Friday, 5 April 2013

New Dior Addict Gloss and Nail Polish

Brighten up you makeup bag this spring with Dior’s new Addict gloss and nail polish.

24 shades are split into 3 categories of shimmer, pearly and pure.
All formulas have a gel like texture with a mirror shine.
The gel formula is full of hyaluronic acid, which plumps and hydrates, the moisturising ingredients help this gloss to feel comfortable on the lip.
As it wears off it fades rather than clinging to the edges of the lip and leaving that horrid white line.
The standard tacky feeling of a gloss is still there but it doesn’t feel gloopy.

The shimmer shades fall under the category Glitter Fever.
 They are infused with fine glitter particles that give a 3d effect. Glitter particles are a mixture of warm gold’s, silver and lilac depending on the shade.
As the colour wears off you are left with a little of the glitter residue so you would need to touch up with this gloss to keep it looking flawless.
The Colour is slightly transparent and colours appear less vibrant than you may think from looking at the packaging.
Top: No. 732 Paradise,  Bottom: No. 662 Rose en Diable
Top: No. 732, Bottom: No. 662

The Pearly shades fall under the category of Dolly Pearly.
They contain a mother of pearl finish which appears almost two tone.
 They have a high pearl shine that again is quite sheer and your natural lip colour shines through.
 It lasted well on my lips and wore off evenly with no clinging or dryness.
Top No 333 Bal d'ete Bottom No 453 Dolly Pink
Top No 333 Bottom No 453

The Pure shades fall under category called Pur Manifesto.
 These are creamy, translucent colours that give a mirror shine but with no glitter or shine particles.
 They look and feel creamy on the lips and creates a wet look shine.
 Your natural lip shines through but with a lovely tint of colour from the gloss.

No. 853 Rouge Defendu
No. 853

Accompanying these are 4 shades of nails in soft nudes, vibrant pink, warm coral and a vibrant coral red.

Finish off the nails with a slick of the gel coat. A clear polish that gives a gel coating to protect polish underneath and give a high shine.
 You could also wear this on its own for a natural gel shine finish.

Dior Addict Gloss is £22.00
Nail Polish is £18.00
Gel Top Coat is £18.00
These are all available nationwide from April 5th 2013


  1. The lipgloss look really pretty! I think I might buy one next time haha

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate! <3

  2. That rouge defendu gloss is to die for! Perfect for summer! :)


  3. I purchased a 333 and it is gorgeous...

  4. i got one color and the color and shine factor are amazing!!!

  5. Ooooo I really like the dolly pink colour, so cute.. might have to invest in one of them !!

    Mad Hatters Nail Party

  6. Is this the kind of lip gloss that gets stuck in your hair?

    Peak into my blog maybe?

  7. I have the 573 lipgloss I think and I really like it! I bought it after watching Ingrid's video :)

    speaking of lipstuff, I just posted a video on my favorite lip combo ever! come watch it here

    and also while you re at it, come take a sneak peek at my blog

    Thanks! :)

  8. These shades are pretty, #853 looks like a winner

  9. I love love love No. 853 Rouge Defendu, going to have to invest!!!

    check out my brand new blog :D

  10. ooooh really want to try these!!

    Ive just started a blog so please come and check It out! I have just posted my Favourite MAC shadows.

    thanks x

  11. Love Love Love!!

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    Lara x

  12. These colours are so nice! I have been tempted to purchase one of these for a while! Lovely!!



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