Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for lips!

My lips have been horrendously dry this winter, I've tried a multitude of products from the very cheap to extortionately priced.
Then the postman brought me the answer, this lip balm from Dr Lipp.
Originally designed as a balm for the nipples for new mothers to use to soothe their nipples after breast-feeding,
This thick balm in a 15ml squeezy tube is 100% natural with no taste or fragrance.
Very rich in texture it gives a moisturised, colourless sheen to the lips.
It sits on the lips for a few minutes until it sinks in and does feel a little tacky.

It is made from medical grade lanolin. 
Lanolin comes from excreted sheep sebum and is found in their wool.
Lanolin always gets mixed reviews but love it or hate it, these days it is considered by dermatologists to be one of the safest products to use on your skin.
Lanolin has so many similarities to the lipids in our own skin that our bodies absorb it easily.

You can see from the picture this is not a soft creamy balm but a thick solid formula.

Safe enough to use on other areas of the body including dry elbows, cuticles, flaky skin patches and of course sore nipples!

A handy little staple to keep in each of my handbags.

Priced at £11.00

Especially for this Valentines day Dr Lipp has come up with this cute campaign to spread the love on this romantic day.

Dr. Lipp invites you to blow a kiss to that special someone this Valentine’s Day! Click here and spread the looove



  1. I've had this product for a couple of years now, and I think it's both great and not so great. I live in Norway, and it gets seriously cold here, so in wintertime my lips turn so dry that it feels like they're about to fall off my face. This product is good to have, but I find it somtimes to counteract its purpose - it is so thick that it somtimes dehydrates my lips instead of hydrating them - no matter amount I put on. And it sucks as a nipple cream! I would't recommend it for that use. But I find it good to have in my beauty supply.

  2. I absolutely love Dr Lipp - for me it is the only lip salve which works in the depth of winter! It isn't something I can use all year round but it is a must have in the winter.

    Mayveda Vintage


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