Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My skin is Sensitive......

I get a lot of emails from people suffering with sensitive skin and wanting advice on the best products for them.
It’s always tricky answering these types of queries simply because there are so many reasons someone may have sensitivity.

The obvious reason is an allergic reaction to a product or ingredient.
If this is the case then the best advice I could give is to visit a dermatologist and get them to do a patch test for you. Hopefully this will pinpoint the ingredient you are having trouble with.
If your skin has been exposed to extremes of weather or daily pollutants this could also lead to sensitivity or sometimes it's due to plain old genetics.

How do you know if you have sensitive skin?....
Although not exclusive to one skin type, sensitive skin is often dry, sometimes flakey and can feel tight after washing.
Occasionally skin may have a bumpy texture and usually has a pink or red undertone. The redness may be patchy.

Try to avoid any products, which contain fragrance or alcohol. A lot of products do contain these but the lower on the list of ingredients, the less they have in them.

With regards to colour cosmetics, over the years I have found people are more often allergic to colours pigmented with red or purple. Something in these colours makes the eyes water or puff up, most likely it is an allergy to the red pigment Carmine. If you prefer to wear these colours you can try a mineral or organic makeup range but it may still irritate.
When using mineral or iridescent eyeshadows consider that Mica can often irritate eyes. Therefore avoid cosmetics that are highly frosted.

Many brands are more skin sensitive aware these days and everyone seems to be opting for more natural, refined ingredients.

Here are some brands you could try if you suffer sensitive skin.

This brand uses only 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients and is free from  synthetic ingredients. 
They avoid known allergens and is made with a range of bio actives that help to train sensitive skin to be less reactive.


Dermalogica have been around for over 25 years and invest a lot of time in researching skin conditions and the best ingredients to suit skin issues.
They have a specific range targeting redness and sensitivity.                  


Clinique have always been one of the leading brands to recognise skin conditions and the effects of ingredients within products.
Their redness solutions covers all area of skin care and also foundation.


BIODERMA has seven product ranges adapted to each type of skin problem.

Which products work for you?


  1. I love dermalogica products and I really want to try bioderma! I'm so tempted to buy their products now they sell in the UK!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  2. Thanks for this article! I hadn't considered that a color pigment could be a redness culprit. My skin is highly reactive but I've found the REN Global protection day cream works well to calm the redness. I also use Dermalogica Ultra Calming serum at night (but I like the REN better)

    If your sensitive skin results in breakouts, avoid Bismuth Oxychloride in mineral makeup. Bad reactions to it leads to cystic acne.


  3. This is such a great post! I suffer from sensitive skin and always struggle to find products that suit me. This list is really helpful, thank you :)


  4. I use REN and Bioderma and I find that it helped my skin from acne and become less sensitive etc!



  5. I'm not sure about the U.K., but I doubt that many derms in the U.S. would test extensively for skin allergies. As an esthetician, I have so many clients complain about sensitive skin, but I think it's because they are using harsh, chemical-laden products. A gel cleanser from Neutrogena can really strip people's skin. It's best to use a creamy cleanser and bland moisturizer for a while to rebuild the acid mantle. Then you can start experimenting again.

    Unfortunately here, most derms would prescribe a steroid cream or recommend whatever the sales reps have been pushing at their office --often laden with petroleum by-products.

  6. As a person with extremely sensitive and allergy prone skin i can recommend Pharmaceris A line by Dr.Irena Eris(poland). Cured my skin, literally. I suffered from severe redness, dryness, bumps, looked like a dried tomato. This skincare works better on me than bioderma, avene, clinique all combined. Especially good is their eyecream

  7. iim so glad that bioderma has come to the uk. I can't wait to try it.

  8. I have very sensitive skin and have done the patch test and the test results show 6 chemicals, mostly preservatives, that give me contact dermatitis. I use Cetaphil cleanser on my face and Cliniderm moisturizer. Those are the only 2 products that my skin can handle.

  9. One of the best ranges for sensitive skin is Pai. Designed by a woman who has suffered in the past from serious sensitivity issues and urticaria, it's a very clean range with each ingredient on the INCI list explained as to what it is and where it's from. Definitely worth checking if you have sensitive skin. Also, check you're not using products containing alcohol, SLS or lots of essential oils, all of which can aggravate sensitive skin.

  10. It’s arduous to seek out knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you already know what you’re talking about! Clearskinmaxreviewblog

  11. It’s always tricky answering these types of www.realauravie.com queries simply because there are so many reasons someone may have sensitivity.


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