar style products I have used. I tried the colour called Ilhabela, which is a baby pink infused with glitter particles in peach and gold.
 I love the gel/balm texture of this pen but didn't like the glitter particles. Found they got stuck on my constant dry lips!
 Because of the sheer coverage you would need to top up regularly throughout the day also.
These are £19.00 each.

This collection is already available exclusively at and nationwide from 17th May 2013.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush

It’s great that Bourjois have recognised that although we may love the fresh face, peachy cheek that a cream blush gives we hate the tacky feeling a cream blush can sometimes have.
 These 4 new shades from Bourjois in a small, flat 2.5g pot with a mirrored lid are creamy to the touch but dry to a more matte finish whilst still giving you the finish of a cream.
Has enough playtime to be able to blend but sets to give a soft tint of colour that has a silky powder feel.

Shade 01 would be lovely on porcelain to fair skin tone. The perfect apricot tint.

 Shade 02 is a more vibrant with a coral peach tone.

Shade 03 is a peach toned soft pink and has a very fine silver pigment fleck running through it

Shade 04 has a more matte finish with more of a warm brown/pink tone.

Colour is buildable and goes on very true to how it looks in the pot but I did find after a few hours it had sunk in and I needed to re apply. The small handy sized pot does make it easy for re application though.
 I found best application method was tapping the product into the apples of my cheeks with my fingers.
 Also has a pleasant soapy scent.
Each pot is £7.99 and available from from 8th May 2013 and from 15th May 2013 available at


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ESPA The Sensitive skin remedy

We are so blessed to live in the beautiful city of Norwich in the heart of the Norfolk.
 Discovered by the Romans, Norwich has the best of small city life whilst only being 40 minutes from the beach and 2 hours from London.

Elm Hill, Norwich
   One of the oldest areas of Norwich is called Tombland. Here you will find cobbled streets, a cathedral and many shops and houses that wouldn't be out of place in a Charles Dickens novel.

The picture above was taken on my stroll to possibly the quaintest, cosy beauty salon I have visited.
Nestled amongst the higgledy-piggledy streets this oasis of calm and tranquillity offers a huge array of treatments to cater for all your beautifying needs.
The Beauty Room is a first for Norwich being the only spa that uses and stocks ESPA products.
 ESPA takes its influence from Asia, European and Ayurvedic philosophies and not only do the ingredients benefit the skin but the scents and textures of these products make you feel like you could be on a retreat in Bali!
 All ingredients are 99% natural and only the finest, raw ingredients are used. You may even find the colour varying between products as ingredients are sourced from around the world at different times leading to natural colour variation.
No parabens are included, products are vegetarian and all formulas and ingredients are cruelty free.
 If you have an allergic/sensitive skin then you would need to check the ingredients listing to ensure your particular allergen is not present.
The spotless trolley at the end of the treatment is a sign of a great therapist!

The Beauty Room owner Danielle told me how she wanted only the best, experienced therapists for her salon and my therapist Louise was certainly that.
From my initial consultation through to her fluid techniques and application of product I could tell I was in good hands and even dozed off for a bit!

I experienced a back, face and scalp treatment which began with a back exfoliation and massage using scented oils that I had chosen through a sensory test. Sensory testing is applying different oils to your skin for you to choose your favourite. Nothing worse than laying in oil that you can't bear the smell of!
Now I like a firm massage with no tickles so I experienced firm pressure, elbows and lots of crunching shoulders. Just the way I like it but if you're a little more delicate than your desired pressure will be applied.
Next was the facial part. All of the products Louise was going to use on me had been decided and discussed before hand and the reasons behind them explained.
My skin is normal/combination but also hormonal which means I get hard lumps under the skin each month that eventually disappear.
For those of you who have had facials you will understand that the treatment process and the order of products used gets forgotten as you relax so after my treatment Louise gave me a debrief about my skin and recommended products (no hard sell, just advice).
She explained that my skin is actually pretty balanced and that it's just a little stressed out and sensitive with quite a bit of dehydration.
 I have slight pigmentation on my chin from old blemishes so she advised products that would help speed up the cell renewal of my skin so that it would heal quicker and feel rejuvenated.

Lots of products were used on me however these are my key products that would fit into my weekly routine...

Hydrating Cleansing Milk- £22.50, 200ml

 Great for all skin types but because my skin is a little stressed out this has Marshmallow and Chamomile to soothe and moisturise.
 To be honest I am more of a foaming cleanser kind of girl but this milk felt luxurious and creamy and lifted all of my makeup off without dragging or rubbing. Smelt amazing and left my skin clean with no residue.
 Louise used hot mitts to remove this but you could use a damp, warm flannel or cotton pads.

Regenerating Face Treatment Oil-£65.00, 28ml
Now this is a pricey oil however when it comes to looking after a more sensitive skin then sadly the more refined ingredients are always better and unfortunately these will cost you!
 I like to use an oil at night so that it has time to sink in and work, if I use an oil during the day then I will be a greasy mess by lunch but if your skin is dry you can use a tiny splash of this pressed into the skin under your moisturiser.
What I love about this product is when you read the ingredients listing every single ingredient is derived from a flower, plant or herb. No crazy sounding scientific names!
 This oil is nice to use once a week as a facial massage treat.
It hydrates intensely and my skin looks plumped.
The next day my skin is so soft and calm. Avocado and Jojoba are anti oxidants and help to repair damaged skin so great if you have acne scarring or sun damaged skin.

Repair and Restore Moisturiser-£38.00, 25ml
I never really though my skin was damaged but over the last few years as I have entered my 30's more moles are appearing and my skin doesn't seem to recover as quickly.
 As we age and our collagen starts to weaken we need skin boosting ingredients.
 This moisturiser is lightweight and sinks in easily so if you are oily it will absorb quickly.
 Again the line up of ingredients in this sound more culinary than medicinal. 
Evening Primrose reduces water loss to help hydration levels, Rosemary stimulates the circulation to help push nutrients to the skin and help it repair itself whilst Bitter Orange acts as an anti-inflammatory.

I would highly recommend this range if you are seeking skincare to help correct and benefit an inflamed, sensitive skin.
 I used these particular products as they were advised to me however ESPA have a massive line of products so there will be something to also target your specific needs.

My treatment at The Beauty Room was £59.00 for a Back, face and scalp treatment however there are many different facial and treatment option at varying prices.
 To check for what would work for you, you can view all of ESPA products on their website at
To book a treatment and get expert skincare advise from The Beauty Room visit their site on

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