Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap

Brushes can be an expensive treat so they deserve to be taken care of.
It’s always amazing how much makeup and dirt comes out of your brush when you clean them. 
To ensure your tools are performing to their optimum and are free from breakout causing bacteria you need to clean them regularly and thoroughly.
We have been trying out Brush Soap by Koren Zander.

These soaps are Koren embossed plain soap on one side and a loofah style surface on the other.
Each soap is suitable for both synthetic and real hair brushes.
They come in fourteen different scents including Lavender, Melon, Pearberry, Tangerine.
There is also scentless if you prefer no fragrance to your brush but I recommend Mango, it smells sensational and left my brushes with the same gorgeous scent.
Each soap has some seriously moisturising ingredients such as Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond, Maracuja Oil and Jojoba.
This cocktail of ingredients helps to soften and condition brush hairs helping promote a longer life for your most important tools. 

Image of Koren and his makeup brush embossed on each soap

 Be aware of the Almond Oil if you have nut allergies.

To use simply dampen your brush and massage over the smooth soap side using gentle back and forth movements.
 Once lathered then rub over the loofah side to help remove stubborn makeup.
Rinse, reshape the brush fibers and leave to dry flat.

You can also purchase a handy little plastic travel jar to pop your soap into until you’re ready to use again.

Plastic protective case
Each soap is $6 and available to purchase from http://www.enkoremakeuponline.com



  1. I thought this was great and went to order some but the postage from the USA is more than the soap; UK stockist please!

  2. I have one of these and they work great! I love the loofah side for cleaning my lip brushes

  3. You can get the brush soaps in the UK via http://www.beautychamber.co.uk :)


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