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Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

Tired of hearing “exfoliate your lips with a dry toothbrush” Sara Happ wanted to create an exfoliating product for her lips that was as effective as those she used for the rest of her body.

As someone who also suffers with extreme flaky lips and who has also used various methods of removing this annoying flaky patch on the most prominent part of my face I was keen to try it out.

Sara Happ’s products hit the shelves in 2008 and since then she has developed more products within the range.
 The line up today includes lip scrub in various scents, lip slip balm and gloss and now a body scrub.

Most of us get dry lips, especially in the winter months and although using lip balms is a great remedy they are not always the only solution. You need to eliminate the rough skin and gently exfoliate it away and regular body scrubs can be too abrasive on the delicate lip.

The lip scrubs each come in a cute little box containing a 30g pot of scrub.
 The scrubs are mainly made up from sucrose (sugar), Grape, seed oil, jojoba and flavourings for the scent.

The scrub texture feels oily and the scrubbing particles are very fine. When massaging in the texture is softly gritty and does not feel harsh or particularly abrasive. The oil it contains helps to make the exfoliation comfortable and moisturising whilst sloughing off the dry skin.
 Obviously try not to ingest this product but it doesn’t have an unpleasant taste and you because the sugar particles dissolve you are not left feeling like you are chewing on stones!

The varieties you can choose from include Blood Orange (my fave), Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Crème Brule, Pink Grapefruit and Green Apple.
 They will all give you the same result, just depends on your personal preference for the scent with regards to which one you go for.

As with the body, once you have scrubbed you need to moisturise.
The Lip Slip one luxe balm provides the same style pot but contains a thick, creamy balm to put the moisture back into the lips.
 Containing sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba and Macadamia nut oil this feels creamy rather than sticky and lips feel silky with a soft gloss like finish.
 No real colour once on the lips and you can wear it alone or over the top of your favourite lipstick.

If you prefer not to dip your fingers in a pot you can opt for the tube version that you can squeeze directly onto the lips.

A really simple, easy to use range that does exactly what you expect it to do and packaged so perfectly you don’t want to use it.

I would recommend you use the scrub twice a week for maintenance or each more for severely dry lips.
 The balm I would slather on at every opportunity.

 Each lip scrub and the lip balm are £19.00 each and the Body Scrub is £36.00

 For more info on Sara Happ products check out their website on
To purchase in the UK you can purchase from



  1. I believe I won a gift set from Sara Happ the other day and Im so super duper excited. I only heard about them from Stacey tweeting about it, and I've been lusting after it since then! Soooo excited!

  2. I believe I won a Sara Happ gift set the other day! I'm so excited, I've been lusting after the Sara Happ lip scrub in the cute boxes since Stacey tweeted about them at PixiwooHQ!

  3. I love Sara Happ lip scrubs. So luxurious x

  4. I want to try it now, looks amazing!

  5. I love Sara Happ Red Velvet Scrub !!! A real treat for my lips and so yummy smell ! xx

  6. Although it does look it really worth that amount especially as lush do some for less than half that price?

  7. Sounds so luxurious! I have tried using the toothbrush method but found that too abrasive! Maybe this is what I need.....

  8. I need these products! Sounds lovely :D

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