Friday, 26 April 2013

Clinique Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin

Apparently, we touch our eyes around 200 times a day un-knowingly and according to Clinique, occasionally eye irritation, facial rashes and dry skin around the eyes can be traced back to allergies caused by our nail polish!

Clinique pride themselves on being 100% fragrance free so after six years of testing ingredients they have developed a range of nail enamels especially for sensitive skins.

There will be 12 shades that will stay in line and 9 limited edition shades that will only be available for Summer 2013.

For some reason I expected a nail enamel for a sensitive skin to be of a lower quality. Similar to how low-fat food doesn’t taste quite as good as full fat.
The reality is that it goes on with the same fluidity of a any good quality nail enamel, doesn’t streak and has a good colour density.
Two coats are best and all the colours I tried had a high glossy shine to them.
Lasted really well on the nail and only really started to get a bit worn around the tips after 5 days wear.
Topcoat and base coat would lengthen this wear time also.

The Limited Edition colours look like this...

The regular basic line look like this...

Here is a selection of enamels we had to test

We love the green colour in Hula Skirt.
 You can see Nic wearing this in her recent tutorial below where she made Jamie Oliver up like 80's Madonna!!
Nic was blown away by how long this polish lasted on her nails. 

The nail enamels are available exclusively online at from 25th April and Nationwide on counters from 31st May 2013.

Billion Dollar Brows

Billion Dollar Brows are an American company that’s origins were born out of helping men and women achieve a conditioned, fuller brow.
Their first product was called Brow Boost, which is a conditioning product that contains natural conditioning ingredients to help increase the fullness of the brow over time.

The products we sampled from this company were their Brow Gel, Brow Duo Pencil and Brow Brush.

The Brow gel is a 3ml clear gel with a mascara wand style applicator brush.
This does exactly what you would expect. Rigid brush styles brow hair, helping to separate the hairs and give them texture. Really nice product as it’s not too gloopy and wet but liquid enough to set and hold the brow hair.
Once dried hairs remain looking natural and not hard or shiny. I did find the the scent of this was a little chemically smelling but once product sets the smell disappears.
This is $15.00

The Brow Duo Pencil is a double-ended pencil. One end is a concealer to help even skin tone and even out perfections around the brow area.
The other end is a highlighter to use underneath the bulk shape of the brow to enhance the natural shape of the brow.
Both ends are creamy and easy to use. A large holed pencil sharpener would need to be purchased also to ensure you keep a firm tip for precision.

The concealer is very peach toned so would be good for people who suffer ashy tones around the brow. Often areas which are frequently plucked have a grey undertone so this will help to even the colour.
Unfortunately this colour would only be suitable for people with a medium to olive skin tone. This colour would not be suitable for a fair or dark skin tone.
The highlighter equally would suit similar skin tones.
This pencil is $18.00

The Brow brush is double ended. A soft angled brush with a combination of synthetic and natural fibres.
When used with a powder it creates a soft, natural finish.
The opposite end is a mascara wand style brush. Brush through the brows with this to soften the added colour. This brush is $15.00

If you are into your brows then these are a good brand to check out with something to suit all your brow needs.

Check out their website on to purchase and view more.


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Katima'a Stardust Body Oil

Argan Oil is everywhere at the moment.
It’s basically a plant oil produced from the kernel of the Argan tree, which grows in Morocco.
It’s selected for cosmetic use because of it’s nourishing, soothing and softening effects on hair and skin.

Katima’a Stardust body oil is a dry body oil that is infused with golden, copper and mother of pearl shimmer.

Shake the bottle well and apply all over the body to give a moisturised, sun kissed gleam to the skin.
Even being an oil it does dry off quickly so there is no fear of transfer onto your clothes.
It sinks in super fast so doesn't leave skin feeling greasy.
I would avoid using this on the face though as the shimmer wont be flattering.

The golden shimmer enhances an existing tan or gives a subtle colour to fairer skin.
However as this has no SPF it and should not be used as sun protection.
The fragrance is quite floral, which is not un-pleasant at all, but not for everyone.

Available from for 24.00€  (£19.95)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask

We've all used masks and to be honest, i've never been the biggest fan.
The GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment is priced at £39.99 ($69.00)
I thought this was a hefty price to pay for a 34g pot of mask and it is, however you definitely get what you pay for.

