Friday, 26 April 2013

Billion Dollar Brows

Billion Dollar Brows are an American company that’s origins were born out of helping men and women achieve a conditioned, fuller brow.
Their first product was called Brow Boost, which is a conditioning product that contains natural conditioning ingredients to help increase the fullness of the brow over time.

The products we sampled from this company were their Brow Gel, Brow Duo Pencil and Brow Brush.

The Brow gel is a 3ml clear gel with a mascara wand style applicator brush.
This does exactly what you would expect. Rigid brush styles brow hair, helping to separate the hairs and give them texture. Really nice product as it’s not too gloopy and wet but liquid enough to set and hold the brow hair.
Once dried hairs remain looking natural and not hard or shiny. I did find the the scent of this was a little chemically smelling but once product sets the smell disappears.
This is $15.00

The Brow Duo Pencil is a double-ended pencil. One end is a concealer to help even skin tone and even out perfections around the brow area.
The other end is a highlighter to use underneath the bulk shape of the brow to enhance the natural shape of the brow.
Both ends are creamy and easy to use. A large holed pencil sharpener would need to be purchased also to ensure you keep a firm tip for precision.

The concealer is very peach toned so would be good for people who suffer ashy tones around the brow. Often areas which are frequently plucked have a grey undertone so this will help to even the colour.
Unfortunately this colour would only be suitable for people with a medium to olive skin tone. This colour would not be suitable for a fair or dark skin tone.
The highlighter equally would suit similar skin tones.
This pencil is $18.00

The Brow brush is double ended. A soft angled brush with a combination of synthetic and natural fibres.
When used with a powder it creates a soft, natural finish.
The opposite end is a mascara wand style brush. Brush through the brows with this to soften the added colour. This brush is $15.00

If you are into your brows then these are a good brand to check out with something to suit all your brow needs.

Check out their website on to purchase and view more.


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