Monday, 11 March 2013

Laggridore Powder Perfume

As a teen I tried cream perfumes whilst holidaying overseas. Often coming in a intricately painted pot but I had never heard of a powder perfume before.
I'm not sure if this is innovative but Parisian company Laggridore have launched four compacts each holding a different powdered scent.
The four styles of compact are for the four seasons and the images embossed on each reflect an image of that season.

A red velvet, taffeta purse holds each compact. The compacts are 24 carat gold gilding and look and feel very expensive. They have that weighty feel that screams luxury.
Inside is a peachy toned pressed powder that feels very silky. The powder gives off no colour although I would be interested to see if it shows as ashy powder on a darker skin tone.

We took a look at the spring powder featuring a cherub like face and spring flowers embossed on the cover in gold.
The fragrance of the spring powder is very floral, green and slightly powdery.
For me personally this scent is a little overpowering but if that’s how you like your fragrance then it's definitely one to check out. It would make a beautiful, luxurious gift for your mum too.

To apply dab fingers into powder or use the tiny puff that accompanies it. 

A really positive point to mention is that the powder contains no alcohol or parabens so would be suitable to people who have a reaction to the ingredients often present in standard liquid perfumes.
This would also be good for your handbag, pocket or when travelling.

It states a shelf life of 18 months and I think it would take this long to use it up. Once finished you can purchase a refill.
Each powder is €85 and available from



  1. I've never tried powder perfumes! I may give them a try cuz I'm really interested to see for myself how they work! :))


  2. Wow! I have never heard of powder perfumes before. I occasionally use solid perfumes from LUSH, but those are pretty much a creamy glue stick consistency. How long does the scent last once applied? The packaging is gorgeous though.


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