Friday, 26 April 2013

Clinique Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin

Apparently, we touch our eyes around 200 times a day un-knowingly and according to Clinique, occasionally eye irritation, facial rashes and dry skin around the eyes can be traced back to allergies caused by our nail polish!

Clinique pride themselves on being 100% fragrance free so after six years of testing ingredients they have developed a range of nail enamels especially for sensitive skins.

There will be 12 shades that will stay in line and 9 limited edition shades that will only be available for Summer 2013.

For some reason I expected a nail enamel for a sensitive skin to be of a lower quality. Similar to how low-fat food doesn’t taste quite as good as full fat.
The reality is that it goes on with the same fluidity of a any good quality nail enamel, doesn’t streak and has a good colour density.
Two coats are best and all the colours I tried had a high glossy shine to them.
Lasted really well on the nail and only really started to get a bit worn around the tips after 5 days wear.
Topcoat and base coat would lengthen this wear time also.

The Limited Edition colours look like this...

The regular basic line look like this...

Here is a selection of enamels we had to test

We love the green colour in Hula Skirt.
 You can see Nic wearing this in her recent tutorial below where she made Jamie Oliver up like 80's Madonna!!
Nic was blown away by how long this polish lasted on her nails. 

The nail enamels are available exclusively online at from 25th April and Nationwide on counters from 31st May 2013.


  1. These look so pretty! xx

  2. These seem really interesting! Great shades as well

  3. I really like these colours! Hula Skirt will be perfect for spring.

    Emma | World of dilEMMA


  4. Oh my God, I cannot believe that Jamie did this :)). I love Jamie, and I love you girls, You're just amazing. I've been watching your vids on youtube over and over and I've learnt some great stuff from you. Congrats for the collaboration with Jamie, I think that you should try to do this with more celebrities, you may have a huge success. I like both of you, you're smart, beautiful women and full of life. I also like the new collection from Clinique of nail enamels; they're so bright and fresh. Big plus for the way you arranged the content on your site, it's so easy to browse it. Good luck with you're work. Kisses!

  5. Hah I love Jamie and this is amazing video! Good job! :))

  6. this is freaking awesome! i'm a huge fan of your work (you girls and jamie, too) so it's fun to see you're doing such an amazing and hilarious video!

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