GlamGlow claims this mask will fight all common skin concerns and has active ingredients, which act as a deep pore vacuum to draw impurities from the pores and clear them.
Sounds a little gross having excess sebum drawn out of your pores but if you take a look at my 'attractive' picture you can clearly see that there is a more oily residue appearing as little dots from my pores.

It contains lots of scientific sounding ingredients with some familiar names such as Glycolic and Salicylic acid to improve skin texture.
Pyruvic acid helps overtime to reduce old scarring and Azelaic acid helps fight breakouts.

This mask goes on a creamy grey lotion texture and dries off to a hard clay finish.
GlamGlow advises to leave it on for anything up to 20 minutes. I only managed to keep it on for 10 as it began to feel tight on my skin and as I can't stop talking it cracked and felt a little itchy.
However, you can use on individual spots as a treatment, if you hate the feeling of wearing a mask.

Once on it fells slightly tingly and fresh but not unpleasant.
The smell is a strong liquorice and Eucalyptus scent.

It's pretty aasy to wash off, I used a muslin cloth.
Afterwards my skin felt super soft and smooth. I did moisturise immediately as my skin felt tight.
Sometimes I will breakout after using masks but as yet I haven't, so fingers crossed!

For people who suffer breakouts or blackheads or for people getting their skin in order for a big occasion I think you would really appreciate this mask.
It's a real investment and if used as a full face mask you can expect around 17 uses but if just using on individual spots you can get up to 1000 uses!
It has a shelf life of 9 months but hopefully you won't have 1000 spots in that time frame!

To purchase go to or


Friday, 5 April 2013

New Dior Addict Gloss and Nail Polish

Brighten up you makeup bag this spring with Dior’s new Addict gloss and nail polish.

24 shades are split into 3 categories of shimmer, pearly and pure.
All formulas have a gel like texture with a mirror shine.
The gel formula is full of hyaluronic acid, which plumps and hydrates, the moisturising ingredients help this gloss to feel comfortable on the lip.
As it wears off it fades rather than clinging to the edges of the lip and leaving that horrid white line.
The standard tacky feeling of a gloss is still there but it doesn’t feel gloopy.

The shimmer shades fall under the category Glitter Fever.
 They are infused with fine glitter particles that give a 3d effect. Glitter particles are a mixture of warm gold’s, silver and lilac depending on the shade.
As the colour wears off you are left with a little of the glitter residue so you would need to touch up with this gloss to keep it looking flawless.
The Colour is slightly transparent and colours appear less vibrant than you may think from looking at the packaging.
Top: No. 732 Paradise,  Bottom: No. 662 Rose en Diable
Top: No. 732, Bottom: No. 662

The Pearly shades fall under the category of Dolly Pearly.
They contain a mother of pearl finish which appears almost two tone.
 They have a high pearl shine that again is quite sheer and your natural lip colour shines through.
 It lasted well on my lips and wore off evenly with no clinging or dryness.
Top No 333 Bal d'ete Bottom No 453 Dolly Pink
Top No 333 Bottom No 453

The Pure shades fall under category called Pur Manifesto.
 These are creamy, translucent colours that give a mirror shine but with no glitter or shine particles.
 They look and feel creamy on the lips and creates a wet look shine.
 Your natural lip shines through but with a lovely tint of colour from the gloss.

No. 853 Rouge Defendu
No. 853

Accompanying these are 4 shades of nails in soft nudes, vibrant pink, warm coral and a vibrant coral red.

Finish off the nails with a slick of the gel coat. A clear polish that gives a gel coating to protect polish underneath and give a high shine.
 You could also wear this on its own for a natural gel shine finish.

Dior Addict Gloss is £22.00
Nail Polish is £18.00
Gel Top Coat is £18.00
These are all available nationwide from April 5th 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

No7 Lip Stain and Lip Crayon

Lots of brands are following in the footsteps of Clinique Chubby Sticks and bringing out lip crayons, here's the No7 offering.

Chunky crayon with a tapered end. Twists up to just under 1.5 inches of product, twists back down also which is helpful! (FYI, exactly the same size as the Clinique and MUA versions)

As you would expect these are creamy and moisturising and give lips a natural shine finish. The gloss is not sticky or tacky but balmy and smooth.
Colour payoff is sheer and each tone provides a soft veil of colour.
You could wear this over a lipstick if you wanted more intensity.
Because these are very sheer products with a sheen they are not the best at staying on and will transfer onto your glass of wine!
Great for those who prefer a quick and easy slick of natural colour that requires no fuss in application.
These are £9.00 each and some colours are available now although these new colours are available from 20th April 2013.

New colours from 20th April 2013

If you prefer something with a bit more longevity and vibrancy then opt for No7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain.
Marker pen style applicator that you literally draw straight onto your lips.

The sponge tip dispenses the lip colour. Once on the lips it dries quickly and the colour is instantly strong. Be warned, As the name implies, it stains!  be careful not to draw outside of the lip line.
Colours appear quite a bit darker than you think so be aware of this when choosing your shade.

You would need to ensure to keep the lid on as these dry out very quickly. No7 have cleverly given it a double cap so when the lid falls off in your makeup bag there is another plastic cover protecting the nib.

Once dry the colour lasted well with just a couple of touch ups needed during the day. The colour is buildable so will look stronger the more layers you apply throughout the day. The other end contains a lip balm which is essential when using these stains as the product alone makes lips feel very dry. This helps to even out the colour too.

These are available now and are £9.95 each.

Available from

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe

The type of wand in your mascara holds the key to how your lashes look.
If you can't decide which is best for you, then go for them all and get hold of Eyeko Mascara Wardrobe.
The box holds one 6ml mascara with three different and swappable mascara wands.

The mascara is glossy and jet-black. Contains Pro vitamin, Shea butter and Keratin to moisturise and protect lashes. It lasts well and isn’t cakey or flaky.

 The three styles of wand are …

Define Brush - A gently curved brush with soft bristles that look fluffy and spaced evenly.
 The curve helps to lift the lashes in the centre of the eye whilst the spaces help to separate.

Curl Brush - A three sphered brush with separated soft bristles.
 Adds curl at outer edges and centre of the eye by bending the lashes round the spheres.

Volume Brush - Largest of the brushes with a wide end and tapered tip. This picks up lots of product and coats evenly whilst helping the lashes to appear denser and volumised.

The define brush is already inside the mascara and the two extra wands come in their own plastic brush covers.
You can swap brushes over depending on the look you are going for.
After use just wash out the brush before you put it into its case and it’ll be fresh and ready to go for your next use.

The mascara wardrobe is £21.00.
Purchase at
Check out our previous post on different mascara wands to find out which is perfect for your lashes.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My skin is Sensitive......

I get a lot of emails from people suffering with sensitive skin and wanting advice on the best products for them.
It’s always tricky answering these types of queries simply because there are so many reasons someone may have sensitivity.

The obvious reason is an allergic reaction to a product or ingredient.
If this is the case then the best advice I could give is to visit a dermatologist and get them to do a patch test for you. Hopefully this will pinpoint the ingredient you are having trouble with.
If your skin has been exposed to extremes of weather or daily pollutants this could also lead to sensitivity or sometimes it's due to plain old genetics.

How do you know if you have sensitive skin?....
Although not exclusive to one skin type, sensitive skin is often dry, sometimes flakey and can feel tight after washing.
Occasionally skin may have a bumpy texture and usually has a pink or red undertone. The redness may be patchy.

Try to avoid any products, which contain fragrance or alcohol. A lot of products do contain these but the lower on the list of ingredients, the less they have in them.

With regards to colour cosmetics, over the years I have found people are more often allergic to colours pigmented with red or purple. Something in these colours makes the eyes water or puff up, most likely it is an allergy to the red pigment Carmine. If you prefer to wear these colours you can try a mineral or organic makeup range but it may still irritate.
When using mineral or iridescent eyeshadows consider that Mica can often irritate eyes. Therefore avoid cosmetics that are highly frosted.

Many brands are more skin sensitive aware these days and everyone seems to be opting for more natural, refined ingredients.

Here are some brands you could try if you suffer sensitive skin.

This brand uses only 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients and is free from  synthetic ingredients. 
They avoid known allergens and is made with a range of bio actives that help to train sensitive skin to be less reactive.


Dermalogica have been around for over 25 years and invest a lot of time in researching skin conditions and the best ingredients to suit skin issues.
They have a specific range targeting redness and sensitivity.                  


Clinique have always been one of the leading brands to recognise skin conditions and the effects of ingredients within products.
Their redness solutions covers all area of skin care and also foundation.


BIODERMA has seven product ranges adapted to each type of skin problem.

Which products work for you?
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